Delonghi KG49

Name: KG49
Brand: Delonghi
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 90 grams

De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
Electric coffee grinder with 90 g or 12-cup grinding capacity; Push-to-grind on/off pulse lid

Today we extend our tour of the Delonghi coffee grinders with the review of the Delonghi KG49. The Delonghi KG49 grinder represents the most affordable option within the range of Delonghi grinders. It is a blade grinder with a capacity of 90 grams and which should give us to grind about 10-12 doses (or cups of coffee) if we fill it to the maximum. It has a design of very traditional lines, made of black plastic. The tank is transparent, as usual.

The Delonghi KG49 is an electric blade grinder, but it is far from the improved (and more expensive) Delonghi KG89. At the bottom, there are three little lights (we will explain what they are for later) and a dose selector that goes from 2 to 12. By placing the red arrow in the right position, we will be indicating to our Delonghi KG49 to grind the equivalent amount of coffee for that number of cups. In the last picture of this review, you can see more clearly how this simple selector is.

Delonghi KG49: 3 grinding grades

As we said at the beginning, the range of Delonghi coffee grinders is composed of three models, which we show you in the following list ordered from lowest to highest performance (also from lowest to highest price). You can click on each link to directly access the purchase sheet of the one you are most interested in:

De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
Electric coffee grinder with 90 g or 12-cup grinding capacity; Push-to-grind on/off pulse lid
De'Longhi, Coffee grinder KG79, Black
De'Longhi, Coffee grinder KG79, Black
Bean container capacity 120 gram; The selector allows to grind the grain according to the desired quantity: up to 12 cups

One of the most remarkable aspects of this Delonghi KG49 grinder is its operation, mainly because of the curious or unusual nature of its system. For the grinder to grind, we have to keep the main switch of the appliance pressed (located at the top of the appliance, in the cover, with the legend Push).

As the seconds go by, three lights on the interface of the grinder (see the following photograph) light up, indicating the thickness we have reached up to that moment: coarse (coarse), medium (medium), or fine (fine). Logically, the longer we leave it pressed, the finer the grinding will be. The time it takes for the Delonghi KG49 to reach a fine grinding is about 40-45 seconds.

If you release the switch, the internal timer resets, and you have to start again, even if the coffee is already a little ground.

This is, as you can see, a much more handmade and less reliable system than the automatic grinding settings of the top-of-the-range grinders.

Delonghi KG49 Panel

Delonghi KG49: general characteristics

  • Electric grinder with stainless steel blades, with black plastic housing.
  • Transparent tank with a capacity of 90 grams.
  • Top cover, with integrated On/Off button.
  • Light indicators that inform us of the grinding thickness we have reached.
  • Configurable dispenser between a minimum of 2 cups and a maximum of 12.
  • It has non-slip pins at the base.
  • Integrated compartment for storing excess cabling.
  • Includes a brush to clean the inside of the mill.
  • Weight: just under 1 kilogram.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 25 cms.

Advantages of the Delonghi KG49 grinder

  • It is a practical grinder, easy to clean, not very noisy.
  • It includes a brush as a cleaning accessory.
  • It has all the guarantee of a first class company in the coffee sector, such as Delnghi.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi KG49 grinder

  • The operation is not too intuitive, you have to get used to it.
  • It is not suitable for (ultra-fine) espresso grinders.
  • It is not too large: 90 grams of coffee with a maximum capacity.

Videos of the Delonghi KG49 coffee grinder

Here is a demonstration of use by a private user (we always find this type of testimony particularly valuable):

Why buy a Delonghi KG49?

The Delonghi KG49 is a traditional blade grinder, with which you can repeat the grinding as many times as you want to obtain the right fineness. It is not the fastest or the most precise system, but we must bear in mind that we are dealing with a basic range grinder.

We recommend it if you are looking for a multi-purpose grinder and you are not too demanding with the espresso grinder. The most direct competitors of this Delonghi KG49 can be the Kyocera CM-50 (also with blades, with similar price) or cheap grinders like the MiniMoka GR-020 or the famous Krups GVX2.

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