Minimoka GR 0278

Name: GR 0278
Brand: Minimoka
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 180 grams

The Spanish brand Minimoka is known above all for its espresso machines, which are very economical, functional and have an excellent price-quality ratio. Some of these virtues are also present in its catalogue of coffee grinders, and in particular, in the model, we are reviewing today: the Minimoka GR-0278.

This is an electric grinder with flat grinding wheels, which we could call “mid-range”, and focuses directly on the consumer who shows a certain interest in the daily preparation of his coffee. The assembly of the grinding wheels (or strawberries), instead of the double-bladed blades, is what distinguishes this Minimoka GR-0278 from the traditional low-end grinders on the market.

We will now take a closer look at the specific features and functions of this interesting Minimoka domestic coffee grinder.

Minimoka GR 0278 coffee grinder: Mills, not blades

The main quality that raises the quality of this mill is that the use of strawberries (or grinding wheels) instead of blades. This fact automatically makes our Minimoka GR-0278 suitable for coffee, far above the more “multi-purpose” blade grinders (although many users also use them to grind coffee).

The handling of the Minimoka GR-0278 is the usual one in an electric grinder. First, we select the desired grinding thickness (there are up to 12 predefined levels, as you can see in the following image). Then, we press the operation button until we have ground the desired amount of coffee or the whole tank if necessary.

The tank or hopper is quite large (it holds up to 180 grams of coffee beans), and the already ground coffee falls into a transparent plastic container from which we can collect it to store or serve it in the filter holder of our coffee machine. Unfortunately, it does not include a dosage system. But for the price it has, we couldn’t expect it either.

What this model does allow us to do is to choose the exact amount of coffee beans we want to grind, using a selection dial.

The Minimoka GR-0278 mill develops a power of 110 watts, more than sufficient for the purposes it pursues. We must also mention the safety system implemented in the cover of the device: the mill does not start if the cover is not correctly put in place.

Minimoka GR0278 panel

Minimoka GR 0278 coffee grinder: characteristics

  • Plastic bodywork with metal details.
  • Uses grinding wheels or flat milling cutters for grinding.
  • The upper grinding wheel can be easily removed for good cleaning, and also to be able to access the cleaning of the lower one.
  • 12 pre-defined grinding degrees.
  • Coffee tank capacity: 180 grams.
  • Graduated plastic container to collect the ground coffee. Can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.
  • Cable compartment to avoid loose cables in the kitchen.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 20 cms.
  • Approximate weight: 1.4 kg.
  • Power consumption: 110 watts.
  • Includes cleaning accessory as a gift.

Advantages of the Minimoka GR 0278 coffee grinder

  • The price-quality ratio is very good. An excellent candidate to have an electric mill in condition for your home without spending too much money.
  • The size of the hopper (for 180 grams) is more than generous.
  • The safety lock, which prevents the grinder from operating with the grinding wheels uncovered.
  • The inclusion of a cleaning brush or maintenance aid, as in this case, is always welcome.
  • Very easy to handle.

Disadvantages of the Minimoka GR 0278 coffee grinder

  • The whole set is made of plastic materials.
  • It does not have a dispenser.
  • It is a bit bulky

Why buy the Minimoka 0278 coffee grinder?

In our opinion, the price-quality ratio of this model is its main virtue. It is an electric grinder and grinding wheels (not blades), so it is suitable for grinding coffee and moves away from the concept of a multi-purpose grinder that we coffee drinkers do not like very much.

Even at the finest grinding levels, it produces acceptable results for making espressos, so for this price, little more can be asked for.

As alternatives to buying the Minimoka GR0278 coffee grinder from Amazon, we can mention other excellent mid-range electric grinders such as the Klarstein Triest, the Melitta Molino or the classic Delonghi KG89. All of them with similar appearance and performance, although few with the low price of our protagonist of today.

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