Peugeot Salvador

Name: Salvador
Brand: Peugeot
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 30 grams

PEUGEOT Salvador Naturel Coffee Grinder, 21cm
PEUGEOT Salvador Naturel Coffee Grinder, 21cm
21cm; Fitted with a crank handle and a drawer for collecting the ground coffee; 2 years guarantee on the body

The Peugeot Salvador coffee grinder is a faithful exponent of the top range of manual coffee grinders, such as the Zassenhaus coffee grinders, or other models from the Peugeot firm. In case you are not familiar with them, we will briefly introduce them: these are almost collector’s items, which apart from providing a great service for grinding coffee also serve as a decorative object. They are usually made from noble, high-quality materials.

The Peugeot Salvador grinder meets all these characteristics. The metal elements are made of steel, and the body is no less than beech wood. And in each of its details and finishes we can appreciate that old taste of a house that, not in vain, has been building coffee mills since 1840 no less.

Another important quality of the Peugeot Salvador grinder is the possibility of adapting its grinding to all kinds of needs, including fine grinding for espresso. As a reference, we will rely on the testimony of other users who offer the following guide to obtain different thicknesses:

First of all, press the grinding mechanism to its maximum (counter-clockwise), and mark this point with a permanent marker or similar. Then, if you turn half a turn clockwise, you will obtain a fine grinding for espressos. If you turn another half turn from this point (or a full turn from the starting point), you will obtain a medium-thickness grind. And if we turn another half turn from the start, we will obtain a coarse grain, ideal for French presses.

Peugeot Salvador: beechwood grinder

If we look more closely at this Peugeot Salvador mill, we can appreciate much better every detail of its physiognomy. For example, the grinding mechanism is covered under a steel dome, where the crank handle, finished off with a little beech wood, is inserted.

The arm of the crank, by the way, is long enough to allow it to be easily levered and the grinding to be smooth.

The main body of the Peugeot Salvador grinder is made of varnished beech wood, and its front side features a screwed-down veneer with the Peugeot logo carved into it (see image below).

If we continue to descend, we reach the box where the ground coffee beans or powder are deposited. One of the great advantages of the wood grinders is that these storage tanks do not generate electrostatic electricity, and therefore those annoying grains do not stick to their walls (as happens with plastic ones).

Peugeot Salvador logo

Peugeot Salvador grinder: main features

  • Manual coffee grinder, hand-made.
  • Main body made of beech wood.
  • Grinding mechanism, crank and dome made of steel.
  • Possibility of adjusting the thickness of the manual wood grinder.
  • Grinder suitable for grinding espresso.
  • Wooden box where the coffee is deposited as it is being ground.
  • It is a French-made coffee grinder.
  • Dimensions: 20 cms. high, 14 cms. wide and 14 cms. deep.
  • Weight: just over 700 grams.

Advantages of the Peugeot Salvador

  • The use of steel and beech wood in its processing. Quality and good appearance in abundance.
  • It is very simple to use, as befits any hand grinder.
  • Due to its materials and manufacturing conditions, this Peugeot Salvador coffee grinder is a perfect gift item.

Disadvantages of the Peugeot Salvador

  • The price of these articles is not within everyone’s reach: let us not forget that they are halfway between decoration and service in the kitchen.
  • In hand grinders, it can be difficult for some users to achieve the desired grinding thickness with precision.
  • The capacity of the grinder is small. If you are going to prepare several coffees, you will be grinding and cranking for a long time.

Why buy a Peugeot Salvador?

Fine wood coffee mills, such as this Peugeot Salvador, have a very specific but very loyal public. Not everyone is prepared to spend more than 100 pounds on a coffee grinder, let alone a hand grinder. But it should not be forgotten that this type of item is not just a practical instrument, but also an object of great aesthetic and decorative value.

We only recommend the Peugeot Salvador for small consumption (one or two cups of coffee at most). If you are going to consume much larger quantities of coffee, then you will find it more practical to buy an electric grinder, like any of the ones we also have on our website.

Another interesting option, within this “noble range” of hand grinders, is any other model of Peugeot grinders, such as the Bresil or the Nicaragua. The already mentioned Zassenhaus grinders are another good option if they are within our budget.

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