Arendo Caffetiamo

Name: Caffetiamo
Brand: Arendo
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 65 grams

Arendo Caffetiamo Coffee Grinder

Arendo specialises in the manufacture and marketing of small domestic appliances, which include all the basic features but also cost less than the average for their segment. A very attractive combination of virtues for the consumer, which we have already seen, for example, in the Arendo milk frother or in the grinder model we are analysing in this review: the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder.

Under the reference Arendo Caffetiamo, we actually find two different coffee grinders: one with a prism-shaped design and the other with an oval appearance. We are going to make a reference during the analysis to the first one (we attach a photo below so that you can see all its pieces), although both of them have very similar features and many common features.

Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinders are electric blade grinders. This means that, apart from grinding coffee, they are also suitable for grinding other ingredients with solvency. Nevertheless, as we have already repeated many times on our website, our recommendation is never to mix food in the grinder.

If you are going to use the Arendo Caffetiamo grinder to grind the coffee, make sure you have it just for that. If you also need to grind spices or cereals, it is better to get a second grinder for that purpose.

All parts of the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder

Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinders: very cheap blade grinders

The Arendo Caffetiamo grinder includes two sets of steel blades: one with a double blade (two blades) and one with a quadruple blade. It has a maximum capacity of 65 grams, and it is made of stainless steel.

In the end, each user must adapt the Arendo coffee grinder to their particular needs. Still, in a generic way, we can tell you that the double blade is better for finer grinding (you should use it for coffee), while the quadruple blade acts for less time and leaves the beans thicker, so it is usually used for spices, nuts or other foods.

NOTE: the blades are not independent elements but are already integrated into the stainless steel container. The grinder includes two equal containers, each with a different set of blades.

As security elements, we find in the Arendo Caffetiamo mill the classic plastic cover (to avoid that the grains jump during the milling), the anti-slip pins in the base to assure the best support and stability, and an integrated security circuit, always to be appreciated in any electrical appliance.

This is what the oval Arendo Caffetiamo looks like. You can see the central switch presiding over the main body of the device. Using it is as simple as pressing the button to start the grinder and releasing it so that the blades stop turning.

The longer you leave it, the more the blades grind. There is no more mystery.

Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder: main features

  • Electric grinder with stainless steel container.
  • It includes a container with double blade, and another one with quadruple blade.
  • The maximum capacity of both containers is 65 grams.
  • It includes a plastic lid to prevent the beans from jumping out while grinding.
  • The grinder can be locked so that it does not accidentally open while in operation (safety lock).
  • Cable length: 80 cms.
  • Sliding feet on the base.
  • Maximum power consumption: 220 watts.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 21 cms.
  • Weight: just under 1 kilogram.

Advantages of the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder

  • As the container can be separated from the rest of the grinder with the blades, you can wash it in the dishwasher. We see this as a very big competitive advantage over other grinders of similar range.
  • The price-quality ratio is excellent. It is difficult to get more for less.
  • The safety lock on the lid.

Disadvantages of the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder

  • It is not a large capacity grinder, only 65 grams, and is not intended to grind large quantities of coffee.
  • It is not suitable for very, very fine grinding (e.g. for real espressos).
  • It is difficult to obtain replacements of this brand, although with the cheapness that they are the normal thing is to acquire a new unit if some important piece is broken.

Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder: videos

As we always like to complete our analysis with audiovisual material, we attach this demonstration of the use of the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder:

Why buy an Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder?

Most coffee users, or the most demanding with their coffee, will always prefer the option of a grinder as the canons command. But there is a wide sector of the public for whom a grinder is more than enough to prepare their coffee. And that is where this Arendo Caffetiamo points directly.

The most direct competitors of the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee mill may be the Kyocera-CM50, the MiniMoka GR-0203, or the Delonghi KG49. Still, none of them is as affordable as the piece we are dealing with today.

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