Melitta Calibra

Name: Calibra
Brand: Melitta
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 375 grams

Melitta 6766579 Grinder CALIBRA EU, 160 W, Black/Stainless Steel
Melitta 6766579 Grinder CALIBRA EU, 160 W, Black/Stainless Steel
Included components: 1 x GRINDER CALIBRA EU

For some years now, the Melitta Molino has been the undisputed best-selling coffee grinder and the favourite of the general public. Not that it offers anything different from what we can find in other mid-range electric grinders, but it is clear that its value for money and Melitta’s prestige play in its favour. Today we know the model that is immediately superior, for the most demanding users: the powerful Melitta Calibra grinder.

With the Melitta Calibra we go up a step (or two) and find ourselves with a spectacular electric cone grinder, with a large capacity and above all with almost infinite fineness and flexibility in grinding: up to 39 different degrees!

This makes it suitable for espressos (of course), but also for high precision in the medium and coarse grinding ranges. If you like to make filter coffee or French press coffee regularly, this Melitta Calibra has plenty of measurements to calibrate, so it’s worth the effort to grind it to your liking in any range.

Melitta Calibra coffee grinder: with built-in digital scale

The control panel of this Melitta Calibra is presided over by the on/off switch, and by two large operating buttons: one for weighing and one for selecting the value you have set with the lower selectors (- and + signs).

This is used, for example, to select the amount of coffee to be ground: first select the grinding thickness on the hopper wheel, then on the control panel indicate, for example, “4 cups of coffee”. When you press the activation button, our Calibra grinder will grind exactly the grams needed for those 4 doses we have asked for. Convenient.

Apart from being able to choose the amount of coffee to be ground in advance, one of the things we liked best about this electric grinder is the dispenser with automatic weight reading on the built-in LCD screen. We’ll explain what this means in more detail:

The grinder has a capacity of 375 grams in the hopper. That is, of unground coffee beans. It then has a dosing container for the already ground coffee, which is where the result of our grinding goes. This space can store up to 200 grams of coffee (powdered, already ground). The total weight of this dose that we have already ground can be seen with total precision on the control panel screen, as shown in the following image:

Melitta Calibra panel

In short: you will not find a coffee grinder with integrated scale on the market, let alone at this price—an ideal replacement for the classic coffee scales that were previously used to weigh our hand-ground coffee.

Melitta Calibra coffee grinder: Technical characteristics

  • Electric grinder with conical stainless steel wheels.
  • ABS plastic housing with stainless steel finish.
  • Hopper capacity: 375 grams of coffee beans.
  • Dispenser capacity: 200 grams of ground coffee.
  • Hermetic lid to preserve the aroma and freshness of the stored beans.
  • Safety lock to prevent the grinders from being accidentally activated if there is no coffee inside.
  • 39 grinding thicknesses to choose from via a wheel.
  • LCD display with integrated digital scale (we can weigh the amount of ground coffee we have).
  • Memory system to save the last used configuration.
  • Removable components and containers to wash and clean them for convenience.
  • Automatic shut-off system.
  • Includes a cleaning brush as an accessory.
  • Cable length: 100 cms.
  • Maximum power: 160 watts.
  • Dimensions of the piece: 37 x 12 x 23 cms.
  • Total weight: 2.37 kg.

Advantages of the Melitta Calibra coffee grinder

  • The 39 degrees of grinding allow a very high level of precision whatever type of coffee we want to prepare with the grinding (not only espressos).
  • The digital weight is integrated.
  • The dispenser allows you to directly fit both an espresso machine filter holder and a larger drip coffee machine filter, as well as any other container where you need to deposit the recently ground coffee (including, of course, the very deposit that the grinder includes for this purpose).
  • The possibility of choosing electronically the number of cups or coffees for which we want to grind.
  • The 375 grams of coffee beans storage catalogues it with a quite big grinder, of enormous capacity.

Disadvantages of the Melitta Calibra coffee grinder

  • It is perhaps an excessive and very expensive grinder for the average user profile. It may have a much more limited market than the much more modest Melitta Molino model.
  • If requested, the grinders should be made of ceramic instead of stainless steel.

How the Melitta Calibra electric coffee grinder works

The operation of this Melitta Calibra grinder is similar to that of any other medium-high range electric grinder. You must have the skill and knowledge to choose the right grind (from the 39 possible) for the type of coffee you want to make.

If you start from scratch… well, you can always play around with the trial-and-error method and raise or lower the grinding levels in successive brews until you get the result just right.

The icons drawn on the grinding wheel on the grain selection scale will help you to do this. For example, in the point we recommend for medium grinding (filter coffee), the drawing of a filter is printed. It is not that you have to grind the coffee at this point, but at least it will serve as a reference to start tasting.

Why buy a Melitta Calibra coffee grinder?

We cannot guarantee that the Melitta Calibra is the best electric grinder on the market, because there is a good group among professional grinders who are clearly above it all. Our protagonist does not compete in that segment.

However, if we take the high-end electric household grinders (i.e. those that cost hundreds of pounds) then there we can already consider the Calibra without a doubt as a top choice. It has few rivals. Among them are the evergreen Graef CM-800 or Minimoka GR-0203… and little else. That is the range in which we see ourselves.

This model has an enormous capacity, a milling range with 39 different super-wide grades, the prestige of a brand “with a pull” behind… and a quite contained price if we compare it with its more direct rivals. In short, a very balanced decision for consumers and espresso tasters with a high and demanding profile.

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