Peugeot Nicaragua

Name: Nicaragua
Brand: Peugeot
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 20 grams

Within the segment of manual coffee grinders, there are two essential brands that constitute the hallmark of classic mills. Grinders with a colonial appearance, normally built with wood and metal inlays, handcrafted, robust and durable. So much so that manufacturers usually include a lifetime guarantee on them. We are referring to the Germans from Zassenhaus and the French from Peugeot (not to be confused with the automobile section!). You may not have heard of them before, but they have been making coffee grinders since the mid-19th century. The latter introduces us to the grinder we are going to talk about today: the Peugeot Nicaragua.

Between the introduction in the previous paragraph and the photograph in this report, there is not much more to explain what this Peugeot Nicaragua grinder looks like. It is a grinder built-in dark wood (there is also a version in a more copper tone) very similar to the popular Peugeot Bresil, to the point that it differs only in the design of the upper cup where the handle sits.

Front of the Peugeot Nicaragua

This wooden box is very well designed and solidly built. It fulfils its purpose of housing the grinding mechanism, and at the same time of storing the already ground coffee in the lower box. As the whole compartment is made of wood, there will be no static electricity present, and the freshly ground particles will not stick to the walls of the compartment.

Peugeot Nicaragua: colonial elegance in your kitchen

If we had to put glue to this design, we might miss anti-slip pins in the base, or at least a greater solidity -adding more weight- to the base of the grinder. We would still have to use both hands for the grinding, but the truth is that as the Peugeot Nicaragua is designed, a great deal of pressure or holding is needed with our other hand to keep the whole assembly stable while we turn the handle. In any case, this is a “problem” shared with the Bresil and with any other manual wood grinder.

The Peugeot Nicaragua is a closed container grinder, not an open-air one. This means that you have to open the lid to pour the coffee beans in and close it before you start grinding. In addition, the nut that serves to select the thickness of the grinder has a safety lock or lock that prevents the thickness can change by accident or carelessness while grinding.

And how does the Peugeot Nicaragua perform at work? Because at the end of the day, it’s all about grinding coffee, isn’t it? Well, the grinding mechanism is the same as all Peugeot models and comes with a 20-year guarantee (yes, you read that correctly: 20 years, two decades). That’s all there is to it. You have a grinder for life, and its performance is smooth and robust. With a coarse grinder, you hardly need 30-35 seconds to grind the amount needed to prepare a cup of coffee. Fine grindings, you know, will take you a little longer, but we’ll give you the data for your reference.

We know that there are not very big differences between the different models of manual grinders built with wood. The brands that work them, as we said before, are basically two. The grinding mechanisms are also similar, and only the designs, colours and prices vary depending on the moment. The virtues of these mills, among which is the Peugeot Nicaragua, are evident, and although they are more expensive than normal mills, coffee purists still prefer them. There is a reason for this.

Peugeot Nicaragua: main features

  • Made in France.
  • The body of the grinder is entirely made of wood with metallic finishes.
  • Grinding mechanism made of steel.
  • It has an approximate capacity to grind 5o grams of coffee.
  • Closed coffee container (the beans are not left in the open air).
  • The thickness selection mechanism can be locked to prevent accidental modifications during grinding.
  • Wooden box in which the ground coffee is placed.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 21 cms.
  • Weighs around 450 grams (very light).
  • Includes 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Advantages of the Peugeot Nicaragua

  • The extensive warranty that the grinder comes with at the factory. The solidity and durability of the Peugeot Nicaragua are tested and guaranteed.
  • Precious design and very noble materials. A touch of distinction in your kitchen.
  • As the body is made of wood, no static electricity is generated anywhere.

Disadvantages of the Peugeot Nicaragua

  • It is more expensive than a conventional manual grinder. This is a superior quality product, and that pays off.
  • It would be more comfortable if it had more weight on the base, or at least it can be anchored or held better on the surface where we support it.
  • We find it more comfortable to operate these grinders when the handle is somewhat longer, although this is a matter of particular taste and preference.

Why buy a Peugeot Nicaragua grinder?

The question is answered with a single argument: if you like to grind the coffee yourself, you will enjoy this type of grinder. Another thing is whether they fit into your budget or not because we are aware that the investment is higher than the average user expects.

The alternatives to this Peugeot Nicaragua are obvious: any colonial manual grinder, such as the Peugeot Bresil or the Zassenhaus Brasilia, will offer us virtues and disadvantages identical to this one. We advise you to choose the one you like best -aesthetics are very important when buying a mill of this type- or the one you find at the best price at the time of purchase. You already know that the prices on Amazon vary according to the season and the stock they have of a certain product, so watch out.

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