Delonghi is an Italian company founded in 1902, which throughout the 20th century has expanded its activity to become one of the primary world references in the manufacture of small household appliances. It has its headquarters in Treviso (Italy) and owes much of its fame, of course, to the marketing and production of coffee machines.

As well as acting as a manufacturer of coffee machines for other companies in the capsule sector, Delonghi also markets its line of coffee machines, focusing mainly on espresso machines.

Delonghi coffee machines are, together with Saeco, the most popular within the domestic espresso sector. Their main advantage is their wide range of models, from the most basic coffee machines, accessible to everyone, to the highest range of super-automatic espresso machines. At Delonghi there is something for everyone.

Unlike other manufacturers, Delonghi has an extensive range of models in both manual and automatic espressos. There are dozens of options. Besides, it also markets some moka pot type (Italian coffee machines), as we will see later. However, in both these areas, Delonghi coffee machines are always focused on making espressos.

If you would like to know more about them, I am sure you will find it useful to check all the articles and information of interest that we have published to date on our website:

We will now analyse their main common characteristics and the peculiarities of the different models:

Delonghi coffee makers: Prices and models

The price ranges of Delonghi coffee makers are very varied and logically depend on the variety of coffee maker you are interested in buying. Still, in general, we can say that Delonghi coffee makers are somewhat cheaper than Saeco coffee makers and other espresso firms such as Gaggia.

Espressos, which are the most numerous, range from 100-200 pounds in the case of manual coffee machines.

If we go for the automatic ones, the entry model ECAM 22.110 starts at 300 pounds, while the top of the range can easily exceed 1000 pounds in price.

There are also some drip coffee machines, which are usually basic and do not exceed 50-60 pounds in most cases.

To get you out of the way, here are the updated offers and prices (as of today) for all Delonghi machines available at Amazon:

Comparison of Delonghi coffee machines 2020

Of course, you can’t miss our Delonghi coffee maker comparison chart so you can examine briefly all the details and differences between the Delonghi coffee makers you are most interested in buying.

Manual Delonghi espresso machines

And to finish, we offer you a brief extract of the leading models of Delonghi coffee machines that we have analysed on the web. You can find complete information about each of them by accessing their corresponding reviews.

Delonghi EC-145

The most basic model of Delonghi, for all audiences and without missing a single essential feature of any espresso machine. For a little more, you can go one step further and buy the latest model EC-155.

De'Longhi Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker, EC146.B, Black
  • Self priming system machine meaning it is always ready for use
  • Cappuccino system means it mixes steam, air and milk producing a rich creamy forth
  • Cup shelf
  • Adjustable steam emission
  • Filter holder with crema device

Delonghi EC-270

Delonghi’s mid-range opens with this EC-270 model, an exciting option at a price still affordable for those looking for something more in their home espresso machine.

DeLonghi EC270 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Black and Stainless
  • Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation
  • Always brew espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately
  • Enjoy delicious espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pump pressure
  • Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder. It makes espresso preparation simple and fast.
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented "Cappuccino System" frother. It mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time

Delonghi Icona Vintage

The espresso machine with the most personality and charisma from Delonghi, with a retro design, marked vintage air and several colours to choose from.

De'Longhi Vintage Icona Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker,...
  • Use ESE pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder.
  • Cappuccino system means it mixes steam, air and milk producing a rich creamy forth
  • 2 separate thermostats to control water and steam temperatures
  • Self priming system means is always ready for use
  • Anti drip system.Pump pressure (bar):15

Delonghi Scultura

An updated revision of the Vintage Icona, with similar features, but an even more attractive and stylish design. Ideal if you want to have a touch of pop distinction in your kitchen.

De'Longhi Scultura Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker, ECZ351BG,...
  • 15 BAR PRESSURE to create your perfect espresso with a rich aroma and a nut coloured cream on top
  • CAPPUCCINO SYSTEM: Create a wide range of milk based beverages thanks to the manual milk frother
  • CUSTOMISE ESPRESSO: Enjoy your favourite coffee, whether that is a strong espresso or frothy cappuccino, all from your choice of fresh ground coffee or coffee pods
  • HOME COMFORT: This coffee machine will deliver a real barista experience at home. The Scultura design features an unique metal finish with chrome details that embody elegance and distinctive design
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The removable drip tray makes it easy to keep the machine clean and your work surface drip free. The drip tray is dishwasher safe. Note:If the steam nozzle hasn't been cleaned or...

