Coffee Maker Brands

The brand question is not a trivial one when it comes to coffee machines. Many buyers make their decisions based on the manufacturer of the coffee maker, and that’s when the questions arise: What brand of coffee maker is good? What brand of espresso maker to buy? What are the best brands of Italian coffee makers? And what are the best brands of coffee makers?

To know which brand of coffee machine to buy, you need to have a global perspective of the market. It is difficult to make a good decision if you only know the brands on the supermarket shelves or in advertisements because marketing is expensive; only a few privileged companies can afford it.

That’s why we at have decided to structure our entire catalogue of reviews according to brands. So, if you need to know which brand of coffee machine is the best for your interests, you can always check this list, get to see each manufacturer a little better, and then decide on the specific model you are going to take home.

To begin with, here you have direct access to all the best brands of coffee machines that we have analysed on our website to date, classified by the type of coffee they make and ordered alphabetically within each category.

Best pod coffee machines brands

Here we have compiled the best brands of capsule coffee machines on the market. Although coffee machines have not evolved much since the first models in the 90s, today’s coffee capsules are of extreme quality, allowing us to prepare espressos at the level of filter holder machines.

In addition, capsule coffee machines are much cleaner and faster than any other type of coffee machine, making them ideal for those who are always in a hurry. They are also very flexible, making other preparations with milk, chocolate and even juices and broths.

Best bean-to-cup coffee machines brands

Those coffee drinkers who are more demanding and very practical and efficient opt for bean-to-cup machines. With these coffee machines, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee prepared with the same water pressure as a professional coffee machine in just a few minutes.

Many of these coffee machines have screens that allow us to customise our drinks as we wish. You can control the degree of grinding, the amount of ground coffee and how much coffee the machine serves in the cup. A real marvel!

Best espresso portafilter coffee machines brands

Today certain users refuse to use any of the above coffee machines. They don’t even want to hear about bean-to-cup coffee machines, let alone capsule coffee machines. Filter-holder espresso machines require more control of the coffee beans, the grinder, and the machine, but you can achieve spectacular drinks when you master the technique.

The only disadvantage of this type of coffee machine is that they require constant maintenance, as, after each preparation, you must leave both the filter holder and the group clean.

Best Moka brands

Moka coffee machine users are classic coffee lovers, but more than just enjoying coffee, they want a tradition and a ritual. One enjoys the coffee of Italian coffee machines from the moment of grinding the coffee and filling the filter to waiting for the water to boil on the stove and the coffee maker to call you with its characteristic whistle.

Drip coffee makers and French press

A heavy coffee drinker who enjoys coffee from a drip coffee machine or a French press. We are always having a full carafe ready to serve one great Americano after another.

As you can see, we have everything: from the classic brands of coffee makers to the most advanced German brands of coffee machines. We include old brands of coffee machines and even brands that are almost unknown in many countries but that we consider to be worth getting to know.

By clicking on each one of them, you will be able to access the complete file of the brand: a brief description of the company, what are the characteristics of its machines, its philosophy, what kind of public they are aimed at, and of course, a complete list of all its models with prices and updated offers.

What brand of coffee machine do you recommend for each type of coffee?

We know that everyone likes coffee in one way and that many brands specialise and focus their production on a specific segment of coffee machines. For example, the best brands of drip coffee makers are not necessarily the same as the brands of automatic coffee makers or plunger coffee makers.

On the contrary, there are many manufacturers, including some of the major players in the market. They divide their production into several segments and offer warranty coffee machines in many different types. There may be, for example, brands of coffee machines that are good at producing mochas and espresso machines (two kinds of coffee machines that have nothing to do with each other). Similarly, some segments have top brands, but they go unnoticed in others.

For this reason, we cannot be sure which brand of espresso machine is better or whether French brands of coffee machines are more recommendable than American ones, to name a few examples. The best brand of coffee machine depends on the specific type of machine you want to buy!

Brands of coffee machines for coffee shops

Professional coffee maker brands have nothing to do with domestic espresso brands. There are very few brands of industrial coffee machines that also sell models for use at home. The reason is straightforward: although to the inexperienced user, it may seem that they are similar appliances (because they all serve to make coffee), technologically, they have few similarities.

The brands of coffee machines for the hotel and catering industry have to worry that their coffee makers will withstand dozens and dozens of services every day. It includes several groups of coffee, and the pressure pumps they use are different from those used by home coffee machines.

When we start looking for brands of coffee shop coffee machines, the first references we find are usually some of these.

It is also easy to come across mentions of the leading Italian industrial coffee brands, which, as you can imagine, are the most reputable in the sector (but it is not always easy to get them outside the transalpine borders).

We are a website specialising in domestic coffee machines so we won’t dwell on them too much. Still, if you are thinking of setting up a business or need a coffee machine for a more specific purpose, we advise you to start looking at the brands on this list. They are just one example; there are many more. You can also look at our guide to semi-professional coffee makers or search for second-hand professional coffee makers.

In any case, if you are looking for a coffee maker for business purposes, you should first contact a coffee maker supplier (in your country, probably there are several that specialise in the hotel sector). They will advise you about the brands and models in their catalogue, prices and shipping conditions.

Home bars coffee makers (or vice versa)

Some capsule and espresso machines market a line of specific products for businesses, totally different from those oriented to domestic use. It is the case, for example, with Nespresso’s professional range (Business Solutions, or only Nespresso Pro coffee makers), Saeco Vending machines, or Lavazza.

In our opinion, this type of machine is a kind of hybrid between the domestic coffee machine and the bar coffee machine. We do not recommend them for use in a large business or cafe, but rather in an intermediate environment such as catering services, office coffee machines, or coffee machines for breakfast buffets.