Zassenhaus Lima

Name: Lima
Brand: Zassenhaus
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 25 grams

Zassenhaus Lima Stainless Steel and Acrylic Coffee Mill/Grinder, Silver
Zassenhaus Lima Stainless Steel and Acrylic Coffee Mill/Grinder, Silver
Made from acrylic and stainless steel - superior quality and precise operation; The grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years

Zassenhaus is the most prestigious brand of manual coffee grinders on the market. Their pieces have several features in common; one is that they are always manual grinders, and another is their traditional design and construction based on wood and old lines. The great exception to this last rule is the grinder we present today on our pages: Zassenhaus Lima.

Without a doubt, what is most striking about this Zassenhaus Lima is its external appearance. It is a very new design that has little to do with the traditional lines and the noble materials usual in the rest of Zassenhaus manual grinders (mainly wood).

The Zassenhaus Lima is made of transparent acrylic and stainless steel. With the shape of a tube, it is one of the most compact grinders in the market (the handle is almost the same as the grinder itself). The transparent parts allow seeing with great ingenuity the upper and lower part of the grinder, which is just where the coffee beans and the already ground coffee powder are deposited. Inside, hidden behind the stainless steel body, is the grinder gear that grinds the beans.

Its operation is simple despite its innovative design. To open and close the grinder, instead of having a cover that opens like in the rest of Zassenhaus grinders, in the Lima, we must turn slightly to the right or left the tube to allow to separate the body from the crank and thus to be able to throw the grains inside.

On the transparent plastic, you can see the small marks that indicate the closing and opening positions. You will be able to see a photograph of this procedure at the end of this analysis.

As far as the grinding is concerned, the results are exceptional, as is the norm at Zassenhaus (don’t be surprised if the coarser grinding of the Zassenhaus Lima is finer than that obtained with another type of grinder). Of course, the Zassenhaus Lima grinder has the exclusive Zassenhaus guarantee, which guarantees the grinding mechanisms of all its coffee grinders for a period of 25 years. There is a reason for this.

Inside the Zassenhaus Lima

Zassenhaus Lima: general characteristics

  • The grinding mechanism of the Zassenhaus Lima is guaranteed by the German manufacturer for no less than 25 years.
  • Its dimensions are 7x14x31 cms.
  • It weighs around 600 grams only.
  • The grinding wheels are made of hardened steel. They remain intact without losing their sharpness or texture.
  • The body of the grinder is made of acrylic plastic and stainless steel.
  • It is possible to manually adjust the degree of grinding that we wish to obtain.

Advantages of the Zassenhaus Lima grinder

  • The materials from which it is made make it much cheaper than other Zassenhaus grinders (made of wood).
  • The 25-year Zassenhaus guarantee is certainly an added value to the product.
  • Its size is perfect to take it on a trip or to transport it. In this aspect you will hardly find a mill that competes with the Zassenhaus Lima.

Disadvantages of the Zassenhaus Lima

  • It is not dishwasher safe: you will have to do the cleaning by hand and with care.
  • As usual, grinding your coffee by hand will take a little longer than with an electric grinder. But this is not an exclusive disadvantage of Zassenhaus Lima.

Why buy a Zassenhaus Lima grinder?

Well, the main reason to buy a Zassenhaus Lima grinder is essentially the same as we find for any manual grinder of this brand. All Zassenhaus (except the Turkish model) have the same manual system and therefore produce the same results depending on the user’s handling.

The Zassenhaus grinders only differ from each other in the external aspect (materials, shapes, sizes, normally this is what determines the ease of picking them up) and also the capacity they have to hold more or fewer coffee beans. But the grind is identical in all of them so, if your only concern is to know if Zassenhaus grinders are suitable for espressos, the answer is yes: their grind is suitable for making espressos, and it doesn’t matter which Zassenhaus model you choose for this purpose.

Taking into account that the grinding features are common in almost all Zassenhaus grinders and that this Lima is one of the cheapest of the brand, we dare to recommend it for its good value for money.

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