The German company Beem is one of those companies with greater popularity in Central Europe and in the international concert. It is a German manufacturer whose activity in our sector is focused on espresso and drip coffee machines, with their popular and successful breakfast centres (we will talk about them later, although you can also find them in our section of combi coffee machines).

Beem usually presents mid-range or medium-high coffee machines on the market. Beem coffee machines do not quite fit into the prototype of the economy or basic coffee machines, far from it. They are characterised by their good quality of manufacture and materials and by their generally eye-catching designs and colours.

Next, we are going to make a brief review of the whole range of Beem coffee machines, highlighting the main virtues of each one and clearly differentiating the products so that you have a clear guide when buying.

Buy Beem Coffee Machine: Prices and Models

To begin with, as always, take a look at this comparative summary table of Beem coffee machines:

Express Beem Coffee Machines

The Beem Espresso Perfect Crema is the flagship and most popular model of all Beem coffee machines. It is a mid-range manual espresso, 15 bar pressure, 1.5 litre capacity, steamer, stainless steel front, space in the upper area to pre-heat the cups or glasses. It lacks nothing, and its popularity is no coincidence.

beem espresso perfect crema 1

On another higher level is the Beem i-Joy Cafe&Latte, a more advanced espresso machine as it includes an integrated milk tank with a half-litre capacity. This function allows us to prepare milk froth drinks (cappuccinos, lattes, and so on) directly from the coffee maker itself, without having to froth the milk ourselves and add it to the coffee separately.

Automatic milk preparations mean that the coffee maker steams and serves exactly the right amount of milk according to the type of drink we select. We don’t have to do it ourselves “by eye”.

Beem Drip Coffee Machines

There are two drips (or filter) coffee machines offered by Beem that we have analysed on our website: The Nobili and the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect.

The first of these (Beem Nobilis) is a mid-range drip coffee maker, which stands out above all for its colourful, unusual colours and excellent value for money. It has a generous capacity (1.5 litres), timer, digital controls, very compact design, an excellent choice.

The Fresh Aroma Perfect responds to other types of needs. It is a premium drip coffee maker (very high range), which, apart from having a fully automated control, has an integrated grinder to always enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee, 1.7-litre capacity, a thermal carafe to keep the coffee at the right temperature, a real wonder that is in its own right among the best drip coffee makers on the market.

Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect superior 2

Beem Breakfast Centres

Beem’s combis or breakfast centres are very popular and have been a reference in the sector over the years. These are very compact appliances, which offer in one piece the service of a drip coffee machine, but also a toaster and a water kettle, which amounts to a 3 in 1.

Two models are available: The Beem Ecco 3 in 1 and the Beem Ecco Deluxe 4 in 1. Both offer the same basic features, such as capacity (1.25 litres in the drip coffee maker, and 1. 5 litres in the kettle), the functions of the roaster (defrosting, heating without roasting, different levels of roasting intensity) or the removable pivoting filter holder for the drip coffee maker, which by the way in both models works with permanent filters (not the reusable paper ones).

However, the Deluxe 4 in 1 is a top-of-the-range product. It is entirely made of stainless steel and has some extra functions, such as the thermal carafe, the information display, or the digital keypad. Logically, it is also more expensive than the Ecco 3 in 1.

beem ecco 3 in 1

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