Rommelsbacher EKM 300

Name: EKM 300
Brand: Rommelsbacher
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 220 grams

Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Conical Burr Grinder
Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Conical Burr Grinder
Provides professionalism for demanding coffee and espresso lovers; A removable transparent bean tank with a flavour cover and a capacity of 220g

The Rommelsbacher EKM 300 is the top model of the German brand Rommelsbacher grinders. It is a clear improvement on the previous EKM 200 in all respects and features a system of conical steel grinding wheels that can accept up to 12 degrees of grinding. This electric grinder complements perfectly the Rommelsbacher espresso machines we have also analysed on this page.

The external appearance of the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 is quite sober, really unoriginal. The body is made of black plastic, and the containers in which the beans (for grinding) and coffee powder (after grinding) are deposited are transparent. The control knob is located on the right side, as you can see in the photo, and the on/off switch is on the front of the grinder.

Perhaps the greatest quality of this Rommelsbacher EKM 300 is the fineness of the grinding. It is a really powerful grinder, capable of satisfying the highest demands (perfect for making espressos); not in vain, its price over £100 testifies this.

The conical burrs are slightly quieter than the disc ones (another advantage over the previous model from this firm). The detail of the anti-slip legs located in the lower base complete a quite functional grinder, very practical and focused on daily use. The robustness and German pragmatism of this piece are evident.

Rommelsbacher EKM 300: general characteristics

  • Approximate dimensions: 14x18x29 cms.
  • Weighs just under 2 kilograms.
  • Engine power: 150 watts.
  • The grinding wheels are conical and made of stainless steel. They can be removed for easy cleaning. We can see the inside of the grinding system (zenithal perspective) in the following photo at the end of this section.
  • We can choose from 12 levels of grinding, from the coarsest one suitable for moccas or drip coffee machines, for example, to the finest one that ensures a magnificent result in the preparation of espressos.
  • The amount of coffee to be ground can be selected up to a maximum of 10 doses or cups.
  • The conical, transparent container can be removed separately. It has a capacity of 220 grams of coffee beans, and a plastic lid to preserve the aromas of the coffee at all times.
  • The container where the coffee powder is deposited has a capacity of 120 grams.
  • It includes a compartment to collect cables.
  • A practical brush for cleaning the grinding system is included as an accessory.

Advantages of the Rommelsbacher EKM 300

  • It is always appreciated that the grinders include their own cleaning accessories (in brush, in that case).
  • The grinding is really fine, we are in front of a very powerful grinder and thought above all to prepare espressos.
  • Great quality in the grinding system and in the grinding process in general.

Disadvantages of the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 grinder

  • We do not know why, but Rommelsbacher has decided to reduce the number of doses that can be ground in this EKM 300: ten doses in particular. In the EKM 200 model it was possible to grind up to a maximum of 12.
  • Perhaps one could demand a little more quality in the external components of a mill of this price, since almost all of them are made of plastic. Inside there are no glues and the grinding power is indisputable, but too plastic in the manufacture in our opinion.

Why buy a Rommelsbacher EKM 300?

The closest reference to this EKM 300 is its immediate predecessor: the Rommelsbacher EKM 200 grinder. In the EKM 300, the main novelty is the conical grinding system (in the EKM 200, they are disc-type) which allows even finer grinding, and the number of selectable grinding steps or levels (from 9 to 12) has also been considerably increased so that the user has even more room for manoeuvre. The Rommelsbacher EKM 300 is therefore much more suitable for coffee gourmets than its predecessor. This is undoubtedly the target group or consumer segment. Of course, its grind is fine enough to be considered suitable for espressos, as we have already repeated several times.

If you have any Rommelsbacher espresso machines (e.g. EKS 1500 or EKS 2000), this electric grinder will be the perfect compliment for them. On the other hand, if you have a standard espresso machine and do not have too high requirements for your grinder (or you are simply not fond of pure espressos but consume other types of coffee), well, it is possible that this Rommelsbacher EKM 300 is too much for you. You can also obtain acceptable results by spending less money on another grinder.

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