Breville is an Australian company that manufactures high-end and prestigious home appliances. In the sector we are dealing with that of coffee machines, it is not uncommon to find Breville coffee machines at the top of American rankings since, in the United States (and by extension, throughout the world), Breville coffee machines are a firm of reference.

However, in Europe, the Breville firm is not so well known. Many consumers have never even heard of it. What is the reason for this curious circumstance? It’s very simple: Breville operates in certain parts of the world under the name of other subsidiaries.

And that is the case with the brand we are dealing with: Gastroback, which is the name under which Breville espresso machines are distributed in Central Europe (Germany and Austria). Gastroback coffee machines are an absolute power in Germany and also have numerous followers in the rest of the continent.

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And it is not by chance. Gastroback coffee machines, like the Breville group’s coffee machines, are characterised by their focus on the most demanding public, by offering the best performance in their segment, and also by not skimping on costs of any kind. For this reason, the average user is not usually very interested in Gastroback espresso machines.

On the other hand, when you have a slightly more demanding profile, and you have the palate to enjoy a good espresso and its preparation. You can fairly appreciate the innumerable virtues that Gastroback coffee machines present. Let’s get to know them:

Comparative table of Gastroback coffee makers: Prices

As usual, we begin our review with a comparative table where we summarise the main qualities of all the Gastroback espresso machines available in the European market:

Differences between Gastroback espresso machines

If you are going to buy a Gastroback coffee machine, you will need to know how to differentiate it and know its catalogue. As we have already said, Gastroback coffee machines are not particularly popular on the European market despite their excellent quality, so the most common thing to do is to buy Gastroback coffee machines online. Gastroback coffee machines have a number of common qualities, regardless of the model and type of coffee machine.

To begin with, they all have a 100% stainless steel body, which is robust, durable and aesthetically impeccable. There is no doubt that presence is one of the main arguments in favour of Gastroback coffee machines. Also, they mount a 15 bar Italian ULKA pump on all models.

They also have a steamer tube, which not only makes milk foam but also serves to add hot water. All Gastroback coffee machines can be used to prepare instant infusions of American coffees in this way.

Similarly, Gastroback espresso machines are characterised by the fact that they have very large water tanks (over 2 litres in many cases) and include advanced functions such as a pressure gauge or timers in the higher range models.

We will now look in detail at the differences and identifying features of each Gastroback coffee machine model:

Express Gastroback coffee makers

The Gastroback 42606 is the most affordable model in the entire Gastroback range. If you’re going to buy a Gastroback coffee machine online, perhaps this is the best option to start with. It is also called the Gastroback Espresso Plus. It has all the basic functions of any espresso machine and is the only coffee machine that could resemble a mid-range domestic espresso machine. It has a 1.5-litre capacity and is compatible with the use of ESE single-dose bags.

Several steps above are the spectacular Gastroback 42636 (Gastroback Advanced Control), with 2.5 litres capacity in the tank, double boiler system, electronic PID temperature control, steel filter holder, 58mm filters, and also includes a lot of accessories such as the stainless steel milk jug, the tamper or presser, the dosing spoon or a cleaning kit. A little more can be ordered, although it is not within reach of all budgets, of course.

But if this marvel still tastes a bit of a mess, you can take a look at the Gastroback Advanced Pro GS or model Gastroback 42612. It has all the goodness of the previous one. Also, it adds the option of the integrated coffee grinder to ensure that your espresso always has the unmistakable aromas and nuances of freshly ground coffee.

Gastroback drip coffee makers

The Gastroback 42705 model is the maximum exponent of the Gastroback filter coffee machine range. It is at the forefront of its sector thanks, above all, to two functions: the timer (we can programme the start of the coffee machine at any time we want) and the large size of the tank: 1.8 litres of water. It is a drip coffee machine that is much larger than usual.

This excellent Gastroback drip coffee machine has been updated with two other models, which have essentially the same features but which look much more lucid and renewed: The Gastroback Aroma Plus (Gastroback 42703), and the Gastroback Aroma Pro (Gastroback 42704), both of which have pre-infusion functions for ground coffee – something that is not very common in drip coffee machines.

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