Cecotec TitanMill

Name: TitanMill
Brand: Cecotec
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 50 grams

Cecotec Titanmill 200

The market for coffee grinders is mainly made up of the more economical, medium-low range models with the best quality-price ratio. We do not know why this is the case, but it is clear that the average consumer profile in our country does not attach much importance to coffee grinding and does not welcome the idea of investing a lot of money in a grinder.

Within this product segment, some of the most successful ones in recent years are the Cecotec grinders, which we will know more about in today’s review.

The Cecotec coffee grinders are actually two models: the Cecotec Titanmill 200 and the Cecotec Titanmill 300 Duoclean. Both share a soul and essential characteristics, but logically the 300 is a slightly superior model. Even so, both remain very economical and designed so that the user does not have to complicate his life when working with them.

In this review, we are going to talk about both, but we are going to focus especially on the Cecotec Titanmill 200, which is one of the best-selling coffee mills months after month. Let’s go there:

Cecotec TitanMill 200 coffee grinder: Opinions and general review

The Cecotec Titanmill 200 is the first Cecotec grinder and the one that continues to carry the weight of the Spanish firm’s sales in this industry, thanks above all to its almost unrivalled price.

It is an electric mill, with blades, and with a power of 200 watts -as its name indicates-. These are not bad credentials, considering its low price, as is the norm throughout Cecotec’s catalogue.

A blade mill like this one does not have excessive complications when handling it: it has a single operating button, which we must press if we want to put our Cecotec Titanmill 200 in operation and release it when we want to stop the grinding. Of course, the more coffee we grind, the longer we have to keep the blades turning. In general, a little more than half a minute will be enough to grind the entire coffee tank (about 50 grams of capacity).

The most important thing in a coffee grinder is precisely the blades and their reliability. In the case of the Cecotec 200 grinder, the blades are made of stainless steel with a titanium coating (hence the golden colour you can see in the photos). This detail increases the hardness and longevity of the blades and therefore ensures a better return on investment.

Finally, we would like to highlight the eye-catching design detail of the turquoise blue colour chosen for the plastic cover, which prevents the grains from being thrown out during grinding. Without a doubt, at first sight, it is a device that remains etched in our retina.

Cecotec Titanmill 200 inside

Cecotec TitanMill 300 coffee grinder Duoclean

The Cecotec Titanmill 300, on the other hand, is known as DuoClean, and its main feature is that it has two interchangeable cups that allow us to grind or crush, depending on our needs.

The first cup is fitted with blades identical to those of the Cecotec Titanmill 200, with double blades covered in titanium.

The second, however, mount a 4-blade blade. With this blade, the food is crushed, and the consistency is much finer.

In both cases, the blades are made of titanium and can be washed under running water.

In this way, the Cecotec 300 grinder is a much more versatile instrument in the kitchen, as it allows us to do more things. In addition, by using separate glasses, there is no danger of the ingredients being mixed with the remains of other previous grinders.

We recommend using the double-bladed cup for grinding coffee and the four-bladed cup for grinding other ingredients such as spices, vegetables or as a meat grinder.

Cecotec Titanmill 300

Differences between the Cecotec TitanMill 300 and TitanMill 200

  • One has 300 watts of power and the other 200.
  • The 300 incorporates an additional cup with 4-blade blades, which allow for grinding (not just milling).
  • The capacity also varies: they can store 90 and 50 grams of grain, respectively.

Cecotec TitanMill 200 coffee grinder: features

  • Double blade grinder with titanium coating.
  • Tank capacity: 50 grams.
  • Transparent top cover.
  • Titanium coated double blade blades.
  • Safety locking system: the grinder does not work without the cover on.
  • Power: 200 watts.
  • Approximate weight: 1.38 kg.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 11 cms.
  • Totally free of BPA and toxic substances.
  • Includes cleaning brush and instruction manual.

Advantages of the Cecotec TitanMill 200 coffee grinder

  • The blades are covered with titanium.
  • The excellent quality-price ratio of the product.
  • It takes up little space.
  • It is easy to clean and to handle.

Disadvantages of the Cecotec TitanMill 200 coffee grinder

  • The entire housing and some components are made of plastic. You can’t ask for much more, considering the price you have.
  • We can mention the drawbacks typical of blade mills when grinding coffee: little control when defining the degree of grinding.
  • We are not going to be served if we want to make a grind for espressos.

How the Cecotec TitanMill coffee grinder works

As we have already said, it is no mystery how this Cecotec coffee grinder is used. Even so, we leave you with a demonstration video that is always good to review in case you are a little absent-minded:

Why buy a Cecotec TitanMill 200 coffee grinder?

The main reason for buying the Cecotec grinder is, without a doubt, the price. We can cite numerous models from other manufacturers that offer similar features, but almost none with such a low cost.

If you decide on the superior model, the Cecotec Titanmill 300, you will find the curious functionality of the double glass, something really original and, in our opinion, quite practical. There yes that the device of the Spanish brand finds few rivals.

In any case, grinding the coffee will serve both the same, with similar advantages and disadvantages. We chose the 200 because it is much cheaper. In the field of coffee grinders, alternatives include the Kyocera CM50, the Delonghi KG49, or the 300-watt KYG grinder.

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