Klarstein Triest

Name: Triest
Brand: Klarstein
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 300 gr

To have a perfect coffee grind, we must take into account several factors. Mainly, we must take into account the way we are going to prepare the coffee. For example, if we use a drip coffee machine, the coffee bean should be medium, i.e. not so fine. The Klarstein Triest coffee grinder can comply with six different grinding levels. This will give you the option to grind the coffee with the texture you want.

It also has a capacity of 300 grams. This means that you can get exactly 300 grams of ground coffee in a separate tank. This, due to its design, which resembles an hourglass (or at least that’s how we see it).

The Klarstein Triest coffee grinder has a conical bean container at the top. The body is made of stainless steel, and the adjustment and switch are located there. It is worth mentioning that it is very easy to understand due to its illustrations.

On the other hand, at the bottom is the tank for the ground coffee. As we already mentioned, its capacity is 300 grams, which is enough to cover a large family. And, its triest motor has a power of 150 watts, which makes it capable enough to grind at any level of coffee beans.

Another aspect we would like to mention is that, although it does not have many user ratings at the moment, those it does have are quite positive; you can read the reviews and buy the Klarstein Triest coffee grinder from Amazon.

Klarstein Triest coffee grinder: Review

As far as its operation is concerned, we can say that it is quite simple. It is an electric coffee grinder and is quite simple to use. Adjust the desired level and press the button to turn the appliance on. That’s why it’s one of the most versatile, as it adjusts to your needs. But, remember that you should not turn the grinder on if it is empty. And, the most recommendable thing is to put at least 70 grams of coffee beans in the container.

Since it has six grinding levels, from fine to coarse, it is ideal for any type of coffee maker. You need to know the thickness of the coffee grinder that your appliance or instrument will need to make coffee.

However, even if there is something already specified, this is very relative, as you may like the taste of coffee with a coarser bean, just as someone else may like the taste of the finer bean more. However, this grinder gives you the opportunity to experience all the different textures the coffee bean can have.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is quiet compared to other coffee grinders on the market. Usually, when buying a coffee grinder, we do not take this aspect into account. But, it is something that can be annoying and uncomfortable the moment it is being used. This is why this particular coffee grinder makes sure that this does not happen; it is very quiet (below 70dB).

Klarstein Triest coffee grinder: features

  • It has 6 levels of grinding.
  • The motor power is 150 watts.
  • The ground coffee container is 300 grams.
  • The lid of the bean container closes automatically.
  • Its design is very efficient.
  • It is easily adjusted.
  • The knife system allows to grind all the grain without leaving anything ungrinded.
  • Its weight is 2.8 kilograms.
  • Its dimensions are 40.5 x 28.5 x 19.5 centimetres.
  • It does not have an automatic shutdown.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • The plastic of the containers is very resistant.
  • Its blades are spiraling and very effective.
  • It has an on/off switch.
  • The container for ground coffee has an aroma seal, so that the coffee does not lose its properties over time.
  • It is quiet.
  • You can buy the Klarstein Triest coffee grinder online.
  • It has a brushed steel coating.
  • Voltage from 220 to 240 v.
  • Contents of the box: coffee grinder, cleaning brush, instruction manual.
  • Instruction manual in German and English.
  • Length of the power cable 1.23 meters.
  • The colour is silver and black.

Advantages of the Klarstein Triest grinder 

  • It is quiet, with low levels of 70dB.
  • It has enough capacity.
  • Its blades are very effective.
  • All its parts are removable.

Disadvantages of the Klarstein Triest grinder

  • It is very large.
  • It does not switch off automatically.

Klarstein Triest coffee grinder: Reviews

The opinions of the users are quite important when it comes to making any purchase. In this case, even if you don’t have many ratings yet. At least we can get an idea of what the experience of these few users has been like when using the Klarstein Triest electric coffee grinder.

“It really is what I was looking for, as it has different levels to grind. It grinds from the coarsest grain to the finest”.

“We use it in our shop, and the price with respect to quality is fantastic. I want to comment that we also have a professional device. But, it is much more practical to use this for small quantities. Also, it is quite easy to use”.

Why buy a Klarstein Triest coffee grinder?

It is an excellent choice if your household is large and you have to brew a generous amount of coffee a day. But, best of all, you can grind the coffee to your liking to make the perfect coffee. However, you can also visualize other coffee grinders.

We recommend the following: Delonghi KG49 coffee grinder or, for example, the KYG 300w coffee grinder. Both are very good options but with less storage capacity.

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