Delonghi KG-89

Name: KG-89
Brand: Delonghi
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 120 grams

Today we analyse the Delonghi KG89 grinder, an electric coffee grinder with flat steel wheels that comes with all the prestige of a firm like Delonghi, a real reference in the coffee sector and that, of course, also has good proposals in terms of grinders.  This KG89 is an evolution of the popular and successful KG79, without too many novelties regarding the latter (only more recent manufacture).

The first thing that catches your eye about the Delonghi KG89 is its design, absolutely square and with straight lines, defined to perfection. It is very elegant and fits perfectly in the kitchen, really surprising and far from the standards of the sector. 

In addition, it allowed you to optimise space and reduce nooks and crannies and wasted space to a minimum—Delonghi’s success. The KG89 is made of hardened plastic with stainless steel panels on each side of the prism. The hopper cover, as you can see in the photo, is also a transparent plastic prism.

All in all, the piece gives a sensation of solidity and adequate robustness, and you can see that the finishes and trimmings are of quality.

Going on to the chapter on performance, we must highlight the dual safety system of this Delonghi KG89, which automatically and instantly stops the grinding wheels if it detects that the coffee container or ground coffee has been removed from its usual position.

It also incorporates the usual dispenser, which allows us to grind a predetermined amount of coffee (between 2 and 12 cups). This number is selected using the control wheel located in the centre of the front panel of the grinder.

The on/off switch is located at the top, next to the hopper. And finally, the control wheel that serves to select the thickness of the grinder (fine – medium – coarse) is located on the right side of the grinder, just the one not seen in the following picture:

Delonghi KG89 control

Delonghi KG89: main features

  • The coffee hopper or container has a capacity of 120 grams of coffee beans.
  • The lower container for ground coffee is transparent and can be removed.
  • Coffee dispenser: we can select the ground coffee for between 2 and 12 cups.
  • Exclusive safety system: the grinders stop turning if the bean container or the ground coffee is removed.
  • Non-slip pads on the base, to avoid vibrations and noise during the grinding process.
  • The upper grindstone can be removed for cleaning separately, with greater convenience.
  • Includes compartment to collect excess cable.
  • It also includes cleaning accessories for the grinder itself.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 16 x 26 centimetres.
  • Weight: 1.5 kilograms.
  • Power: 110 watts.

Advantages of the Delonghi KG89 grinder

  • The design. Surprising, elegant and very practical. The space is used to the maximum.
  • We love that the grinders include their own cleaning accessories.
  • The stainless steel finishes.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi KG89 grinder

  • The fineness selection system is not as precise as we would expect (in case we have high demands regarding grinding).
  • Not all the piece is made 100% in stainless steel.
  • The 120 gram capacity of the hopper is a little short compared to the 250 gram capacity of other mills.

Delonghi KG89: videos

Do you want to see the Delonghi KG89 grinder in action? Then don’t miss this video to contrast it very, very closely:

Why buy a Delonghi KG89 grinder?

It is obvious that a great brand like Delonghi cannot remain without offering coffee grinders to its users. The Delonghi KG89 is an excellent alternative in the electric grinder sector, which has left us with only a shadow of a doubt about the accuracy of the thickness selector.

We are not sure whether to recommend it for ultra-fine grinding or for making pure espressos; assess your needs yourself and decide accordingly. If you are going to use your ground coffee with a drip coffee machine or an Italian mocha, you will have no problem obtaining the desired thickness with this KG89.

If you want to take a look at other grinders of similar price and quality, you can start with the Rommelsbacher EKM 200 or the Graef CM70. Somewhat cheaper is also the very popular Krups GVX2.

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