Porlex Mini

Name: Mini
Brand: Porlex
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 20 grams

Porlex Mini Coffee Hand Mill, Metal
Porlex Mini Coffee Hand Mill, Metal
Original Porlex mini coffee grinder from Japan with ceramic grinder; Elegant and compact travel mill for about 20 g coffee beans.

Porlex is a Japanese company with great prestige, and growing popularity, in the manual grinders sector. These are steel pieces with a very recognisable aesthetic, sober and impeccable manufacture, as you would expect from a Japanese firm. Today we are going to analyse the Porlex Mini model and find out about both its performance and the differences it has compared with other Porlex coffee grinders.

The Porlex Mini grinder is a manual grinder made of stainless steel, with conical grinding wheels and ceramic material. At the time of writing, it is the most recent model of the Porlex brand. Compared to previous grinders, the most recognisable feature of the Porlex Mini coffee grinder is its handle. The handle is now curved rather than straight, making it easier and more stable to operate. It can also be easily dismantled for cleaning or storage purposes.

And last but not least, a quality detail, especially for the international public: the Porlex Mini without the handle fits perfectly right on top of the Aerobie Aeropress coffee machine, which fits as if it were an accessory. This functionality allows you to enjoy freshly ground coffee on your Aeropress in a matter of seconds.

Porlex Mini coffee grinder: Japanese quality

When operating it, we find that the grinding mechanism of the Porlex Mini is really smooth and has enough adjustments to meet all kinds of needs (from coarse grinding for French presses to finer grinding for espresso).

And what seems even more important to us: the grinding is, in all cases, homogeneous and consistent.

The total capacity of the Porlex Mini grinder is 26 grams of coffee, both in beans (in the upper part) and in powder (already ground). As you can see in the photo, you can easily open it by unscrewing it in half to access the grinding mechanism and practice the usual cleaning and maintenance operations required by manual coffee grinders.

Porlex Mini coffee grinder grinding wheels

Porlex Tall Grinder: the enlarged Porlex Mini

We also have to talk about the Porlex Tall model in this review. This is an enlarged version of the Porlex Mini, with a larger capacity in both the bean and ground coffee container.

If the Porlex Mini has a capacity of 26 grams, the Porlex Tall goes up to 44 grams. Of course, it is also considerably longer. Approximately five and a half centimetres longer. The rest of the dimensions and performance are similar between the two grinders. The grinding mechanism is also identical.

Here you can see it in more detail if you are interested:

Porlex Coffee Grinder, Silver, Tall
Porlex Coffee Grinder, Silver, Tall
Hand coffee grinder - Nearly a dozen grind settings - from fine to coarse!; Ceramic grinder - durable, sharp, easy to clean, and neutral taste

Porlex Mini: general characteristics

  • Coffee grinder with stainless steel body.
  • The grinding wheels are conical and made of ceramic.
  • The long handle has a curved design that improves handling, and it can also be removed and stored separately.
  • It incorporates a black rubber grip to prevent slipping.
  • Storage capacity: 26 grams of coffee maximum.
  • Allows for manual adjustment of grinding thicknesses.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 cms high and 4.5 diameter.

Advantages of the Porlex Mini grinder

  • Ceramic grinding wheels, not steel. As you know, they are more resistant and present less risk of overheating during grinding.
  • It is a very compact grinder and can also be dismantled, which makes it a perfect piece to take on trips or excursions.
  • It is easy to access the grinding mechanism to clean it. You only have to open the piece in half.
  • The rubber accessory to improve the grip makes the handling of the piece much easier.

Disadvantages of the Porlex Mini grinder

  • It is a small capacity grinder, almost for single use. The maximum you can get from it is three cups of espresso (or four if you use soft doses of less than 7 grams of coffee).
  • The stainless steel used in the making of the main body gives it solidity, presence, and makes it easy to clean. However, it also makes the product more expensive without benefiting the grinding. Not all users have to appreciate and value this extra cost.

Porlex Mini: videos

This is a perfect example of how to combine this Porlex Mini grinder with another very peculiar coffee maker, which we have already reviewed here on our page: the Aerobie Aeropress.

Although, if you want to really get to know the Porlex Mini coffee grinder, the best thing is to see this complete review in-depth:

Why buy a Porlex Mini grinder?

The Porlex Mini, and its big brother Porlex Tall, are the worthy successors of the successful but already old Porlex JP-30 grinder. Thanks to them, the Japanese firm Porlex continues to be at the forefront of the manual-mill segment, offering high-quality parts for users who are really going to use them intensively and with high demands.

We place particular emphasis on this last detail because the Porlex Mini is considerably more expensive than a standard mid-range manual grinder. If you are going to use the grinder only once in a while, then it is normal that its price can throw you off. The quality of the product is certainly worth it, but if your demands are not high, then perhaps a Hario MM-2 or even an E-Prance grinder will suffice.

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