Moulinex AR1105

Name: AR1105
Brand: Moulinex
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 50 grams

Moulinex AR 1105
Moulinex AR 1105
Special features:Pulse speed, stainless steel blade; Product type:Coffee grinder; Colour:Ruby red

The Moulinex company is well known in some countries and is a classic in the sector of small, low-cost domestic appliances. Today we are looking at a very iconic coffee grinder: the Moulinex AR1105… because, although Moulinex is better known for its range of drip coffee machines, this Moulinex AR1105 grinder has also been winning sales and more sales for several years.

This is an electric blade grinder, with a capacity of 50 grams and 180 watts of power. Due to its affordable price, we should place it in the segment of the basic-medium range of household grinders. This Moulinex coffee grinder stands out for its handling (we will explain the mechanism in more detail later) and for its attractive design, in which bright colours and rounded lines are the protagonists. This is an appliance that is completely free of edges and nooks and crannies.

The Moulinex AR1105 can be used to grind coffee as well as other foods such as spices and nuts. However, we always recommend using the grinder for one purpose only (to avoid mixing flavours and aromas), so throughout the review we will only refer to the performance of the Moulinex AR1105 in coffee grinding.

Moulinex AR1105 grinder: works with pressure

Yes, dear readers: perhaps the most characteristic feature of this Moulinex grinder is its handling and operation. Unlike a conventional grinder, the Moulinex AR1105 has no buttons or operating dials to help you operate it.

In this case, the traditional central switch of the electric coffee grinders has been replaced by an ingenious push button that takes up the entire upper part of the piece. Thus, on the roof of the transparent cover (an accessory that normally serves to prevent the beans from jumping out during grinding), we can clearly see the legend “Pulse“.

And… why? Well, because the Moulinex AR1105 grinder can be started simply by pressing from up there. There is no need to press any buttons; plug it into the mains. You can see this better in the following photograph:

Upper part of moulinex ar1105 grinder

Moulinex AR1105: main features

  • Electric blade grinder, with plastic housing.
  • The blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Storage capacity: 50 grams.
  • Safety lock to prevent accidents and leaks while the grinder is running.
  • Transparent grain container, with a lid so that the product does not jump out during grinding.
  • No buttons or switches: it works just by pressing the lid down.
  • Weight: 800 grams.
  • Approximate dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 18.5 cms.
  • Maximum power consumption: 180 watts.

Advantages of the Moulinex AR1105

  • The pressure operation is really simple and original.
  • Due to the absence of buttons and indicators, this Moulinex mill has a modern, innovative and attractive appearance. Modern lines and bright colours.
  • It is a very compact grinder: we can store it anywhere, and even take it with us on trips.

Disadvantages of the Moulinex AR1105

  • For us, the main disadvantage of this Moulinex grinder is that the blades, or the grinding bowl, are integrated into the workpiece. They cannot be separated or removed. This means that we cannot put it in the dishwasher or wash it under the tap, so… it’s a matter of pulling a damp cloth and being patient every time we use it.
  • The capacity is not very generous: only 50 grams. There are similar models for less price and bigger.
  • The stainless steel blades can always suffer risk of overheating, and deteriorate over time if we do not clean them very well.

Why buy a Moulinex AR1105 grinder?

When looking for a domestic grinder, for occasional use in our home, blade mills are always a practical option due to their versatility. We do not advise using the grinders for multiple purposes, but try to have a grinder exclusively for coffee, but it is clear that many users do.

And this is where the Moulinex AR1105 comes in: a versatile, fast, easy-to-operate grinder that is also “beautiful“. With this list of virtues, it is only natural that the Moulinex grinder has good sales figures throughout the year.

It is true that it cannot grind a large quantity of coffee every time, but as we say it can provide good service for occasional use. You should be aware that we do not recommend this type of grinder for grinding coffee for espresso, nor for demanding activities or tastes.

If that is your case, you should pay attention to a grinder designed exclusively for the regular coffee drinker.

In the segment of blade grinders, you also have other interesting options, such as the Arendo grinders, the Kyocera CM-50, or Delonghi KG49 grinder. They are, in turn, your main competitors in the market. However, none of the above-mentioned mills has the original handling or the attractive design that we see in this Moulinex AR1105.

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