Graef CM70

Name: CM70
Brand: Graef
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 100 grams

Graef CM70 is Graef’s bet within the medium range of electric grinders. As usual, this is a coffee grinder with a transparent and separately removable hopper, with a capacity of a quarter of a kilo of coffee and with a precision of up to 25 grinding levels.

It is made of black plastic, and the grinding wheels are conical and made of stainless steel. Its aesthetic is similar to that of the Graef CM800 and other electric grinders: much higher than wide. Keep this in mind when choosing where to place it in your kitchen. Ah! and remember that the platform where the base is located can be removed. In it is embedded, for example, the container to collect the coffee once it has been ground.

The Graef CM70 has a lot of accessories: a nozzle for the ground coffee, a cleaning brush, a transparent plastic container for collecting the ground coffee (capacity 100 grams) or practical clamps in two sizes to hold our filters and deposit the ground coffee directly in them (and from there to the coffee machine to have a freshly brewed coffee, from bean to drink, in a few seconds).

As you can see, a complete package that you should value in its right measure when you see the price of the Graef CM70 before buying it.

Graef CM70 coffee grinder: general characteristics

  • Weight: about 1.8 kilograms
  • Approximate dimensions: 31x29x19 cms.
  • Power: 128 watts.
  • The outer casing is made of plastic.
  • Automatic grinding function.
  • It has up to 25 levels of grinding adjustment (1 is the finest, and 25 is the thickest).
  • The container or hopper is transparent and removable. It stores up to 250 grams.
  • Includes a separate container for storing or depositing already ground coffee. It holds approximately 100 grams of coffee, which is about 12 cups as shown in one of the photographs in this report (this is already depending on the dose).
  • Grinder with conical stainless steel grinding system.
  • Its accessories include a practical brush to clean it (we can see below the photo with all the accessories). It also includes a filling mouth and two handles for the dispenser or filter that we are going to use in our coffee maker: one of 6 cms and the other of 7 cms.

Advantages of the Graef CM70 coffee grinder

  • This Graef CM70 comes with a lot of accessories, a really practical pack for maintenance and to give different uses to this coffee grinder.
  • A very good value for money in the electric coffee grinder segment.

Disadvantages of the Graef CM70 coffee grinder

  • A lot of plastic at first sight… removing the grinding wheels which are obviously made of steel, the rest of the components and accessories of this Graef CM70 are made of plastic.
  • The system of conical grinding wheels: not that this is a disadvantage understood as something bad, but we like flat grinding wheels better because, being larger, they have more surface area to dissipate heat and thus avoid the recurring problem of the grinding wheels overheating (which can alter the aroma or taste of the coffee when reheated). It is true that conical grinding wheels require the engine to turn at a lower speed (400 or 500 revolutions per minute is enough) and that it is a more modern and more widespread system… but everything depends on taste.

Graef CM70 coffee grinder: videos

This video is the best way to see how the Graef CM70 grinder works up close before you buy it:

Why buy a Graef CM70 coffee grinder?

When we talk about the Graef CM70 grinder, a comparison with its big brother is inevitable: the Graef CM800, which we have also analysed on our page. Your choice depends on the coffee machine in which you will be using the grind and, therefore, on your grinding needs.

For high-end coffee machines, the Graef CM70 may not be enough in the sense that you will hardly notice the differences or goodness of a large coffee machine if you use a standard grinder. So if you have specific needs or requirements regarding your grinder, we recommend that you opt for the Graef CM800. If you do not need to appreciate these differences, the Graef CM70 is a grinder that will work perfectly in most cases.

In any case, if you have any doubts, you know that the differences in the degree of grinding can be corrected to a certain extent (let’s face it) by means of adequate pressing. If, for example, the grind is finer than you need, you should press it a little more than normal. If the grind is too coarse, don’t press it too hard, and the effect will be relieved by passing the water through the coffee.

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