Delonghi coffee makers

Delonghi is an Italian company founded in 1902, which throughout the 20th century has expanded its activity to become one of the primary world references in the manufacture of small household appliances. It has its headquarters in Treviso (Italy) and owes much of its fame, of course, to the marketing and production of coffee machines.

As well as acting as a manufacturer of coffee machines for other companies in the capsule sector, Delonghi also markets its line of coffee machines, focusing mainly on espresso machines.

Delonghi coffee machines are, together with Saeco, the most popular within the domestic espresso sector. Their main advantage is their wide range of models, from the most basic coffee machines, accessible to everyone, to the highest range of super-automatic espresso machines. At Delonghi there is something for everyone. As you know, Delonghi is also a renowned manufacturer of both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machines.

Unlike other manufacturers, Delonghi has an extensive range of models in both manual and automatic espressos. There are dozens of options. Besides, it also markets some mocha-type or Italian coffee machines, as we will see later. However, in both these areas, Delonghi coffee machines are always focused on making espressos.

If you want to know more about it, I’m sure you’ll find it useful to consult all the user’s manuals of Delonghi coffee makers in PDF.

We will now analyse their main common characteristics and the peculiarities of the different models:

Delonghi Coffee Makers: Prices

The price ranges of Delonghi coffee makers are very varied and logically depend on the variety of coffee maker you are interested in buying. Still, in general, we can say that Delonghi coffee makers are somewhat cheaper than Saeco coffee makers and other espresso firms such as Gaggia.

We can find coffee machines from less than 80, like the EC-145, to models close to 200, like for example the archaic and successful Delonghi EC-680M.

There is also the super-automatic ECAM-22.110B for more than 300, but that is already another step and another very different product. At Delonghi, you can find many models in the range of 100 or 150, and it’s just a matter of choosing your favourite.

To get you out of doubt, here we leave you with the updated offers and prices (according to today’s data) of all the Delonghi machines available at Amazon:

Comparison of Delonghi coffee machines 2020

Of course, you can’t miss our Delonghi coffee maker comparison chart so you can examine briefly all the details and differences between the Delonghi coffee makers you are most interested in buying.

Manual Delonghi espresso machines

And to finish, we offer you a brief extract of the leading models of Delonghi coffee machines that we have analysed on the web. You can find complete information about each of them by accessing their corresponding reviews.

Delonghi EC-145

The most basic model of Delonghi, for all audiences and without missing a single essential feature of any espresso machine. For a little more, you can go one step further and buy the latest model EC-155.

Delonghi EC-270

Delonghi’s mid-range opens with this EC-270 model, an exciting option at a price still affordable for those looking for something more in their home espresso machine.

Delonghi Icona Vintage

The espresso machine with the most personality and charisma from Delonghi, with a retro design, marked vintage air and several colours to choose from.

Delonghi Scultura

An updated revision of the Vintage Icona, with similar features, but an even more attractive and stylish design. Ideal if you want to have a touch of pop distinction in your kitchen.

Delonghi EC-680

Perhaps Delonghi’s flagship model, the EC-680 is a premium quality, 100% stainless steel coffee maker at an incredible price.

Delonghi EC-860

The EC-860 is the top of the range in the Delonghi manual express. A true wonder that has nothing to send to professional coffee makers

delonghi ec680

Delonghi Automatic Coffee Makers

Before you buy a Delonghi super-automatic coffee maker, look at the following reviews. We review the qualities of the most notable and famous models.

Delonghi ECAM-22.110

Delonghi’s best-selling automatic espresso machine, an object of desire for the most demanding palates.

Delonghi ESAM3200

An even superior model, which is already part of Delonghi’s Magnifica line. The ESAM3200 includes an integrated grinder with 13 levels or grinding thickness, Cappuccino System, and a separately removable coffee group.

Delonghi ESAM3200

Delonghi ESAM 3200

Delonghi’s range of automatic coffee machines includes many models that are grouped into three product lines: the ESAM, ECAM and ETAM coffee machines. Some examples are the Delonghi ETAM 29.510, ECAM 23.460 or ETAM 29.620. You can learn more about them by clicking on their respective links to access the reviews that we made on our website.

We also strongly recommend you read our particular article dedicated to automatic Delonghi coffee machines if you are interested in this type of coffee machine.

Italian Delonghi coffee machines

The extensive range of Delonghi coffee machines is completed by a very popular exponent in the Italian coffee maker sector (the traditional Moka). It is the Alicia, a model that has a capacity of between 3 and 6 cups and whose main feature is that it can be connected to an electric base. In this way it is possible to heat the water without having to light any fire.

If you want to know more about it, we recommend you read its analysis in our web, because it is interesting. It is a well-known model and a great sales success in the field of Italian coffee machines. Delonghi Alicia:

Delonghi Alicia

Delonghi combi coffee machines: BCO series

Delonghi also has a successful line of combi coffee machines on the market: the Delonghi BCO. These coffee makers offer a combined service of espresso and filter coffee (or drip coffee) in the same room.

Its primary exponents are the Delonghi BCO 420 (the latest and best model, to date) and the Delonghi BCO 260, although there are some other intermediate models. Both have an espresso machine with 15 bars of pressure, and a drip coffee maker to prepare about 10 cups at a time.

The BCO 420 (shown in the photo below) incorporates many extra details, enhances some of the features of the other BCO line combis, and features an attractive exterior design with stainless steel finishes. Its price: in the range of 200.

In short, a good option from Delonghi to combine two types of coffee maker in a single machine, with a compact and reduced design.