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For those who are looking for capsules compatible with Nespresso that allow them to enjoy different sensations and aromas according to each moment of the day, nothing like Viaggio compatible capsules. If there is something that makes this brand stand out from others compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, it is mainly its wide variety of coffees, flavours and aromas. Within the range of Viaggio compatible capsules, you will find a suitable coffee for each moment of the day.

The Nespresso Viaggio compatible capsules brand may not be very familiar to you, but once you have the pleasure of tasting it, it will become one of the family. Viaggio offers you a wide variety of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, from the most intense flavours for the lovers of good coffee to the softest and most fruity flavours to enjoy a good cup of coffee at any time of the day.

Viaggio is a brand of coffee that is born from the company Balnes Europe S.L; it is born from the fruit of searching for the most delicious and exquisite flavours of teas and coffees. The Viaggio coffee comes from lands of fertile cultivations, where the climate and the properties of the area are propitious to obtain the best coffee grain. The same company is in charge of the cultivation, the harvest, the roasting of the coffee bean in an artisan way and its grinding. With this, the aim is to obtain a coffee with more body and flavour.

Besides the cultivation and harvest, the roasting and the grinding of the coffee, Viaggio is in charge of encapsulating its own coffee according to the obtained varieties of coffee. The Viaggio compatible capsules are made of 100% recyclable plastic, preserving the quality of the coffee.

To all this, we have to add the quality controls to which the brand is submitted. Viaggio practices different quality controls in each one of the phases that the product goes through, overcoming each one of them to offer us a quality coffee with the best taste.

At the time of buying Viaggio coffee in compatible capsules, the only doubt that will arise will be the one related to which variety of coffee to buy, among Ristretto, Intense, Arabica, Espresso, Lungo or Decaffeinated. Luckily, when you buy Viaggio capsules in each of the packages, you can see which is the level of intensity of each one of them.

Buy online Viaggio capsules

As we have indicated before, one of the most remarkable characteristics of Viaggio capsules is that it offers us a wide variety of coffee for all tastes. From those of softer flavours to those of high intensity for the lovers of the good coffee.

Buying Viaggio capsules online is very easy. This new brand of coffee in compatible capsules has an official shop where you can buy Viaggio capsules online. If you want, you can also buy Viaggio capsules at Amazon, where you will find the following offers:

Viaggio capsules: Prices

The main reason why those who own a Nespresso coffee machine look for compatible capsules is to save money on each capsule purchased. In that sense, Viaggio will become your great ally.

Buying Viaggio compatible capsules will mean a saving to your pocket because it offers us very competitive prices. So, for example, buying a pack of 10 Viaggio capsules costs £2,64, which is equivalent to £0,26 each capsule, while the Nespresso capsules have a price of £0,31 per capsule approximately.

Now, if you have already tried all varieties of Viaggio coffee or you are interested in buying coffee in large volumes, you can get great discounts by buying packs of 120 capsules or 240 compatible capsules – your pocket will notice!

How are the Viaggio capsules for Nespresso? Opinions

Now that you know the price of the Viaggio capsules compatible with Nespresso, your next question is surely related to the quality of the capsule. Here, we are going to tell you how Viaggio capsules are for Nespresso.

Capsulas viaggio

In addition to a slightly lower price, we have to emphasize that the Viaggio capsules for Nespresso have a more than acceptable quality. These compatible capsules have an excellent quality-price ratio. And if this is not enough, we must not forget that there are Viaggio capsules for Nespresso with different flavours and intensities, like the following ones:

  • Viaggio Ristretro capsules. The Viaggio Ristretto coffee has the aroma of the great freshly ground coffee. Its flavour is intense and persistent on the palate. Its level of intensity is 11. Ideal for drinking a cup of black coffee or cut.
  • Capsules Viaggio Intense. The variety of Viaggio Intense coffee is ideal for the most expert palates. It is an enveloping, pure and pleasant coffee. Its level of intensity is 12.
  • Capsules Viaggio Arabica. Viaggio Arabica coffee is the one that fits in any moment of the day. Its soft flavour and its medium roasting together with its citrus and flowers aromas is ideal for those who like to drink a great cup of coffee or to mix it with milk. Its intensity is 6.
  • Viaggio Espresso capsules. Viaggio Espresso coffee provides a pleasant and balanced taste ideal to accompany any event. The aromas of flowers and cocoa melt to offer a sweet taste. Its intensity level is 8.
  • Viaggio Lungo capsules. Those who like to accompany any moment of the day with a great cup of coffee, the variety Lungo de Viaggio can be the best choice. It is a coffee with a strong and deep flavour, with an intensity level of 9.
  • Capsules Viaggio Decaffeinate. The capsules of Viaggio Decaffeinate are ideal for those who want to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee without sacrificing sleep. This variety of decaffeinated coffee concentrates all the flavour of the most intense coffee with the aroma of dry fruits and an abundant creaminess.

Viaggio capsules: Where to buy?

Now that you know the different varieties of Viaggio coffee and the price of the capsules compatible with Nespresso, we are going to indicate to you where to buy Viaggio capsules.

As you can see, this brand is not very popular in supermarkets and small neighbourhood shops. Maybe you can get this brand of compatible capsules in some hypermarkets, but if you don’t have one near you, the best thing to do is to buy Viaggio compatible capsules on the Internet. Any of the following two options are equally valid:

  • Buy Viaggio capsules online through their official website.
  • Buy Viaggio capsules online through Amazon, where you will find very tempting offers on these capsules for Nespresso.

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