Cremesso Coffee Makers

When we talk about coffee capsule systems, most users only think of the classics (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo). However, in Central Europe, other systems are prevalent, with their formats and with a high quality not only in their machines but above all in their raw material: coffee.

Most of them come from Italy, such as Lavazza or Illy. Still, today we are going to focus on a thriving brand that holds a large share of the coffee capsule market in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and several Central European countries. It is Cremesso, a company whose headquarters are in the charming Swiss town of Birsfelden.

Such is the quality and trust that Cremesso puts in its coffee that each pack of capsules has a bar code that you can enter on its website to check where the beans you are going to consume in your capsule come from. In this image, you can see how it works:

cremesso procedure capsules

Besides, most of the Cremesso coffee machines boast an exclusive design that has won awards and prizes in various competitions. And they also place great emphasis on sustainability: energy consumption is minimised in all models, thanks to a technology that allows the machines to switch off automatically just 60 seconds after the coffee extraction has been completed.

Comparison of Cremesso coffee machines

Our well-known and obligatory comparison table, so you can review at a glance the basic specifications of all Cremesso capsule coffee machines.

Cremesso Compact One Coffee Capsule Machine – Cream White
Cremesso Compact One Coffee Capsule Machine – Cream White
Revolutionary design; One for All; Individually programmable; 19 bar pump pressure

Differences Between Cremesso Coffee Makers

With a sufficient variety (five models to date), Cremesso’s coffee machines can focus on different segments of the public even though their conception is always aimed at the medium-high sector. These are designer coffee machines, all with 19 bar pressure and with a container where the used capsules are automatically disposed of.

The Cremesso machines are the most automatic capsule machines on the market: they require hardly any intervention by the user from the moment the capsule is inserted in the dispenser until the coffee machine is switched off.

We will now review the qualities and, above all, the essential differences between each Cremesso coffee maker model:

The Cremesso Una Automatic is one of the small ones (it has a 0.6-litre tank) and only allows you to choose two sizes of coffee.

The second exponent of the most basic Cremesso range is the Cremesso Uno, also with a 0.6-litre capacity. It is notably narrower than its range mates: it measures only 10 centimetres from end to end.

The Compact One and the Compact Automatic go a step further in terms of capacity (1.1-litre tank). They are the big Cremesso coffee machines. The Compact Automatic version also adds a light button that warns us when the tank is running out of water or when the coffee maker goes into energy-saving mode.

Yellow cremesso viva

Finally, we have the Cremesso Viva B6, the most recent Cremesso coffee machine that substantially improves on its predecessors. The side panels have their relief instead of being smooth, and the range of colours is also exclusive to this model. The most exciting development of the Viva B6 is the introduction of two size selection buttons for teacups (the previous one had only buttons for the size of coffee cups).

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