Zassenhaus Santiago

Name: Santiago
Brand: Zassenhaus
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 25 grams

The German company Zassenhaus is the leading manufacturer of manual coffee grinders worldwide. Its prestige is undisputed, and one of its flagships is this sensational Zassenhaus Santiago grinder.

It is a traditional coffee grinder with steel grinding wheels and built-in noble wood. It puts at the service of the best espressos all the old school technology to achieve consistent and perfect grinding. The Santiago de Zassenhaus series is also available in other colours (or in other types of wood, it would be more correct to say), although the one we present you in this analysis is the black one.

At the end of the report, you can see some pictures of this same Zassenhaus Santiago grinder in mahogany colour with golden metallic elements. If you want to buy the Zassenhaus Santiago in mahogany colour, you can do it by Amazon, although it is a little more expensive than the black one.

In the Zassenhaus Santiago, the coffee beans are introduced through the top of the grinder, right next to the handle. There you will see a small metal lid that is lifted to leave the coffee bean compartment open.

The procedure for grinding coffee in this Zassenhaus Santiago is the traditional one in manual grinders. Insert the coffee beans in the dose you prefer through the top of the grinder, close the lid, and turn the handle. In the lower part, it has a small handle that opens out the drawer where the ground coffee is deposited.

Zassenhaus Santiago in mahogany

Zassenhaus Santiago: range of colours

More than in different colours, the Zassenhaus Santiago can be bought in different types of wood and finishes. In these two examples, the black one has silver metallic finishes, and the mahogany one has golden finishes.

Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Coffee Mill/Grinder, Beech
Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Coffee Mill/Grinder, Beech
The grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years

Zassenhaus Santiago: general characteristics

  • Its dimensions are 14x9x20 cms. Logically, it is a much smaller grinder than the electric coffee grinders.
  • It weighs around 900 grams.
  • The grinding mechanism is guaranteed by Zassenhaus, no less than for 25 years.
  • The grinder is made of high quality steel, the cutting edges remain intact and sharp.
  • The grinding degree is easily adjusted and is quite consistent. There are no major differences from one level to the next, which indicates that the precision of the mill is maximum.
  • The Zassenhaus Santiago grinder is made of natural, varnished beech wood. The metallic components are made of stainless steel.
  • The coffee beans are ground gently, without jerking and without crushing them raw. All the aromas, nuances and properties of the coffee beans remain intact.

Advantages of the Zassenhaus Santiago grinder

  • Top quality materials: beech wood and hardened steel.
  • It is a high quality and prestigious grinder at a very reasonable price. Good value for money.

Disadvantages of the Zassenhaus Santiago grinder

  • You need to have some knowledge of manual espresso preparation in order to perfectly control all the nuances of grinding and to obtain an optimum result. There is no doubt that manual grinders have their technique.

Why buy a Zassenhaus Santiago?

Well, it is clear that you should choose a grinder like this Zassenhaus Santiago (or any other manual grinder of the Zassenhaus brand) if you are looking for perfection and personality to be able to make the grind yourself, to control every detail of the grinding process and to make sure that the coffee will not get strange aromas or flavours that sometimes electric grinders produce (because of the overheating of the grinders, more than anything).

The advantages of a coffee grinder like Zassenhaus Santiago are many: noble materials, low weight, reduced size, maximum quality in the grinding, very low price, but they are grinders that, to obtain an optimal result, demand a certain experience from the user. If you do not know what you are doing, perhaps it is better to opt for the comfort of an electric grinder.

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