Zassenhaus Brasilia

Name: Brasilia
Brand: Zassenhaus
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 25 grams

Zassenhaus Brasilia Mahogany Coffee Mill/Grinder, Mahogany
Zassenhaus Brasilia Mahogany Coffee Mill/Grinder, Mahogany
The grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years

The Zassenhaus Brasilia is one of the most elegant and colonial models within the extensive range of Zassenhaus manual grinders. As you know, Zassenhaus grinders usually have a vintage design and use noble materials in their construction.

The Brasilia is built with varnished beechwood, and we have it available in two colours: one in natural wood with the golden metallic components (you can see it in the photo below) and another one in a darker colour with the silver metals (photo that closes this report). In this sense, the Zassenhaus Brasilia resembles the popular Zassenhaus Santiago, although its size is somewhat larger.

As for the milling, the Zassenhaus Brasilia acts the same as the rest of the Zassenhaus grinders. The grinding process is very gentle, it does not crush the beans with impunity but grinds them with moderation, and in this way, it preserves all the aromas and properties of the coffee.

The grinding thickness is regulated by turning the small wheel at the base of the handle. The levels, from coarser to finer, follow one another uniformly without jumping. And by the way, we cannot overlook the elegant finish on the wooden handle that crowns the end of the crank.

The coffee beans are introduced into the mill from the top, which has a small hatch for this purpose (in the second photograph of this analysis, you can see this hole for pouring the coffee).

Finally, when the grinding is finished, the ground coffee can be collected by opening the small wooden box at the bottom of the grinder. As it is made of wood, we can be sure that the static electricity will not do its job by retaining the coffee powder as it does in the grinders that have plastic deposits.

To sum up, we can describe the Zassenhaus Brasilia as a grinder designed for coffee machines that are not only looking for an efficient grinder at home but also appreciate the beauty of an almost collector’s item. We like it better than the Santiago, for example (the operation is identical).

Zassenhaus Brasilia in dark colour

Zassenhaus Brasilia: main features

  • Its dimensions are 12x12x20 centimetres.
  • Its weight is around one kilogram.
  • The grinding mechanism of this Zassenhaus Brasilia is guaranteed by Zassenhaus for a period of 25 years.
  • The blades are made of specially hardened steel, which prevents erosion and ensures that the cutting edges are always kept in optimum condition.
  • The degree of grinding can be adjusted very easily, just by turning the wheel at the base of the crank (you can see this in detail in the photo below).
  • The body is made of natural beech wood, varnished. The rest of the components are made of stainless steel.
  • The coffee beans are ground gently, so that a perfect grind is achieved that does not damage the innate properties of the coffee.
Wheel of the Zassenhaus Brasilia

Advantages of the Zassenhaus Brasilia coffee grinder

  • It has a slightly larger capacity than the Zassenhaus Santiago.
  • It is an aesthetically beautiful mill. The materials (beech wood and hardened steel) are of the highest quality.
  • Zassenhaus grinders are much quieter than a conventional electric grinder.

Disadvantages of the Zassenhaus Brasilia coffee grinder

  • Perhaps this type of grinder is not for everyone.
  • As always, the quality and prestige of the manufacturer must be paid for. Some may wonder if it is worth paying this price when you can get a conventional grinder for less money.

Why buy a Zassenhaus Brasilia coffee grinder?

The advantages of having a manual grinder at home to grind your own coffee are many. Namely: much quieter, nicer, generally cheaper and more practical than an electric grinder. And of all the manual grinders on the market, the Zassenhaus represent the highest quality standard.

This Zassenhaus Brasilia is one of the most recognizable for its classic look, with colonial airs and quite sober lines. Zassenhaus has another line of grinders with much more modern and innovative designs for those who like a different aesthetic.

As we have already repeated in other analyses, the operation and performance of almost all Zassenhaus grinders are similar. You must decide according to the aesthetics and the offer that Amazon presents you in each moment, of course. We are quite classic, and we declare ourselves unconditional fans of grinders with a retro look, such as the Zassenhaus Brasilia.

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