Clatronic is a German company that specialised in small and medium-sized household appliances, including in the AEG group. It works mainly in the medium-low price range and also distributes its creations under the Bomann brand.

Please don’t get confused: Clatronic and Bomann are the same brands, and their products are identical.

Clatronic has been in existence since 1985. It is a relatively young company, especially if we compare it with other giants in the sector. Its general sign is located in Kempen, a town in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. It has a very broad outlook – it manufactures more than 300 different articles in every conceivable field – and its range of coffee machines, which we will discuss later, is a clear example of this.

Clatronic’s activity is more focused on the production and not so much on distribution. Thus, rather than selling its products in its own shops, Clatronic’s appliances are usually found in large department shops, hypermarkets or general household appliance shops.

clatronic kempen offices

Comparison of Clatronic Coffee Machines

As we do with all our brands, here is a comparison table of the Clatronic coffee makers that we have analysed on our website to date. All the models are at your fingertips, at a glance. Below you will also find their prices and updated offers:

Clatronic Coffee Machines

With regard to the Clatronic coffee machines, it should be noted that the German company competes mainly in the field of drip coffee machines and filter coffee machines. Its range in this segment is close to ten different models, each with its own qualities and objectives.

Thus, we can find single-use coffee makers, such as the Clatronic KA-3450, which has only 300 ml, but a thermal glass that we can take with us and drink directly from it.

clatronic ka3450 2

We also have a thermal coffee machine, such as the Clatronic KA-3563, which is lined with stainless steel and has double-wall insulation.

Clatronic drip coffee machines are characterized by very basic designs, which are generally not very eye-catching but very functional. The Clatronic KA-3473 is a good example of this (available in various colours). However, with similar size and performance, we also have the Clatronic KA-3558, of more recent manufacture and much showier appearance.

Finally, if your thing is to prepare large quantities of coffee every day, your coffee maker is the Clatronic KA-3482, which is programmable (includes timer) and has a huge 1.7-litre capacity tank.

As you can see, the Clatronic filter coffee machines are very varied, and they strive to cover all the needs of this sector. If you want to buy a low-cost drip coffee maker, Clatronic should definitely be among your options.

We leave for the end the Clatronic ES-3564, a 15 bar manual espresso machine with integrated vaporizer, cup warming tray and 1.5-litre capacity.

clatronic es3584 3

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