La Pavoni Kube Mill

Name: Kube Mill
Brand: La Pavoni
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 300 grams

La Pavoni Kube Mill KBM
La Pavoni Kube Mill KBM
Steel coffee grinder; Grinder on demand

When we talk about a firm of the fame and prestige of La Pavoni, we immediately think of piston coffee machines and absolutely exclusive coffee machines, unique in the international market.

However, not everyone knows that the Italian company also markets top-of-the-range coffee grinders, as is the case with the protagonist of our review today: the La Pavoni Kube Mill.

This La Pavoni Kube Mill is made of stainless steel and stands out above all for its magnetic core drill. This ensures an extremely powerful grinder, which meets the needs of the most demanding consumer.

And what is the purpose of this power development? Well, mainly to ensure that the grinding is as homogeneous as possible (which is essential to obtain good filtering in the coffee maker) and also to ensure that the process is quick and that there is less risk of heating the grinding wheels.

La Pavoni Kube Mill: high capacity in a compact design

The Pavoni Kube Mill is an electric coffee grinder with 38 mm conical grinding wheels made of hardened steel and allows the grinding thickness to be adjusted with micrometric precision.

This means that the adjustment is done manually and continuously, not through pre-established levels. In this way, you are sure to get as fine or as thick a grinding as you need. To regulate the thickness of the grinding, you use a black plastic dial located on the right side of the device.

What stands out at first sight of the La Pavoni Kube Mill is its design, with a very small main body size, as opposed to the generous capacity of the hopper, which can store up to 300 grams of coffee beans. Not in vain; we can clearly see in the photo that the hopper is almost the same height as the rest of the piece.

The ground coffee is served directly and immediately through the dispenser so that neither the freshness nor the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee is lost. In the videos below, you can see how the filter holder of your espresso machine is usually placed directly under the dispenser of the electric grinder by pressing the front micro-switch so that the beans fall out as they are ground.

La Pavoni Kube Mill: main features

  • Electric grinder with all the fame and prestige of La Pavoni.
  • Main body in stainless steel.
  • Conical grinding wheels in tempered steel, 38 mm in diameter.
  • Suitable for grinding coffee for espressos.
  • 300 gram capacity hopper, transparent. It has a metal top cover to preserve the aroma of the raw material as much as possible.
  • The grinding thickness can be regulated with micrometric accuracy.
  • Main grinder switch, located at the base of the left side.
  • Microswitch located on the front, just above the filter holder. If we place the filter in that position, it will press the microswitch and then the coffee grinding will start. The already ground beans will fall into the filter immediately.
  • Approximate weight: 3 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 18,5 x 12,5 cms.
  • Power: 100 watts.

Advantages of the La Pavoni Kube Mill

  • It is a fairly compact grinder, with very tight dimensions for a machine of this category.
  • Large capacity for grain storage: up to 300 grams.
  • The solidity and good quality of the main body of the mill, 100% stainless steel.
  • Due to its capacity and its peculiar handling, it is a perfect grinder for making espressos.

Disadvantages of the La Pavoni Kube Mill

  • This is very subjective and sometimes depends on the environment or the surface where it is used, but… many user testimonies point out that it is a noisy grinder.
  • It leaves a little bit of grain retention in the extraction cup.
  • It offers the highest quality grinding, but for the price it is somewhat short of additional options or extra features.

La Pavoni Kube Mill: Videos

What is the result of combining two monsters like the Gaggia Classic and this Kube Mill? Well, you can check it out in this video:

And here is another demonstration of the use of the La Pavoni Kube Mill, directly from the grinding wheels to the filter of the coffee maker:

Why buy a La Pavoni Kube Mill?

The La Pavoni Kube Mill works perfectly as a dedicated or exclusive grinder just for making espressos at home (having a grinder for every purpose may sound Chinese to some readers, but it is something that many expert consumers often do).

We recommend it as long as you have enough experience and enough taste to be able to appreciate the virtues and advantages of having a grinder at this price at home.

However, in the exclusive high-end segment, our La Pavoni Kube Mill faces fierce competition from more complete (but usually more expensive) models, such as the Rancilio Rocky, the Eureka Mignon or the Baratza Virtuoso.

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