Delonghi Dedica

Without a doubt Delonghi’s star model, a top-selling coffee maker in the mid-range segment, and surely the best option on the market for those who want to take home a “decent” coffee machine for an affordable price. The first model was the Delonghi EC-680, and today we already have the EC-685 that continues to break the mould.

De'Longhi Dedica Style, Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker,...
  • 15 BAR PRESSURE to create your perfect espresso with a rich aroma and a nut coloured cream on top
  • MILK FROTHER: Froth or steam milk with the Adjustable Cappuccino System to create frothy cappuccinos, macchiatos or caffè lattes
  • CUSTOMISE ESPRESSO: Thanks to the professional barista technology, you can control every step of the Coffee-making process, from tamping your ground Coffee to setting the temperature and length
  • HOME COMFORT: At only 15 cm wide, it’s our slimmest design yet, offering a small footprint and big features
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Manual descaling system will keep your machine running smoothly so you can always enjoy your favorite beverages

Delonghi EC-820

An intermediate step between the Dedica and the top of the range of the brand, the EC-860. It is a machine of much greater size and performance than the Dedica – also more expensive, of course –

De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine - Black
383 Reviews
De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine - Black
  • High performance
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Make and enjoy perfect espressos, cappuccinos and lattes
  • Thermoblock heating system makes this machine ready to use in just 40 seconds

Delonghi EC-860

The EC-860 is the top of the range in the Delonghi manual espresso machines. A real wonder that has little to envy to professional coffee makers.

Delonghi ECP

Delonghi’s ECP line has been very successful in the market, being slightly below the Delonghi Dedica. This is a mid-range, “traditional” coffee machine, without any gimmicks and with a slightly more modest finish than the successful EC-685. Its tank is 1.1 litres and there are already different versions on the market: ECP 31, 33, 35…

De'Longhi ECP31.21Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker, Black
  • Sophisticated black ABS paint finishing
  • Advanced milk frother for maximum results
  • Ability to use E.S.E pods as an alternative to ground coffee
  • 1 litre water tank
  • Made by De'Longhi

Delonghi Stilosa

Another mid-range Delonghi espresso machine, which does its job perfectly but is too similar to the others. 1 litre tank, plastic body, not very up-to-date design… in our opinion this one could have been saved. It’s good, but it doesn’t bring anything new.

De'Longhi Stilosa EC230.BK, Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Espresso and Cappuccino,...
  • Unleash your inner barista and create all your coffee shop favourites at home
  • 15-bar pump espresso maker with a strainless steel boiler for perfect coffee extraction
  • Steam arm to create frothy cappuccinos and smooth lattes
  • Filter holder for ground coffee, 1 or 2 cups. Removable 1lt water tank and removable drip tray for glasses upto 110mm.
  • Combination of matt and glossy black finish. Anti drip system.

Delonghi Distinta

This model belongs to Delonghi’s Distinta line, a range of home appliances (also includes the kettle, the toaster…) which is characterised by a quite tasteful polished stainless steel finish. It is available in several colours.

De'Longhi Distinta ECI341BK Traditional Pump Espresso Machine - Black
  • Professional filter holder for ground coffee (1 or 2 cups) or “Easy Serving Espresso” pods with double wall crema filter.
  • “Cappuccino System”: it mixes steam, air and milk, producing a rich and creamy froth for great cappuccino
  • Practical cup warming plate, to keep your coffee cups warm, just like at the coffee shop.
  • Self-priming system means machine is always ready for use.
  • Sophisticated matte metallic finish with chromed details.

Delonghi automatic coffee machines

We are not going to stop here for long, because it corresponds to the widest range and the most important business line of this Italian firm with literally dozens of models. As a curiosity, we will tell you that these are the machines to look at if you are looking for Delonghi coffee machines for coffee beans (Bean to cup coffee machines). These are the only ones that admit such a possibility. Ditto if you need a Delonghi coffee maker with a built-in grinder.

