Gaggia coffee machines are a guarantee of prestige and quality within the manual espresso machine sector, apart from dedicating part of their activity to the manufacture and marketing of all types of small household appliances.

The Italian firm, founded by Achille Gaggia in the 1940s no less, has been a standard-bearer of the purest elegant and refined style of Italian baristas for years. All their coffee machines are, inevitably, a faithful reflection of this trend.

When you buy a Gaggia coffee machine, you should know that all the models have a number of common features. Firstly, their external appearance is unmistakable. They have metallic finishes, or housings built entirely of stainless steel. They are therefore heavy (not easy to move from one side to the other) but very durable, robust and easy to clean. And of distinguished appearance, of course. There is a reason why it is the signature that preserves the tradition of Italian espresso.

Secondly, most Gaggia coffee machine require manual preparation of espressos (automatic machines do not, of course, but these are exceptions within the Gaggia catalogue). It is a reference brand for lovers of making espresso by hand.

gaggia 1

It means that the user will have to pour the ground coffee into the filter holder, press it at its optimum point, program the parameters he wants in the machine -when the machine allows it-, and activate and stop the coffee brewing when he wants. Everything is very handmade, and also purer, although more demanding for the user.

It is no coincidence that Gaggia is one of the favourite brands of true experts and lovers of Italian coffee. Moreover, almost all Gaggia espresso machines include water tanks compatible with Brita water filters, which always guarantees good taste for your freshly brewed coffee.

Buying a Gaggia espresso machine: Prices

Finally, we must also stress that the average price of a Gaggia coffee maker (logically, each model has a different price) is slightly higher than the average for the manual espresso machine segment, often approaching or exceeding the £200 barrier.

It is logical, considering that the quality, especially of the external materials, is equally superior.

In the range of Gaggia automatic coffee machines, prices logically rise, although in this case they are more in line with those of other rival machines.

The best option to buy a Gaggia coffee machine is Amazon, because there are no authorized distributors in all the cities of our territory. If you live in a large city, then you will have no problem, but normally there are no physical stores in your area that distribute Gaggia coffee machines.

All Gaggia coffee machines: Models

Let us now comment briefly on the particularities of each model of Gaggia coffee maker. We will only give you a brief description of each one, since we have attached a link to our individual analysis where you can read the review of each Gaggia coffee maker and get to know all its details in greater depth.

Before we start, a little arrangement, Gaggia coffee machines are all express, and are divided into manual and automatic.

  • The manuals are the Classic, Baby, Viva and Gran Gaggia models.
  • The automatic ones are the Brera, Unica (these two already discontinued), Velasca, Babila, Naviglio and Accademia.

Gaggia Classic

The Gaggia Classic model, as its name suggests, is the Gaggia reference, coffee maker. It is the most popular and historical, and brings together all the qualities that have made Gaggia a benchmark firm in the coffee market. It corresponds to the Gaggia RI9403/11 nomenclature, in case you ever come across it in this way.

A robust, reliable, compact, easy-to-operate espresso machine with superb precision in the production of espressos.

The most frequent comparison, as they are machines of similar performance, is Gaggia Classic vs Carezza. Both coffee makers look very different, but functionally they may be similar. We recommend that you read the reviews of each one to get a better idea.

Gaggia Carezza

Carezza is a revolutionary model in which Gaggia has let its hair down to offer an innovative design that is totally different from the rest of the coffee machines in the range. Rounded shapes, few edges, and a much less squared design than the other Gaggia coffee makers, give way to a superior performance cast. In the Gaggia Carezza, for example, the temperature indicators on the front are a real eye-catcher, although they were removed from the most recent model called the Gaggia Carezza Style.

The Gaggia Carezza Style version is a reworking of the original Carezza, which maintains the basic lines but deeply renews its appearance. The features of both are the same, and you can read about them in their review:

Gran Gaggia

This Gran Gaggia is the most economical and affordable of the Gaggia espresso machines, along with the Viva model. It is more compact than the others, and this is reflected above all in the fact that the water tank is smaller: around 1.1 litres capacity when the other Gaggia coffee makers usually have tanks of 1.5 litres or more.

It is marketed in three versions: Style, Deluxe and Prestige. You can read more about it in the attached file.

Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Coffee Machine - grey
37 Reviews
Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Coffee Machine - grey
  • Panarello steamer attachment
  • Ground coffee and easy serve pods
  • Descaling alarm
  • Frontal water tank extraction
  • Double walled pressurized crema filter

Gaggia Viva

It is a more recent model than the Gran Gaggia, but it has similar objectives: to lower the brand’s high level of demand, as well as the final price, and to bring its machines closer to the general public.

The Gaggia Viva coffee machine has a capacity of 1 litre, and can also be found in three versions, which we have ordered from the most basic to the most advanced: Gaggia Viva Style, Deluxe and Prestige. The differences between them are only aesthetic (finishes and materials), rather than functional.

Pressure coffee maker from Gran Gaggia Viva Deluxe Black
333 Reviews
Pressure coffee maker from Gran Gaggia Viva Deluxe Black
  • Brushed stainless steel housing. Cup warmer. 15 bar pump. Foaming nozzle. 1 liter water tank.
  • Convenience of use. You decide for coffee. Auto power off. Portafilter compatible with 43mm tamper.
  • Color: black / silver. Width: 20 cm. Height: 29.7 cm. Depth: 26.5 cm. Weight: 3.9 kg. Plug type: Type C/EF - 2 pin (Europlug/FR-DE Hybrid).

Gaggia Baby coffee machine

If you want to buy a Gaggia coffee machine with few complications, this is your choice. The main feature of the Gaggia Baby is that its conception is somewhat simplified compared to the other Gaggia coffee makers. For example, some plastic elements (black in colour) appear on its exterior housing, and the control panel is reduced to a maximum with only four operating buttons.

The Gaggia Baby also has a superior version called the Gaggia Baby Class, the main difference being that it has a 100% stainless steel housing, and the control panel is slightly different. Otherwise, the features of the Gaggia Baby and the Gaggia Baby Class are exactly the same.

Gaggia Baby, Silver Finish
  • Powerful 17.5 Bar pump
  • 30 Cup removable water reservoir
  • Brass brewing components
  • Solenoid valve anti-drip system
  • Push button illuminated switches

Gaggia Unica

The Gaggia Unica is Gaggia’s most popular representative in the automatic coffee machine sector – all of which are manual – and it boasts an above-average quality-price ratio. Gaggia never disappoints.

It is an already outstanding model, although it can still be found in some stores. In any case, unless the price is very attractive, we recommend that if you are going to buy a Gaggia super-automatic coffee machine, you should opt for one of the more recent ones.

Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
63 Reviews
Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
  • Coffee-Tea and Espresso

Gaggia Brera

If we continue to move forward in the catalogue, we find the Gaggia Brera, which is one step above the Unica in terms of performance and power. It is also somewhat more expensive, of course, but still reasonably affordable for what is the average in the sector.

This Gaggia Brera coffee machine is notable for its rounded lines, its steel casing, and its simple control panel. A super-automatic coffee machine of medium-range but with a price more typical of the basic range. Interesting.

Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
216 Reviews
Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
  • This energy-efficient machine automatically switches to standby mode after one hour, then uses less than one watt per hour
  • Program the dispensing buttons on the electronic control panel to suit your own personal coffee preferences
  • Durable ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee aroma, and can be adjusted to grind as coarse or as fine as you like
  • Via the ground coffee compartment you can brew a different blend without changing the beans
  • Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance

Gaggia Naviglio

The Naviglio model is an exception in the Gaggia automatic coffee machines catalogue. This Italian company is characterized by its robust stainless steel housings and by its high-quality standards.

However, with the Gaggia Naviglio, the Italian firm seems to want to lower its standards a little, and offer mid-level consumers the possibility of taking home an automatic coffee machine with all the prestige of Gaggia, and for just over 300 pounds. An irresistible proposal.

Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio | Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine – Black, ABS, 1850 W, 2...
408 Reviews
Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio | Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine – Black, ABS, 1850 W, 2...
  • Removable Gaggia Brew Unit
  • ABS Plastic Body
  • Pannarello Frother
  • Ceramic grinder to retain the purity of the coffee aromas
  • LED Interface with Buttons. Coffee beans container capacity 300 g

Gaggia Accademia

At the time of writing, the Accademia is the top of the Gaggia range. And that’s saying something. Mainly because it has more options than any other, and because it competes directly in the highest segment of automatic machines in the market (the best of the best).

When you go online to buy a Gaggia super-automatic coffee machine, be sure that this is the best. If you have the budget, go ahead. You won’t go wrong.

