Kyocera CM-50

Nombre: CM-50
Marca: Kyocera
Operación: Manual
Capacidad: 100 gramos

Kyocera Mill, Ceramics/Acrylic/Plastic, Black, 11x9.5x19 cm
Kyocera Mill, Ceramics/Acrylic/Plastic, Black, 11x9.5x19 cm
Colour: black; Weight: 222g; Material: Ceramics/Acrylic/Plastic; Grinding mechanism: zirconia ceramics Housing: plastic (ABS), glass

On this occasion, we are offering our space to the Kyocera CM-50 grinder, perhaps the greatest exponent of generalist manual grinders. This means that in addition to grinding coffee, the Kyocera CM-50 is also suitable for grinding other ingredients such as salt, spices, nuts or similar.

We are not in any way in favour of mixing components in the same grinder, as this can affect the flavours and nuances of the coffee, so we will focus our analysis on coffee grinding with all that this entails. If, on top of that, you want to use the Kyocera CM-50 grinder at home to grind other things… do it at your own risk.

As mentioned above, the Kyocera CM-50 is a manual grinder with blades made from technical ceramics (not conventional ceramics). This is a zirconium oxide-based material specifically prepared against corrosion, rust, heat, in other words, against all the risks that a part can suffer during the rigorous processes of coffee grinding.

Not for nothing is technical ceramics also used in other fields far removed from gastronomy, such as the aerospace industry or aeronautical engineering. Furthermore, and always according to the manufacturer, this zirconium oxide guarantees that the taste and aroma of your coffee will never be altered.

In addition to the ceramic material, which is the main distinguishing feature of this grinder, the Kyocera CM-50 features a conventional component arrangement, with a hopper located in the upper half of the part from which the handle protrudes, which is ergonomic and easy to operate.

The assembly is covered in an elegant and sober black colour. The lower half is where the grains or dust resulting from the grinding process are deposited, and it is made of transparent glass so that we can see how much space we have left. Of course, we can remove it and also wash it in the dishwasher. This lower deposit is much thicker and more solid than the plastic casing on top.

When handling it, you won’t have much difficulty (it’s just a matter of turning the handle), but it is interesting that you know how to adjust the degree of grinding on the Kyocera CM-50. To do this, you will have to unscrew the crank handle and manually tighten or release the mechanism until the desired point is reached.

Pressing it clockwise will result in a fine grind, and releasing it counter-clockwise will result in a coarser grind. You will need several attempts, as in any manually operated device, to give the desired touch according to the degree of grinding you are looking for.

Kyocera CM-50 grinder: main features

  • It weighs about 500 grams.
  • Its dimensions are: 17 x 20 x 9 centimetres.
  • Its tank for ground coffee can be removed and washed in the dishwasher. It has an airtight lid (see picture below) in case you want to grind your coffee beforehand and store it safely for another day.
  • Non-slip rubber base.
  • It has a capacity to grind 100 grams of coffee.
  • Grinding tools made of technical ceramic, a material similar to diamond hardness and resistant to all types of rust, corrosion, erosion and so on.

Advantages of the Kyocera CM-50 grinder

  • The main advantage of the Kyocera CM-50 grinder is undoubtedly the ultra-resistant technical ceramics with which its blades are constructed.
  • It has a base of non-slip material, which is essential for comfortable and safe operation of a manual grinder.
  • It is small enough to be handled, stored and transported with some comfort.

Disadvantages of the Kyocera CM-50 grinder

  • This Kyocera CM-50 grinder works very well for fine grinding, but is not the most suitable if you need coarser grinding (e.g. for French presses) because it slashes or shreds excess grain.
  • The 100 gram capacity is not much, although it is true that if you would like to grind much more then it would not make sense to opt for a manual grinder.
  • Small fragments or dust resulting from grinding tend to get stuck in the lower part of the grinding mechanism. You will need to clean it frequently with a toothbrush or similar small instrument.

Kyocera CM-50: operation and videos

What better way to find out how the Kyocera CM-50 works than to see it for yourself live with this illustrative video demonstration:

Is it worth buying a Kyocera CM-50 grinder?

First of all, you must be clear that this grinder is suitable if you need a fine or medium grind. For coarse grinding, you will get better results with other manual grinders like the Zassenhaus Brasilia, Zassenhaus Lima, or even the Hario MM2. All of them are in a similar price range as our Kyocera CM-50.

Once you are clear about your needs, opting for the Kyocera CM-50 is to go for the extreme durability of its technical ceramics and for a fairly acceptable price/performance ratio. In our opinion, it is a great entry point for users who want to have a coffee grinder in their own homes and do not know where to start.

You get a grinder that gives good results, and as the investment is not excessive, you can always acquire a higher range grinder later on, or even an electric one, if your demands increase.

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