The catalogue of Delonghi automatic coffee machines is so dense that it deserves its own guide with all the details. We invite you to get to know it: Delonghi automatic coffee machines.

Italian Delonghi coffee machines: Alicia is the reference

The extensive range of Delonghi coffee machines is completed by a very popular exponent in the Italian coffee maker sector (the traditional moka). This is the Delonghi Alicia moka pot, a model with a capacity of 6 to 9 cups and whose main feature is that it can be connected to an electric base. In this way it is possible to heat the water without use the stove.

If you want to know more about it we recommend you to read its analysis in our web, because it is really interesting. It is a really well known model and a great sales success in the field of Italian coffee machines.

DELONGHI EMK6 Espresso, 6 cups, Stainless Steel
  • The Italian way to make authentic Coffee with the Mocha process. It involves just a few steps; Fill the aluminum boiler with water and filter with ground Coffee; After only a few minutes, The machine...
  • Your Coffee will never burn or overflow with the safety automatic shut off; And the keep warm function keeps Coffee hot for 30 minutes
  • Easily monitor the entire brewing process with the transparent container; It's durable and easy to clean
  • Choose 3 or 6 Cups of Coffee with the convenient filter adapter
  • Serving is simple with a detachable base for cord free serving

The Delonghi hydropressure coffee machines: EC7 and EC5

Hydro Pressure coffee machines are less popular than espresso machines, but they still have their share of the market. And, of course, the Italian company can boast of having one of the best on the market in its catalogue. It is the EC7 model, an 800-watt machine with all the safety systems typical of this type of machine. It reaches a pressure of 3.5 bars.

Delonghi EC 7 Coffee Maker
  • 3.8 bar pressure
  • Dishwasher safe lidded glass carafe for easy measuring with 4 cup capacity
  • 'Cappuccino System' mixes steam, air and milk to produce rich creamy froth for perfect cappuccino
  • Separate filters for 1 or 2 cups
  • 2 cup adaptor - dispenses coffee into 2 cups simultaneously

Delonghi drip coffee machines: less known but competitive

Delonghi filter coffee machines are much less popular than their branded “sisters”, espresso machines. Not surprisingly, both Italy and the Delonghi brand itself are closely associated with the espresso world, rather than the filter coffee world.

Nevertheless, among the range of Delonghi drip coffee machines we find several interesting models, all of them in the medium-high range. Let’s get to know them better:

Delonghi filter coffee maker ICM 15210

This is a basic and classic model of lifetime drip coffee maker, with 1.25 litre capacity and 900 watts of power. It is only sold with a glass carafe and black plastic body.

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black
  • Capacity: 10 large or 15 small cups
  • Non-drip device - jug can be removed at any time while coffee is brewing
  • Manual controls
  • Water level display and auto shut-off
  • Uses paper filters

Delonghi ICM 14011

The small version of the previous model: a machine with the same performance but only 0.6 litres and 650w of power. Includes a button to select the aroma or intensity of the coffee.

De'Longhi Active Line Drip Filter Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel, Keep warm & anti-drip function,...
  • Aroma function - 2 different brewing speed regulations to set the brewing performances.
  • Jug warmer base to keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes
  • Anti drip system - no dripping when carafe is removed. "
  • Glass carafe with 5 cup capacity, and keep warm plate
  • Automatic switch off after two hours

Delonghi combi coffee machines: BCO range

Delonghi also has a successful line of combi coffee machines on the market: the Delonghi BCO. These coffee machines offer a combined espresso and filter (or drip) coffee service in one room.

The main models are the Delonghi BCO 420 (the latest and best model to date) and the Delonghi BCO 260, although there are some other intermediate models. Both have an espresso machine with 15 bars of pressure and a drip coffee maker to prepare about 10 cups at a time.

The BCO 420 incorporates many extra details, improves some of the features of the other BCO model, and also has an attractive exterior design with stainless steel finishes. There is a very similar version, but with a black plastic body, called Delonghi BCO 411.

In short, a good option for Delonghi to combine two types of coffee machine in a single appliance, with a compact and reduced design.

