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CoffeeGator is an American company whose products are adapted to American tastes and consumers. All the ads, videos and brand information you will find on the network come from there. However, thanks to Amazon and the online shop, you can buy Coffee Gator coffee machines from anywhere in the world, and in the end, both the intrinsic quality of the brand and the voice to voice have done the rest.

Today, not only coffee machines but all Coffee Gator coffee items enjoy a splendid (well deserved) reputation in the industry.

And the history of this very young brand of coffee machines is truly curious. You can read it here. Its founder is Phil Williams, a young entrepreneur who has no qualms about confessing that until a few years ago, all he consumed was instant coffee. He became fond of “real coffee” during a trip to Colombia and was absolutely enthusiastic.

From that moment on, he decided to found Coffee Gator to help other consumers do like him and, in his words, “drink better coffee“. And for that, he decided to put in the hands of his customers the best possible tools to make coffee.

Coffee Gator also boasts the best after-sales service and customer care in the industry. And one of their corporate slogans leaves no room for doubt: “We know we’re not the cheapest, but that’s because we prefer to be the best“. Do you dare to check it out for yourself?

As you can see, all Coffee Gator coffee machines are manual, without any electrical component. And they focus on the most popular processing methods in the US, such as filter coffee (for classic American coffee) or piston coffee machines. This means that although the materials used are of the highest quality, their price is not high.

The American firm also markets a wide variety of coffee accessories, which we will review later at the end of our article.

Next, we will see in more detail what each model of Coffee Gator coffee machine looks like and what possibilities it offers us.

Coffee Gator Piston Coffee Machine

Perhaps the brand’s flagship is the Coffee Gator plunger coffee machine, which comes with an airtight mini-container for storing the ground coffee beans (a detail that faithfully reflects the Coffee Gator spirit of pampering the consumer to the extreme).

The French Coffee Gator press has a capacity of one litre and boasts countless details that set it apart from its competitors. For example:

  • The container is made of surgical steel 304. What does this mean? It is 33% thicker (the walls are 0.8mm, not 0.6 mm) and 20% heavier than normal French presses. And the result is a much more durable, more resistant product that keeps the coffee hot longer than glass piston coffee makers.
  • Special double mesh filter. Better filter, less coffee grounds, better taste.
  • Lower centre of gravity: the press moves less and therefore it is easier to handle the plunger with precision.

Another interesting detail of this piece is that we can buy online the Coffee Gator plunger coffee maker in several colours, some of them really original. Here you can see the complete list of models currently available on Amazon:

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Machine

The pour-over coffee machines, also called drippers, have already been discussed on our website. This Coffee Gator dripper is one of the models that best represent the spirit of this method of brewing coffee by drip: a great deal of care and attention to the product throughout the entire brewing process, so that the result is a coffee that is intense in both taste and aroma.

The Coffee Gator pour-over coffee maker is made of stainless steel and is available in three sizes: 300 ml, 400 ml or 800 ml. The set consists of both the permanent steel filter (the dripper itself) and the glass container to collect the coffee. And if you already want to curl the curl, you can also buy a separate kettle or jug for hot water, with a swan neck spout, specially adapted to serve the water in the right way on a pour-over coffee maker.

Coffee Gator Coffee Accessories

We have already commented that the main objective of this brand, apart from increasing its turnover year by year (like any other business that prides itself), is to put the best possible tools and accessories in the hands of users to make the best coffee at home.

And that mission includes a whole range of products clearly aimed not at the general public, but at the more expert user who is used to making coffee “by hand” at home, starting with the coffee beans and going through all the stages in the first person.

For example, in the Coffee Gator coffee accessories catalogue, you will find a scale to weigh the coffee beans, a grinder, special airtight containers to keep the coffee fresh, the different separate components of a pour-over coffee machine, dispensers or spare parts of all kinds for your coffee machines.

Here’s the full range, a real treat for those budding home baristas:

Is it worth buying a Coffee Gator?

Let’s not call it a disadvantage, but the main barrier we find when evaluating Coffee Gator items is that they are designed and totally adapted to the consumption of North American coffee.

We’d love to see a vintage espresso machine from this young company’s factory, but we have to make do with American filter coffee and French press coffee makers.

In short: if you are a fan of this type of preparation, a user of one of these machines, or want to try new things, then buying a Coffee Gator coffee maker from Amazon is a guaranteed choice.

You will find designs, materials and finishes of the highest quality in all its products, not only in the coffee machines but also in the accessories. Totally recommended, as long as the Coffee Gator coffee makers fit your purposes and coffee tastes.

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