Krups GVX2

Name: GVX242
Brand: Krups
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 200 grams

Krups G VX2 42 coffee grinder - coffee grinders
Krups G VX2 42 coffee grinder - coffee grinders
Updated and re-engineered to improve performance on previous models; Grounds fineness selector for anything from Espresso to Cafetiere

The Krups GVX2 is one of the most popular electric coffee grinders among home users. It is a flat grinder, which is in a fairly affordable price range (around 50 pounds) and has the guarantee of one of the most common firms in the coffee sector as it is Krups. As usual, the lower grinding wheel or blade is fixed in the motor, and the upper one is the one we can adjust through the 17 grinding levels offered by the Krups GVX2. It can also be removed for easy cleaning.

It is easy to use because, as you can see in the photo, the Krups GVX2 grinder has very few buttons. You will see an on/off switch on the front, and just below it, a wheel to select the dose of coffee we want to grind (from 2 to 12 cups). On the left side, you will see the grind setting where you can start any of the 17 levels mentioned above. There are many thicknesses for what is usual in mills in this price range.

The grinding accuracy is surprisingly high for the price of this mill: really fine at the lower levels and thick enough at the higher levels. This is why the Krups GVX2 has traditionally been considered a standard mill and suitable for almost all domestic requirements. Another point in favour of its popularity is undoubtedly its small size, which allows it to fit into even the most congested kitchens.

Full image of the Krups GVS242

Krups GVX2: general characteristics

  • This grinder has a power of 100 watts.
  • It is an electric grinder with flat wheels.
  • We can adjust the dose of coffee we want to grind: between 2 and 12 cups. This is done with the control wheel located on the front of the grinder.
  • The coffee bean container has a capacity of 200 grams, and is also removable.
  • As an accessory, it includes a brush for cleaning.
  • 17 grinding levels to suit all needs.
  • The approximate dimensions of the Krups GVX2 are 16x20x28 cms.
  • It weighs about 1.8 kg.
  • It has two safety covers or lids that prevent the grinder from working if they are not correctly placed in place.
  • The on/off switch is illuminated with blue light.

Advantages of the Krups GVX2

  • It is a very compact, practical and functional coffee grinder. Its small size makes it a very popular choice among domestic users with no high demands and little space in the kitchen.
  • 17 grinding levels seem to us sufficient for a grinder of this price and also sufficient to satisfy the demands of almost all domestic users. They are surprisingly accurate considering the cost of the grinder.
  • It is always appreciated that grinders include their own cleaning accessories.

Disadvantages of the Krups GVX2

  • This is a mid-range grinder, which means that it is less powerful than other high-end coffee grinders (and also more expensive than this one). Not suitable if you have very high or very specific demands on your grind.
  • Flat grinders, unlike conical ones, need the motor to turn at a higher number of revolutions and therefore increase the risk of overheating… which can ultimately be transmitted to the taste or aroma of the coffee.
  • Not exactly the quietest grinder on the market…

Krups GVX2: videos

Being such a popular grinder, it’s easy to find video demonstrations of the Krups GVX2’s operation so you can watch them before you buy. We have chosen the one below; we find it particularly illustrative of the capabilities and appearance of this coffee grinder:

Why buy a Krups GVX2 grinder?

The opinions of most users agree that the finer grinding levels of the Krups GVX2 offer a sufficient result even for making espressos (although perhaps the more puristic will be able to refute this general conclusion) and, in any case, equally satisfactory for all other coffee preparations. The price/performance ratio of this grinder is undoubtedly its greatest virtue. And more specifically, the ratio of the quality of the grind to the price of the grinder.

Be careful! We must always bear in mind the price of the grinder we are evaluating. If you want even greater fineness or precision, you must then assume a larger budget.

In our opinion, it is no coincidence that this Krups GVX2 coffee grinder is a regular on the Amazon sales lists. Ideal for those who are starting out or need to have a good grinder at home without spending a fortune.

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