Delonghi Nespresso and Delonghi Dolce Gusto coffee machines

As you know, Delonghi is also a renowned manufacturer of both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee machines. It does not market them under its own brand, but only as a manufacturer. However, many users are unaware of this fact and are confused when they speak of ‘the Dolce Gusto Delonghi coffee machine‘ or ‘Nespresso Delonghi‘, because that is what they see on the packaging, believing them to be a more advanced model.

To complicate matters further, several of these models are manufactured jointly with Krups.

DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Jovia Pod Capsule Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and...
Maximum 15 bar pump pressure for coffee shop quality. 40 varieties of hold and cold drinks
De'Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse Touch, Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine, EDG736S, Silver
Automatic opening - press on/off icon; Machine automatically opens to beverage preparation position
De'Longhi Lattissima, Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine, Automatic Frothed Milk, Cappuccino and...
Reduced heating up time, ready in approximately 25 seconds; Auto shut-off after 9 minutes
DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Infinissima Pod Capsule Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino and...
Extra large water tank of 1.2L and adjustable drip tray suitable for all cup sizes; Easy to Use -all you need is the machine, some water and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pods
Nespresso, Pod Coffee Machine, Krups, XN903140, White - Claim 100 coffee capsules plus 2 months’...
New Centrifusion technology to gently and fully brew alto, coffee, Gran lungo and espresso
Nespresso Vertuo Plus, By Magimix | Coffee Capsule Machine | Special Edition-White | 11398 - Claim...
Simple and convenient one-touch brewing system; Centrifusion technology brews the perfect cup of high quality coffee each and every time
De'longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Genio S PlusEDG315.B,Pod Capsule Coffee Machine , Espresso,...
Compact design - coffee machine (Width 12.1 x Height 27.3 x Depth 27.6cm)

Delonghi vs Krups coffee machines

In line with the previous question, the comparison of Delonghi vs Krups coffee machines is very common among inexperienced users, or those who are taking their first steps in research to decide on their purchase.

Both Krups and Delonghi share the manufacture of Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pod coffee machines, but there is no difference between them if we look at specific models. That is: you can look at the Inissia, for example, and although aesthetically the one manufactured by Krups and the one manufactured by Delonghi have some differences, in functional terms they are identical machines. No brand is better than another in this aspect.

On the other hand, the two manufacturers also share a fierce competition in the field of superautomatic coffee machines. Krups’ automatic machines are similar to Delonghi’s in the enormous variety of their offer in the mid-range. This means that in the range of approx. 300-500 pounds both brands have excellent options.

However, if we already go for the high range there Delonghi clearly takes the lead over Krups. So, as is often the case, the decision between Delonghi vs Krups depends largely on the type of machine we are looking for.

Delonghi coffee grinders

Delonghi grinders are the perfect complement to such an extensive range of espresso machines… that they naturally feed on ground coffee. The variety is also enormous, although the offer consists only of electric grinders.

The KG49 model is the most basic option.

The KG79, KG89 and KG210 models are mid-range grinders (milling machines).

The Dedica grinder (KG520 and KG521 versions) is the representative of the professional mills, only for the most demanding users.

Here you can find the review we have done of some of them:


And finally we leave you with the direct links to buy Delonghi coffee grinders in case you dare to look at them on Amazon:

De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
Electric coffee grinder with 90 g or 12-cup grinding capacity; Push-to-grind on/off pulse lid
DE'LONGHI, Coffee grinder KG79, Black
Bean container capacity 120 gram; The selector allows to grind the grain according to the desired quantity: up to 12 cups
De 'Longhi kg 520.m Electric Coffee Grinder – Silver
Electric coffee grinder with manual operation (2 buttons).; High-quality full metal housing; rated voltage/frequency (V ~ Hz): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz.
De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder - Silver
2.1 inch LCD display with Aroma Function (mild, normal and thick); High quality full metal housing
De'Longhi KG210 Electric Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel, Black
Stainless steel Blade grinder with “ Push – to grind” system; Beans Hopper capacity : 90 gr of coffee beans
De'Longhi KG200 Electric Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel Blade, 90g Coffee Bean Capacity, Black
Stainless steel Blade grinder with “ Push –to grind” system; Beans Hopper capacity: 90 grof coffee beans

Spare parts for Delonghi coffee machines

When we go to look for spare parts for a Delonghi coffee machine, we will find a very wide variety depending on the type of machine we have at home.

