Rancilio Rocky

Name: Rocky
Brand: Rancilio
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 300 grams

Rancilio Rocky Doser Coffee Grinder NEW Edition - Rancilio
Rancilio Rocky Doser Coffee Grinder NEW Edition - Rancilio
Doser design (with dosing); Capacity of bean container: 300 g; Disc grinder made from hardened steel

Rancilio Rocky is possibly the ultimate in domestic coffee grinders today. It is a sensational piece, unbeatable, and designed exclusively for users who have very specific grinding needs. The precision and power of this Rancilio Rocky are such that you could not take full advantage of its ground coffee in a normal coffee machine (come on, you wouldn’t notice the difference from a normal grinder). Here we present you the model with dispenser, although the Rancilio Rocky grinder is also available in a version without this accessory.

To start analysing the Rancilio Rocky we must necessarily stop at the external aspect. It is a piece of impeccable workmanship, with a great presence of metal in the casing, which transmits an enormous sensation of solidity. The grinder is quite big, and it weighs a lot.

And now we come to the grinding engineering, which is the crux of the matter. The Rancilio Rocky is an electric grinder with flat wheels, made of steel, 50 mm in diameter. To give you an idea, they are exactly the same grinding wheels that Rancilio uses in its commercial grinders (those used by professionals, the hotel industry, etc.). Below we offer you a view of the upper grinding wheel (which, as you know, can be removed for better cleaning):

Rancilio Rocky flat ground

And this other is the zenith view of the lower millstone, which is the one that remains fixed inside the mill. The flat millers are perfectly appreciated and the sensation of hardness and robustness that these pure metal components have.

Rancilio Rocky bottom ground

As for its mode of operation, the Rancilio Rocky is quite usable considering that it is a very complex machine. The on/off switch is located on the right side of the grinder (in the next photo you can see it, just on the lower corner of the side).

The selection of the degree of grinding is made by turning the hopper, and the degrees or steps (up to 55, no less) are written in a size large enough to be seen well. As usual, to get the finest grinding we have to turn the hopper counter-clockwise, while to get a thicker grinding we have to turn it clockwise.

Under the doser there is a holder for the filter holders, a detail that is appreciated because the best way to make the most of a grind of such quality is to pour it directly onto the filter and pass it to the coffee maker in the shortest time possible to preserve aromas and nuances intact.

One of the possible drawbacks of using a dispenser of this size is that you can grind more coffee than you really need for your espresso. So after you extract it, you’ll still have plenty of ground coffee left over in the dispenser – which you won’t want to waste.

You have two options: use it for your next coffee (so it won’t be freshly ground), or grind more coffee but assume that the freshly ground coffee will be mixed with the previous one. If you’re not picky you may not notice the difference of mixing freshly ground coffee with coffee that has been ground for a while… but since we assume you’re going to buy a Rancilio Rocky because you’re a REALLY picky user with your coffee, we prefer to let you know just in case.

Rancilio Rocky: main features

  • Its dimensions are 25x12x35 centimetres, and it weighs about 9 kilograms. But watch out: the engine takes almost half of this weight!
  • The container holds 300 grams of coffee beans.
  • Both the container and the dispenser are dyed blue to protect the beans and the grind from ultraviolet rays.
  • Flat grinding wheels made of hardened steel and 50 mm in diameter.
  • Metal and plastic body construction. Craft manufacture. Plastics are reserved for accessories or more secondary components, such as the hopper lid or the filter holder holder, for example.
  • All Rancilio grinders are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Rancilio Rocky has a safety system that as soon as it detects that any component of the grinding system is overheating, it immediately turns off the motor to avoid further damage.
  • We can choose the thickness of the grinding up to no less than 55 levels. The selector is quite friendly and intuitive, with the numbers and the signals of the steps drawn in a quite big size. So you have no excuse for finding just the right grind for your espresso, with micrometric precision. In the following picture you can see the grade selector in detail:
Rancilio Rocky selection

Advantages of the Rancilio Rocky grinder

The Rancilio Rocky has many advantages; we have already said that it is one of the best grinders on the market, but if we had to highlight some of them in particular, we would opt for the following:

  • If you are demanding with the thickness of the grind, this is your grinder, without a doubt. You have 55 levels to choose from, and they are defined with unrivalled precision. Extra fine grinding, coarser grinding… whatever type of coffee you are going to prepare, your grinding needs are covered with this Rocky Rancilio.
  • It is a very solid grinder, built with a lot of metal. It is designed to last a lifetime.
  • It is much quieter than conventional domestic grinders. This is because Rancilio uses the same components and technologies in its domestic products as in commercial ones (and the latter have silence and safety as their priority).

Disadvantages of the Rancilio Rocky grinder

  • Obviously its price. Even if it is a top quality product, the price will certainly be an entry barrier for many users.
  • Due to the materials and their manufacture, we are faced with the problem of the grinder being quite bulky. Both in weight and size, it is bigger and heavier than many coffee machines! This has two drawbacks: one, that for practical reasons we need to find a fixed place for it in our kitchen (not keep it and take it out when we use it), and two, that you will always have it next to a coffee machine and therefore the space you need is doubled.

Rancilio Rocky: videos

Let’s start with a great review from the Seattle Coffee Gear team that serves to complete our analysis and let you see the operation of the grinder live:

And then a video that we found particularly interesting in a grinder of these characteristics: how to clean the Rancilio Rocky. In the video you can see all sorts of tips for use and maintenance guidelines that you should bear in mind every time you go to clean your grinder.

Why buy a Rancilio Rocky grinder?

It is clear that the Rancilio Rocky is reserved for those users who want to enjoy the best grinder on the market at home, no matter what the price.

Don’t forget that Rancilio is characterised by the hand-made manufacture of all its components, so durability and quality must be paid for too. But it is not only about the power or the quality of the grinder. The Rancilio Rocky has details that are not found in any other domestic grinder, such as the fact that the walls of the containers are dyed blue to prevent the passage of UV rays into the coffee? Unbelievable.

And finally we come to the alternatives to the Rancilio Rocky: If you don’t want to spend so much money, but still need a high-end electric grinder, you can take a look at the prestigious Graef CM800 or the MiniMoka GR0203. They are still very suitable for making espressos. There’s always a step below this Rancilio wonder, but any other option won’t stand up to comparison.

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