My Coffee Machine Smells Bad

My Coffee Machine Smells Bad

Poor cleaning of the coffee machine (whether of the water tank or the internal pipes) has several consequences, one of which is not very pleasant: the odours from the coffee machine. When the coffee machine smells bad, it is usually due to the accumulation of organic sediments (coffee grounds or milk residues) in some compartment. …

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How to clean a coffee machine

how to clean a coffee maker

Cleaning your espresso machine is a fundamental part of machine maintenance. In other types of coffee machines, cleaning is usually done externally, but in espresso machines, you have to pay attention to a higher number of details. Knowing how to clean your coffee machine is not only essential to avoid breakdowns or to extend the …

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What is a Pressurized Filter?

What as a Pressure Filter

I’m sure that more than once you’ve come across the term pressurized filter while looking for information about a coffee maker, or simply reading to learn more about your favourite hobby (which we’re sure is making coffee, right?). Be that as it may, pressurized filters and filter basket are concepts that not all users are …

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Coffee Machines with Milk Reservoir

coffee maker with milk tank

In recent years, coffee machines with integrated milk tanks have brought a new dimension to the household coffee machine industry. These coffee machines are no longer limited to making coffee, but also emulsify milk and automatically serve the resulting milk foam into your cup. What is the point? So that you can enjoy cappuccinos, lattes, …

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Second Hand Coffee Machines

second hand coffee maker

Are you looking to buy the best second-hand coffee machines at incredible prices, in perfect working order and 100% guaranteed? Are you not clear about the concept of “second-hand coffee machines” and have doubts about whether they are reliable? In this article of we are going to clear all the doubts to you. What …

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Coffee makers with built-in grinder

Coffee maker with built-in grinder

The coffee machines with built-in grinder are the object of desire of the great coffee lovers. The freshly ground coffee gives the preparations an unmistakable taste and aroma, which real coffee makers know how to appreciate. And that is only given to you by a coffee machine that grinds coffee. That’s why they always look …

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Coffee Makers with Milk Frother


Vaporizer coffee machines are a product that is increasingly in demand among consumers, and in this article we will summarize all the options that exist right now in the market for capsule coffee machines that incorporate this extraordinary accessory. But first, let’s get to the point: What are coffee makers with milk frother? A milk …

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Are Nespresso machines noisy?

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

Are Nespresso machines noisy? It is the question that many users are asking themselves, and that contributes to a debate that is increasingly present in the discussion forums and specialised blogs of the sector. Nespresso coffee machines have always been accused of being noisy. Still, the little stigma that Nespresso machines make a lot of …

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