DeMoka GR-0203

Name: GR-0203
Brand: MiniMoka
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 500 grams

Demoka GR - 0203 Grinder, 200 W
Demoka GR - 0203 Grinder, 200 W
Warranty: 2 years; Material: stainless steel; power: 200 Watt; Colour: stainless steel

When choosing a coffee grinder for our espresso machine, we have to keep our requirements in mind. The better the coffee maker, the better the grind, so that we can make the most of its qualities because if we use a standard grind, the same thing will happen to our coffee maker, whether it is a normal one or one that costs more than 500 pounds.

Today we present you with a grinder that manages to satisfy the highest demands of grinding. It has a price that is not affordable to all pockets, but it is the most common choice for those who want to have a grinder at home that allows them to enjoy perfect espressos. We refer to the DeMoka GR-0203 or DeMoka M-203. We can also find it referred to as MiniMoka GR-0203.

This GR-0203 grinder, from the Spanish firm MiniMoka, has much more advanced characteristics than those of conventional electric grinders; not in vain, it is also used in some professional catering establishments. In addition to its refined engineering, we must draw attention to the excellent quality of the materials of which each and every one of its parts are made.

All the features of the DeMoka GR-0203 grinder exceed the industry average. With the capacity of the hopper, the power of the motor, the accessories, the micrometric regulation of the size of the grinder, it is difficult to find a single but this coffee grinder. And it is no coincidence that with this business card, the DeMoka GR-0203 grinder remains a leader in the electric grinder segment despite the passage of time (it has been on the market for many years now).

With respect to the grinding wheels, we are dealing with a coffee grinder with flat wheels (they are made of tempered steel). Still, the technology of the motor allows it to turn at a much slower speed (over 700 rpm) than that normally required by flat wheel mills and therefore avoids the risk of overheating typically of these.

The choice between conical or flat milling cutters is always controversial in electric mills, mainly because of the heat issue. Still, the truth is that the MiniMoka GR-0203, without having exaggeratedly large grinding wheels (less than 5 cm), solves it quite correctly.

In short, the MiniMoka GR0203 is one of the best options on the market when it comes to buying a very high-performance grinder for making perfect espressos. It works better the more demanding we are with it.

The following is a more detailed description of the features and technical specifications of the DeMoka GR-0203:

MiniMoka GR-0203 grinder: general characteristics

  • The approximate dimensions are 33x13x33 cms.
  • It weighs just over 3 kilograms.
  • The DeMoka GR0203 is a semi-professional grinder suitable for bars or restaurants.
  • The hopper is transparent and can hold up to 500 grams of coffee beans.
  • The milling machine holder is made of aluminium alloy.
  • The body or external body is made of stainless steel.
  • The grinding wheels are flat and have a diameter of 49 mm. They are made of tempered steel.
  • The motor has a permanent magnet with a reducer. This allows it to work only at 700 rpm, a much lower speed than usual for flat grinding mills and therefore helps to avoid the risk of overheating. This preserves the quality of the coffee beans.
  • Micrometric adjustment of the grinding size (exact grinding).
  • The motor distributes a power of 200W.
  • Plastic outlet nozzle.
  • It has a reinforced support for the filter holder, allowing you to pour the ground coffee directly into the filter of the coffee machine where you are going to use it.

Advantages of the DeMoka GR-0203

  • Without a doubt, we must speak above all of the exceptional quality of the materials used in this grinder: stainless steel body, hardened steel grinding wheels, aluminium alloy milling cutter holders…
  • The size of the grinder can be regulated with a precision that no other grinder of these characteristics can achieve.

Disadvantages of the DeMoka GR-0203

  • Due to the materials and its size, it is a rather bulky and heavy grinder, difficult to move and transport. Instead of keeping it in a cupboard and taking it out when you need it, it may be more practical to find a permanent space for the DeMoka GR0203 in your kitchen.
  • Despite the ingenious gearing system applied to the rotary motor, you know that flat grinding wheels have a greater risk of overheating than conical ones, although their larger surface area means that they can better dissipate any heat that may accumulate in them.
  • Well, obviously we must mention their price, much more expensive than a conventional grinder. But the DeMoka GR0203 is certainly worth the price.

DeMoka GR-0203: videos

Here is an example of how the DeMoka GR0203 grinder works in conjunction with one of the fabulous La Pavoni piston coffee machines:

As you see, God raises them up, and they come together.

Why buy a DeMoka GR-0203?

It is no exaggeration to place the DeMoka GR0203 among the best domestic grinders, at least in the electric segment. To get an idea of the prestige of this grinder, look at the fact that its price is considerably higher than most MiniMoka brand espresso machines.

Of course, we recommend that you buy the DeMoka GR0203 if you have a very high-end manual espresso machine at home or if your demands on the grinder for making your espressos are very high. This coffee grinder will never let you down.

If, on the other hand, you use a more conventional, mid-range espresso machine at home, you may not need a grinder as precisely as this one. You can also take a look at the Graef CM800 or the Baratza Encore.

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