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Bosch is a large multinational company that is well known as a manufacturer of household appliances. Hard to find a house that doesn’t have an appliance from this long-established German firm, right? The company was founded in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1886 and has reached our days as one of the absolute leaders in the market of engineering and electronics applied to the home. Refrigerators, kitchenware, washing machines, dishwashers – the tentacles of Bosch extend almost to infinity.

We are going to focus, of course, on their production of coffee machines. We will take a look at the different models of Bosch coffee machines on sale and explain their fundamental differences so that you can make the right choice between them.

On this page, we are going to refer mainly to Bosch own-brand coffee machines (those marketed by the firm itself), and we will skip over the Tassimo machines, which are also manufactured by Bosch but which already have their own page on our website.

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Tassimo by Bosch Suny 'Special Edition' TAS3102GB Coffee Machine,1300 Watt, 0.8 Litre - Black
Tassimo by Bosch Suny 'Special Edition' TAS3102GB Coffee Machine,1300 Watt, 0.8 Litre - Black
DESIGNED AND MADE BY BOSCH for peace of mind – with 2 years manufacturers warranty.
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Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine, 1300 W - Black
Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine, 1300 W - Black
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Bosch Automatic Coffee Machines

Three machines mostly make up the Bosch range of super-automatic coffee machines. The three models fit perfectly into what would be an essential, medium and premium range of this type of coffee machine, so it is easy to see which of them is the best suited to what we are looking for.

We are going to present them briefly, and we will stop, especially in those aspects that differentiate them. If you are planning to buy a Bosch automatic coffee machine, be sure to read the following reviews. Remember that you can get more information about any coffee machine by clicking on the links in the text.

Bosch TCA5309: Basic range

We begin with the Bosch TCA5309, the most basic Bosch superautomatic coffee machine of them all, and currently discontinued. It corresponds to the TCA5309 model and includes such interesting functions as the automatic cleaning of all the pipes and the automatic descaling programme, the Aroma Whirl System Plus (which allows us to achieve extra flavour and intensity in our espressos) or the solvent water tank with a capacity of almost 2 litres.

Bosch TCA5309 in black profile view

The coffee storage capacity is up to 250 grams (always of coffee beans), and the brewing unit can be removed from the interior of the coffee maker without difficulty.

Bosch VeroCafe Latte: mid-range

The Bosch VeroCafe Latte is a step up from the TCA5309. In addition to the virtues and features of the TCA5309, it has a separate inlet for ground coffee, ceramic grinding wheels (not steel) and a Cappuccinatore system that allows you to prepare cappuccinos and lattes (i.e. milk frothed drinks) automatically at the touch of a button.

It also has a digital display on which we can read all the steps and actions of the coffee maker as they are produced. None of these features is to be found in the previous model.

The water tank of the VeroCafe Latte is similar in size (1.7 litres), but the compartment for storing coffee is more significant: it holds 300 grams of the product.

Bosch VeroAroma: top of the range

Finally, we have the option of getting the incredible Bosch VeroAroma, which improves on the previous machines in practically every aspect… and is also more expensive, as you would expect. It is the best Bosch automatic coffee machine of them all.

The main differences between the VeroAroma and the VeroCafe are the Aroma Double Shot function (extra-intensity espresso), and a more complete and entirely tactile control panel, as well as other more secondary details and functions.

The Bosch VeroAroma is available in three versions: Bosch VeroAroma 300, VeroAroma 500 and the most advanced Bosch VeroAroma 700. The differences between the two can be read about in detail in the review of the Bosch VeroAroma that we carried out at the time on the portal.

All three Bosch coffee machines work at 15 bar pressure, with the exception of the VeroAroma 700, which has a special 19 bar pump.

Remember that if you have any specific questions about a particular model, you can consult our Bosch coffee machine instruction manuals for specific details about it.

Drip coffee machines from Bosch

The other large segment of coffee machines in which Bosch works is that of filter or drip coffee machines. Bosch filter coffee machines can be divided into three large ranges or models (each with its own variations and different finishes). These are the drip coffee machines Bosch Compact Class, Comfort Line and the Bosch TKA8653. Or the TKA3, TKA6 and TKA8 series, respectively.

