MiniMoka GR-020

Name: GR-020
Brand: MiniMoka
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 60 grams

Mini Moka GR-20 – Coffee Grinder
Mini Moka GR-20 – Coffee Grinder
High quality; Maximum performance; Easy to use

Minimoka GR-020 is the most accessible representative of the range of grinders from Minimoka (a firm best known for its coffee machines). It is a stainless steel knife mill with electric operation and with advanced features within the knife mill sector.

When operated, the Minimoka GR-020 (or Taurus GR20) works like a conventional electric grinder. We pour the coffee beans into the hopper, close the lid, and press the button that starts the grinder (it also serves to stop it when appropriate). Below is a more detailed summary of how to use it, as well as a link to the instruction manual.

The piece has a power of 220 watts, more than enough for the blades to do their job in a proper way. However, do not forget that the effect of the blades on the coffee beans will never be the same as a solid grinding wheel. Once you have finished, the coffee container and the other components of the Minimoka GR-020 can be removed separately, either for cleaning or storage.

When using the Minimoka GR-020, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this case, MiniMoka recommends not using it for more than 30 seconds at a time and allowing it to cool down before starting it up again. This is mainly to preserve the good condition of the blades (if they overheat, they deteriorate more quickly).

How to use the MiniMoka GR-020

Here is a small step-by-step guide to show you exactly how the Minimoka GR-020 grinder works.

  • First, you must attach the grinding bowl to the motor base, and then turn it clockwise until you hear a click. This will indicate that the grinder is ready to operate.
  • Fill the grinding bowl with coffee beans and close the lid.
  • Plug the appliance into the mains, and turn it on with the on/off switch.
  • You must check the consistency of the coffee by looking through the transparent lid.
  • If you want to remove the lid to check the fineness of the grind with your own hands, remember to always wait until the blades have stopped completely.
  • Once the desired fineness of grind has been obtained, press the power switch again to deactivate the lock so that you can take out your coffee.

Taurus GR-20: advice and warnings for use

  • Grind only the exact amount of coffee you will consume. This ensures maximum freshness in the final product.
  • Be careful: Coffee grounds and residues left in the grinder can get embedded and affect the taste of the freshly ground coffee. Make sure you clean the tank, the blades and the lid after each use.
  • The Minimoka GR-020 is designed to grind only dry and soft beans. It will not grind anything that is wet, very tough or gummy, such as ginger, chocolate or oily spices.
  • This is a COFFEE grinder. Never grind peanuts or cereals. Don’t use it to grind ice either. You could damage the blades or the motor.

MiniMoka GR-020: main characteristics

  • Both the housing and the internal components are made of stainless steel.
  • The cover and the top compartment are transparent. The latter has a MAX indicator on the wall, which warns us of the maximum level up to which we can pour coffee beans.
  • Hopper capacity: 60 grams.
  • Removable components for better cleaning and handling.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Non-slip sideburns on the base, which absorb the vibrations typical of the grinding process.
  • Transparent lid with built-in start/stop button.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 14 cms.
  • Power: 220 watts.

User manual MiniMoka GR-020

Advantages of the MiniMoka GR-020 grinder

  • It has an excellent quality of manufacture, and solid appearance. It is built entirely in stainless steel.
  • In spite of being a knife mill, it has all the features and the external appearance of an electric grinder.
  • It is really simple to use. It does not have the options or configurations of an electric grinder.

Disadvantages of the MiniMoka GR-020 grinder

  • It is a knife mill, not a grinder. Keep this in mind when you buy, the difference between the two options is clear. For example, you will not be able to select the thickness of the grinder, or anything like that. If you grind longer, the grains will be finer. It is that simple.
  • They only recommend you to use it 30 seconds in a row, before letting the blades cool down. If you want to get a fine grind, you must be patient.

Why buy a MiniMoka GR-020 grinder?

Blade grinders, in the eyes of coffee drinkers, have always been a step down from grinding mills. Let’s just say that they are not the most purist option. The grinder is less select, and its price is also more economical. This Minimoka GR-020 represents perhaps the top of the range of knife mills because of its excellent quality of materials and its robust manufacture.

Another similar knife mill with a renowned brand behind it is the Rommelsbacher EKM-150. Minimoka only markets two coffee grinders, one is this GR-020, and the other is the spectacular Demoka GR-0203. The two options could not be more different.

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