Delonghi Dedica KG 521

Name: Dedica KG 521
Brand: Delonghi
Operation: Electrical
Capacity: 350 grams

De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder - Silver
De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder - Silver
2.1 inch LCD display with Aroma Function (mild, normal and thick); High quality full metal housing

When we talk about Italian machines, and in particular about espresso coffee, one of the first firms that come to mind is Delonghi. This company has one of the most extensive and reputable catalogues in the entire world coffee industry. It is therefore not surprising that it also has a wide range of coffee grinders to complement its machines.

This is exactly what happens with the Delonghi Dedica coffee machine and the grinder we are going to dissect today: the Delonghi Dedica KG521. The perfect match for everyone.

Unlike its sister machine, the Dedica KG521 is a top-of-the-range grinder. Not for nothing, they cost practically the same (and depending on the moment and the offers, it is possible that the grinder will be more expensive). It has a metal body (no plastic), incorporates an informative digital display, and works at 150 watts of power.

By the way, you should know that although in this review we are going to analyse the Delonghi Dedica KG521, there is also another previous model (KG.520) with very similar characteristics.

De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521M Coffee Grinder - Silver
De'Longhi Dedica Style KG521M Coffee Grinder - Silver
Conical burr grinder, which preserves the oils and aroma in your fresh coffee beans; You can use the ground container with a maximum capacity of 170 g.

Delonghi Dedica coffee grinder: almost professional

What is most striking about this Dedica coffee grinder is its clear focus on the expert consumer and on the amateur espresso maker at home. It is not at all out of place in our collection of professional coffee mills.

This piece mounts conical stainless steel grinding wheels and has a storage capacity of 350 grams. Of course, it includes a dispenser (or doser), and the grinder can be calibrated for up to 14 cups of espresso.

When it comes to grinding, you can choose from 18 pre-defined grinding levels or thicknesses. And once the coffee is ground, you can choose to store it directly in the transparent container of the grinder itself or dose it directly into the filter holder of our coffee machine (for this, you must use an adapter, which is also included in the package).

If you choose to dose it, the dosage is already pre-defined -although it can be modified to your liking-. If you choose to pour the grind directly into the plastic container, then you can use the side dial to indicate the amount, up to that maximum of 14 cups that we have already indicated.

In short, if you are a coffee maker and you like the art of espresso, this is the grinder you are looking for.

Delonghi coffee grinder KG 520

The Delonghi Dedica KG520 is the model that came on the market just before this KG521, although at first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart at all.

If you look closely at the top of the front of the mill, we find the only difference between the two models: the digital screen, with a blue backlit background, which includes the KG521 model and which was not in the KG520.

This screen is used to show us the state of the mill at any given moment and to allow us to comfortably select some configurations relating to the mill, always electronically and with very intuitive buttons.

Delonghi Dedica KG521: General characteristics

  • Stainless steel conical grinder.
  • Housing and finishes in stainless steel.
  • Digital backlit display.
  • Dispenser included to serve the dose of ground coffee directly into the filter holder.
  • 18 predefined grinding levels. The finest are perfectly suited for espresso grinding.
  • Transparent plastic container for storing the grind.
  • Possibility of calibrating the dose to be used in each cup.
  • Very generous hopper capacity: 350 grams.
  • Power: 150 watts.
  • Dimensions: 38 cms high and 15 cms wide.
  • Weight: about 2.7 kilograms.

Advantages of the Delonghi Dedica coffee grinder

  • The large capacity of the hopper, very very large.
  • The possibility of using the dispenser to serve the grind directly into the filter holder, or to store it in a transparent container in the mill itself.
  • The inclusion of the digital screen, a very rare feature in domestic grinders.
  • The shiny stainless steel finish. A piece of excellent workmanship.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi Dedica coffee grinder

  • Naturally, the price of the Dedica grinder is not suitable for everyone.
  • The price difference between the KG520 and the KG521 can be quite large for the only new feature of the electronic display.

How to use Delonghi’s Dedica coffee grinder

It never hurts to watch one of these demonstration videos that explain how the Delonghi Dedica grinder works, especially since it is a complex device with several variants. Most novice will surely appreciate these tutorials.

Why buy the Dedica KG521 coffee grinder?

The main reason for buying the Delonghi Dedica coffee grinder from Amazon is that we are great espresso lovers and always look for the highest quality in the whole process. If you are looking for a good espresso grinder and don’t have any budget problems, the Delonghi Dedica KG521 is a great and very balanced option.

It is much more affordable than the Rancilio Rocky, and the quality of the grind and the performance of the appliance we think are more than enough for the common man. A serious competitor, in short, for classics is the Minimoka GR-0203 or the Graef CM-800.

If you don’t mind the absence of the digital screen, you can try to find some copies of the KG520 version, which will normally be cheaper.

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