Filters for Delonghi coffee machines

As this brand specialises in espresso machines, filter holders or loose filters are undoubtedly one of the most common Delonghi spare parts. In many cases they are available with the exact dimensions and diameters, so check well which model you have at home to choose the right replacement. At Amazon they all look the same, and sometimes the diameter is not completely specified.

Delonghi 7313285829 Small 1 Cup Filter Assembly
This Is An O.E.M. Authorized Part; Fits With Various Delonghi Brand Models; Oem Part # 7313285829
1-Cup Filter BCO260 BCO261B BCO264 BCO410 EC150 EC155 EC190 EC270 EC330S EC410 EC430 EC510 EC700...
Quality Spare Parts, Fast Delivery and Model Compatibility; Highly rated on Trust Pilot with over 1,700 reviews
Delonghi 7313275109 Filter Assy 2 Cups
This is an O.E.M. Authorized part; Fits with various delonghi brand models; Oem part # 7313275109
2 Cup Filter Basket; Fix slow flow issues by replacing clogged basket
De'Longhi ECC220 Delonghi Two-Cup Replacement Filter, 18/10 Steel
Double filter for use with ECC220.B, ECC220.R, ECC220.W, ECC220.Y,; EC152CD, EC155, EC220CD, ec270, EC300M, EC330S
Delonghi 2 Cup Filter bco260 BCO261B bco264 bco410 EC150 EC155 EC270 EC330S ec190 EC410 EC710 EC700...
This Is An O.E.M. Authorized Part; Fits With Various Delonghi Brand Models; Oem Part # 7313285819
Delonghi 5513200179 Pod Filter
This is an O.E.M. Authorized part; Fits with various delonghi brand models; Oem part # 5513200179
DeLonghi 5513200369 Filter Holder for EC680 Espresso Machine
Original replacement part.; High quality.; Suitable for the models below:

Delonghi spare carafes

Carafes are not exclusive to drip coffee machines. In the case of Delonghi, the Alicia model also has a small transparent jug in the upper body, which may need to be replaced in the event of an accident or breakage.

Please note that the jug is different depending on which Delonghi Alicia model you have (the normal or the plus).

Delonghi Bar Coffee Maker Glass Filter Jug with Plastic Lid
Glass Jug For Delonghi Coffee Maker With Plastic Lid.; Part No: T34211
Delonghi SX1029 Coffee Maker Coffee Jug
Genuine replacement coffee jug for your coffee maker.; This can fit coffee makers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
Delonghi BCO410 Genuine Carafe Jug Assembly Spares
Quality Spare Parts, Fast Delivery and Model Compatibility; Highly rated on Trust Pilot with over 1,700 reviews
Genuine DeLonghi Carafe/Jug for Coffee Machines ICM15210 ICM15210.1 DeLonghi Spare Part
DeLonghi Carafe for ICM15210 and ICM15210.1 SX1043.; 10 Cup capacity.
SPARES2GO Glass Carafe Jug Pot for Delonghi ICM15240 ICM15240.BK Coffee Machine
Glass Carafe Jug Pot made for SPARES2GO to fit Delonghi Coffee Machine; Fits models: ICM15240, ICM15240.BK

Water tanks for Delonghi coffee machines

Replacement water tanks at Delonghi are quite common, and not only because of the number of espresso machines in their catalogue, but also because of the Delonghi capsule coffee machines (the ones they make for both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto).

Practically all of them have their own Delonghi tank refill, as each machine model has a different tank shape and size. These you see here are just a small sample.

