Severin 3873

Name: 3873
Brand: Severin
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 150 grams

The well known domestic appliance firm Severin presents its Severin 3873 grinder, one of the most popular tools in the coffee grinder sales lists. It is a conical grinder, with an electric motor, and with quite standard capacities. The grinding wheels, let’s not forget to say, are made of stainless steel.

If there is one thing that attracts attention, this Severin 3873 is undoubtedly its size, and more specifically, its dimensions. It is a very compact grinder and, for this reason, quite practical. It is thought of for its daily use, and it has a base with anti-slip rubber reinforcements to absorb the typical vibrations of the grinding. Otherwise, we find in this Severin 3873 up to 10 levels of grinding, a dispenser of the amount of coffee that we are going to grind, and a white relief in its body.

The Severin 3873 is a grinder with not too many accessories (we can only mention the container to store the coffee already ground, of 100 grams of capacity), and that is located in the medium range of the electric grinders.

It is very popular with inexperienced users, although it is clear that it falls somewhat short of what we need if we are looking for extreme precision in our grinding or if we are very demanding with the espressos we drink. Coffee machines with a more refined palate will usually opt for a higher range of coffee grinders.

Severin 3873 coffee grinder: general characteristics

  • Approximate weight: 2.1 kgs.
  • Its dimensions are 14x19x27 cms.
  • The degree of grinding can be adjusted in 10 levels: 1 is the finest and 10 is the thickest.
  • It includes a dispenser to establish the number of cups for which we want to grind coffee. We can indicate enough quantity to prepare between 2 and 10 cups. This is selected with a control wheel, the photo of which is attached below.
  • The grinding wheels are conical and made of stainless steel.
  • It includes rubber feet on the base, which prevent the grinder from vibrating or slipping with the typical movement of when we put it into operation.
  • The hopper has a capacity of approximately 150 grams of coffee beans.
  • It includes a container to collect the already ground coffee (you can see it in the last photo of this report) which has a capacity of approximately 100 grams.
  • Engine power: 150 w.

Advantages of the Severin 3873 coffee grinder

  • Its value for money is undeniably attractive.
  • It is quite compact in size and the colour is very helpful for what is being done in the electric grinder sector. Undoubtedly this Severin 3873 is a coffee grinder thought to fit perfectly in your kitchen for little space you have.

Disadvantages of the Severin 3873 coffee grinder

  • The precision of the grinder falls somewhat short if our requirements for espressos are very high. For example: it only has 10 levels of grinding (for the 14 levels of the Bodum Bistro or the 17 levels of the Krups GVX2, to name just a few examples) or the doser that allows you to grind a quantity of coffee for a maximum of 10 cups when the Krups GVX2 for example grinds for 2 to 12 cups. This to name a few in a similar price range.
  • We don’t know if it includes cleaning accessories, but it’s always nice to have them, and we also need a grip to hold the filter holders if we want to pour the ground coffee directly into the filter where we are going to use it. It gives the impression that this Severin 3873 is designed only to be used with its own ground coffee tank.

Severin 3873 coffee grinder: videos

Finally, to complete our analysis, we leave you with a small video summary of the main functions of the Severin 3873 coffee mill.

Why buy a Severin 3873 coffee grinder?

A good medium-range grinder at a good price. This is what we found when we bought the Severin 3873. If you need a coffee grinder for your home coffee maker and you don’t have too many demands with the grinding, this Severin 3873 is a good option that may compete in the price range with the Krups GVX2.

We don’t recommend this grinder if you have a high-end espresso machine at home and you are looking for a very fine grind to take advantage of all the capabilities of your machine (for example, if you are very demanding with the quality of your espressos). For this, you will need a good high-end grinder, such as the Baratza or the Graef CM800.

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