Gaggia Babila

The Babila model comes to accompany the Accademia in the highest step of automatic of the Italian group. The Gaggia Babila offers a similar look and performance to the previously mentioned model, although in general terms, if we had to choose, we still think that the Accademia is a better machine. In any case, two giants of the sector and two magnificent options.

Which is better, Gaggia Babila vs Accademia? If we have to choose one, objectively it would be the Accademia, but in favour of the Babila can play the circumstance that its price is usually somewhat cheaper, and that “something”, at the levels that we are talking about, can mean several hundred pounds.

If you want to know more about it, take a look at the review we dedicated to it in its day:

Gaggia Velasca Prestige

It is the most recent Gaggia automatic coffee maker to date (it was launched in 2017) and comes in two versions: the normal and the prestige. Both are identical and have the same capacities, except that the Gaggia Velasca Prestige version has its own milk tank which allows it to absorb and emulsify milk directly from it. A good option that is more economical and accessible than the demanding Babila and Accademia, mentioned above.

Gaggia Besana

The Besana is the simplest and most basic of all the Italian firm’s coffee machines. It has 1-litre capacity, 15 bars of pressure, ceramic grinders, and allows to prepare three types of drinks: short espresso, long espresso, and hot water for infusions.

Its greatest advantage, apart from its simplicity, is its compact and reduced size, a really handy machine.

Gaggia Cadorna

And from the most basic we jump to the top of the range of the firm: the Cadorna is a machine that is launched to the market in the year 2020. It has several versions (Style, Milk, Plus and Prestige) and has an attractive touch screen.

The water tank is 1.5 litres, and the grinder allows us to store up to 300 grams of coffee beans inside. In the basic model -Style- we have up to 6 automatic drinks to choose from, but in the prestige, this figure increases to no less than 14 preparations.

amazon box=”B082VGYN3B”]

In summary, we can conclude that Gaggia coffee machines have very marked signs of identity, a normally select and well-defined public, and that the differences between all their models are rather secondary or accessory details. If you are going to buy a Gaggia coffee machine online, think carefully about whether you fit this profile.

Gaggia coffee machines for the hospitality industry

When a firm is so focused on the handcrafted preparation of espresso, which is just the kind of preparation that is drunk in Italian coffee shops, it is logical that it also has space in its catalogue for professional coffee machines in the hotel and catering industry.  Although Gaggia is a well-known brand, especially for its manual espresso machines, Gaggia coffee machines for the hotel and catering industry, such as the Gaggia Vetro or the Gaggia Bella, are also very popular in various regions of the world. Let’s get to know them a little better:

Gaggia Vetro

The Gaggia Vetro coffee machine for the hospitality industry is available in versions with 2 and 3 coffee groups (the one in the picture is the three-arm Gaggia Vetro), and each of them is also available for tall glasses. In addition, each model is available in black and white.

As you can see, each arm has its own independent control panel, with capacitive touch buttons and with the hand panel 100% in tempered glass. The knob or dial that regulates the emission of steam is operated with the quarter-turn system, and the machine also has automatic cleaning cycles (which is always appreciated).

Gaggia Vetro coffee machine for the catering trade

To give you an idea of its performance, the dimensions of the 3-group Gaggia Vetro are 90 x 53 x 47 cm, it has an 18-litre capacity (the 2-group has 13 litres) and weighs 62 kilograms. Power consumption fluctuates between 2600w and 3700w depending on the size of the model chosen.

Regarding the furniture, it is made of stainless steel with some enamelled finishes, of very high quality. The work area is illuminated to prepare the coffees more comfortably. If you want more about how the Gaggia Vetro works, watch the following video:

Gaggia Bella

The Gaggia Bella hospitality coffee machine is a more traditional and basic looking machine than the Vetro we have seen before. It is available in a semi-automatic or electronic version, and you can choose between a Gaggia Bella 1-group, 2-group or 3-group machine.

  • The 1-group Gaggia Bella has an 8-litre boiler, and develops a power of 3000 watts.
  • The 2-group Gaggia Bella has a 13-litre boiler and produces 3500 watts of power.
  • The 3-group Gaggia Bella has an 18-litre boiler and develops a power of 4,600 watts.

All the groups that the Gaggia Bella coffee machine is assembled are solid, of 2 kilos, and with an infusion/extraction system. Each of them has four different dosage options, as well as continuous dispensing.

The boiler is always made of copper (independent of its size), and the water level in it is controlled electronically.

Gaggia bella catering coffee machine

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