Hario MM-2

Name: MM-2
Brand: Hario
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 30 grams

HARIO Small Coffee Grinder, 10.5 x 8.9 x 17.9 cm
HARIO Small Coffee Grinder, 10.5 x 8.9 x 17.9 cm
Size: 160 x 100 x 185mm; Ceramic Burrs; Capaciy: 24g

The Hario MM-2 is a true benchmark in the manual coffee grinders segment. It does so thanks to impeccable operation, with a grind so precise that it is capable of meeting the preparation needs of any espresso, but also thanks to a very defined personality. The retro design, the magnificent finishes and details of each piece, and the exceptional materials of which this grinder is made make the Hario MM-2 an almost collector’s item. Apart from being a great manual coffee grinder, the Hario MM-2 is a beautiful object worth having at home.

About its characteristics, as it is a manual grinder its operation is very simple. However, we would like to draw your attention in a special way to an element of the Hario MM-2 that makes it stand out from its competitors: the (conical) grinding wheels are not made of steel but of ceramic. This reduces to zero the risk of overheating the grinding wheels, and therefore prevents the transmission of that always annoying burning aroma to our coffee.

Furthermore, the handle is finished off with an elegant wooden handle (the same wood that the main body of the Hario MM-2 is made of) and the dispenser where the coffee beans are inserted is made of steel. Just at the point where the two elements meet, there is a wheel that is used to select the thickness of our grinder. This is a very simple and 100% reliable manual mechanism, which is difficult to damage or remove. And it is extremely precise.

As with all manual grinders, this wheel is used to move the upper grinding wheel closer or further away from the grinding wheel that is fixed inside the grinder. In this way, the thickness of the coffee beans or powder that can pass through them is determined.

In the lower part of the Hario MM-2 we find a box that opens outwards and from which we can extract the coffee powder, already ground and ready to prepare your espresso. And at the base, the indispensable rubber feet to absorb vibrations and prevent our grinder from slipping when operated. The Hario MM-2 grinder is a fairly compact piece, lightweight and very small, easy to store in any cabinet or drawer, although its undeniable beauty and attractive retro design is much more appropriate to wear it on a shelf.

Hario MM-2 coffee grinder: general characteristics

  • The dimensions of the Hario MM-2 are 16x8x12 cms.
  • It weighs about 550 grams.
  • The handle and the container are made of stainless steel. The main body is made of wood.
  • The grinding wheels are conical and ceramic. This means that they do not rust, wear out or overheat, and therefore do not transmit any strange odour or aroma to the coffee.
  • There is a plastic lid on top which is used to prevent the beans or coffee chunks from jumping out during grinding.
  • We can determine the degree of grinding thanks to the fixing wheel on the top of the grinder (where the crank is attached). This is the same system used by the Hario Skerton model from the same company.
  • The thickness selection wheel has a lock, to prevent it from moving by accident.
  • The interior of the grinder has a capacity for almost 30 grams of coffee beans.
  • Very finely ground, suitable for making espressos.
  • The lower part has four small non-slip rubber feet. You can be sure that it will not move while you turn the handle and press it against the table or your kitchen counter.

Advantages of the Hario MM-2 coffee grinder

  • An unusual advantage for the products we are analysing: the Hario MM-2 grinder is so beautiful that you can put it on a shelf and it looks good as a decorative or antique item. Of course you can still use it when you need it!
  • Great quality in all materials, but we especially highlight the ceramic grinding wheels. Ceramic grinding wheels, and not steel as usual, have many advantages but above all they avoid the risk of emitting foreign aromas or flavours when overheating.
  • It grinds quite finely, just enough to withstand the pull of the most demanding espresso machines.
  • Super small and light: this is a very handy grinder.

Disadvantages of the Hario MM-2 coffee grinder

  • Be careful when handling the selection wheel for grinding, as it is an incredibly precise mechanical system. The slightest change or turn in the wheel causes appreciable differences in grinding. By the way, in view of such precision, it is important that the wheel has a lock to prevent it from being moved accidentally.

Why buy a Hario MM-2 coffee grinder?

Many users complain that manual grinders are much slower than electric ones and for a rushed situation (for example the typical morning coffee when you have got up late) …because they are not very practical. Well, the Hario MM-2 in our opinion rejects this belief as it is capable of grinding a 14 gram dose of coffee in a similar time to that which you could use with an electric one. Moreover, its grind is so fine that it is 100% suitable for making espressos.

Hario MM-2 is an ideal grinder for lovers of traditional (manual) grinding, and a very good alternative to the famous Zassenhaus manual grinders. It has a very good quality-price relation, the construction materials are the best you will find in any other grinder, visually it is very attractive, and as if this was not enough it has ceramic and not steel grinding wheels. Buy more than recommended.

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