Bosch Compact Class drip coffee machines (TKA3 series)

The Compact Class is the most modest line of Bosch filter coffee machines. They are called TKA3 and are available in various colours. Their capacity is 1.25 litres, and they have a normal plastic body with a graduated glass jug.

Bosch drip coffee machines Comfort Line (TKA6 series)

The Comfort Line is the mid-range of Bosch drip coffee machines. They have the same capacity as the previous ones but are more powerful. They correspond to the nomenclature TKA6 (series 6) and are available with a glass carafe or with a thermal carafe, depending on your choice.

Bosch filter coffee machines series TKA8 (with timer)

The TKA8 series represents the best Bosch filter coffee machines, both in terms of performance and in terms of finish and materials. It is distinguished from the others above all by the presence of the timer and stainless steel (which, as we already know, serves to ensure a constant temperature throughout the process).

This is a top of the range Bosch drip-coffee machine, made of stainless steel, with a thermal jug (it maintains the temperature of the coffee for much longer), a timer to start it when we are most interested, and an extraordinary capacity of more than one litre in the water tank. It works with disposable paper filters and has an automatic decalcification programme.

In short, the Bosch TKA8653 is an option that should always be considered if you are looking for a good drip coffee machine.

Bosch built-in coffee machines: model CTL 636

Built-in coffee machines are machines that are built-in or integrated into the kitchen unit itself. They are not, therefore, independent appliances that you can place anywhere. We have already talked about them at length in the guide we have just given you above, so in this section, we are going to focus solely on Bosch built-in coffee machines.

Bosch CTL636ES6 2.4L Black,Stainless steel coffee maker - coffee makers (Built-in, Fully-auto,...
Bosch CTL636ES6 2.4L Black,Stainless steel coffee maker - coffee makers (Built-in, Fully-auto,...
SensoFlow System - Innovative heating system; AromaDouble Shot - Extra strong coffee without compromise in aroma

The Bosch built-in coffee machine par excellence is the Bosch CTL 636 model. It is a built-in coffee machine that you can integrate into your kitchen furniture without taking up any more space than necessary.

You can currently find it in two finishes, black or metallic, whose features are identical. The only difference is the front panel.

Otherwise, this Bosch built-in coffee machine behaves like a real One-Touch automatic coffee machine, with all the features worthy of a top-of-the-range coffee machine. The Bosch CTL 636 has a memory for preparing up to 8 different customised drinks, SensoFlow system, double espresso preparation (Aroma DoubleShot), automatic cleaning system, touch screen with colour graphics, integrated grinder, 2.4 litres of water tank capacity… what more could you ask for?

Without a doubt, Bosch built-in coffee machines are one of the benchmarks in this select market.

Bosch Tassimo coffee machines

This company has gained an enormous share of popularity in recent years thanks to its foray into the capsule market as the manufacturer of Bosch Tassimo coffee machines. Bosch capsule coffee machines work with a closed single-dose system (called T-Discs) which does not support compatibility with other formats. We refer you to the special Tassimo brand page linked above to find out more about them.

Spare parts for Bosch coffee machines: the jugs and more

We have already talked about Bosch filter coffee machines, which are one of Bosch’s main lines of business across Europe. For this reason, a large number of Bosch coffee machine spare parts on the market are glass jugs for this type of machine.

In many cases, Bosch coffee machine jugs are universal. But be careful because there are models that need their own exclusive jugs, and no other will fit. Make sure you check this before you buy your replacement Bosch jug.

Bosch 00646860 Coffee Glass Pot
Bosch 00646860 Coffee Glass Pot
Colour: black; Capacity: 1 litre
Glass Jug Black TKA6A for Bosch Coffee Machine TKA6A043 / TKA6A643
Glass Jug Black TKA6A for Bosch Coffee Machine TKA6A043 / TKA6A643
Further items for the TKA6A can be found below in the product information:
Glass jug 00647056 compatible with Bosch coffee machine
Glass jug 00647056 compatible with Bosch coffee machine
Suitable for:; TKA65.; TKA66.; TKA67.

NOTE: We have deliberately left out of this list the water tanks and other accessories for Bosch Tassimo coffee machines, which are better dealt with on their own page.

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