Delonghi 7313228241 WATER TANK
This is an O.E.M. Authorized part; Fits with various delonghi brand models.ESAM2600,4000,4000b
Delonghi Water Tank
Delonghi Water Tank; 7313281259
Delonghi WI1468 water tank for EDG305 Dolce Gusto Mini Me.
Replacement part.; High quality.; For suitable models, please see below.; If you are unsure if this part will fit your device, please refer to the model number. -
DeLonghi WI1376 Water Tank for Melody 3 Dolce Gusto
Original replacement part.; Perfect fit.; If you're not sure if this part will fit your device, please refer to the E-number.
Delonghi Coffee Machine Water Tank
Delonghi Jovia Dolce Gusto EDG250 Water Tank
DeLonghi WI1015 water tank for EDG100, EDG200, EDG201 Dolce Gusto Piccolo.
Original replacement part.; High quality.; For suitable models, please see below.; If you're not sure, if this part will fit your device, please ask with the E-no. -
SPARES2GO Water Tank for De'Longhi Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine (0.6L)
Water Tank made for SPARES2GO to fit De'Longhi Coffee Machine; Fits models: EDG 200.B, EDG 200.L, EDG 200.O, EDG 200.R, EDG 201.G, EDG 201.S
SPARES2GO Water Tank for De'Longhi Melody 3 Coffee Machine
Water Tank made for SPARES2GO to fit De'Longhi Coffee Machine; Fits models: EDG 420.B, EDG 420.BL, EDG 420.W, EDG 625.B, EDG 626.R, EDG 626.S

Other spare parts for your Delonghi coffee machine

Of course, depending on what type of Delonghi coffee machine you have at home, you can also get hold of brewing groups, flow meters, small cleaning accessories, and loose parts of all kinds. Here are just a few of the most common ones.

DELONGHI 5513227891 - Dispenser Kit - ECAM / ETAM Coffee Machine, Black, 17.8 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm
De Longhi – diffuser kit – Ref. 7313218501; Brewing unit for use in ECAM Etam Coffee Machines
Delonghi - Ulka Water Pump Model E Type EP5, 48W, 230V - 5132106900.
Original manufacturer’s spare part. Reference 5132106900.-; -; Please read the product description to check whether your appliance is compatible.
De'Longhi DELONGHI Tube
5313226701; to fit all Delonghi Models
Delonghi Nespresso En520 Milk Cover Assembly 7313222391 7313234991
Delonghi Steam Nozzle - 5332229600
Delonghi Milk Foam Nozzle Outdoor ESAM4400
Delonghi 5313214381 inner tube for milk frother for ECAM25120, ECAM23420, ECAM23426 automatic...
Original replacement part.; High quality.; Suitable for detailed models, please see below.
Pomace container with front 7313232281 compatible/spare part for De'Longhi ETAM 36.365, ETAM 36.366...
Original replacement part; High quality; Suitable for detailed models, see below

Which are the cheap Delonghi coffee machines?

Well, faced with such a wide range as that offered by this brand, the answer to this question must be carefully considered. Naturally, of all the machines we have presented on this page, the cheapest Delonghi coffee machine is the EC7 model. It is a hydro pressure coffee machine, and although it is top of the range in its segment, its price will always be lower than that of espressos or super-automatics.

In any case, we are going to review all the cheap Delonghi coffee machines according to their typology, so that you can have a reference:

  • In the case of the Italian ones, the cheapest is the Delonghi Alicia… more than anything else because it is the only model that exists in the brand.
  • In hydro-pressure coffee machines, the Delonghi EC7 is more or less at a slightly lower price than the previous one.
Delonghi EC 7 Coffee Maker
3.8 bar pressure; Dishwasher safe lidded glass carafe for easy measuring with 4 cup capacity
  • If we go to the filter coffee machines, Delonghi’s most economical is the 1.25 litre ICM 15210. The most basic one.
De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black
Capacity: 10 large or 15 small cups; Non-drip device - jug can be removed at any time while coffee is brewing
  • The field of manual espresso is where we find more to choose from. In this case there can be several with a similar price, but the most economical is always the EC-145 (or the updated version EC-146).
De'Longhi Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker, EC146.B, Black
Self priming system machine meaning it is always ready for use; Cappuccino system means it mixes steam, air and milk producing a rich creamy forth

And if we go to the most exclusive, the cheapest automatic Delonghi coffee machine is the ECAM 22.110. Which is also one of the best-selling super automatic machines with the best quality-price ratio in the whole industry.