Tassimo Coffee Capsules

In the fierce competition of the capsule coffee machine sector, Tassimo users certainly have a personality. They don’t buy “Tassimo coffee pods” like everyone else but take home a pack of T-Discs.

They are not satisfied with just choosing between multiple varieties of coffee but have a lot of drinks in their catalogue such as specialities, teas or chocolates of the best brands on the market: Milka, Suchard, Oreo, Saimaza, to name a few.

Do you still have any doubt that Tassimo capsules need a shop of their own? Well, no, neither do we. That’s why we’ve opened a space in our online store to be able to buy Tassimo capsules.

As the range of T-Discs from Tassimo is enormous, we will be adding to our shop the most popular or sold Tassimo capsules, and little by little, we will be adding more to the catalogue.

Is there a place to buy cheap Tassimo capsules? Yes, there are several shops where you can buy Tassimo T-Discs, but none as fast and complete as ours: all varieties of T-Discs Tassimo are just a click away – have a look and go for it!

NOTE: Remember that in this store, you can find now the Tassimo compatible capsules.

Tassimo Pods - Pick Any 5 Packs, Choose from 32 Coffee Flavours
Tassimo Pods - Pick Any 5 Packs, Choose from 32 Coffee Flavours
★ Original Tassimo Coffee Pods - 32 Flavours To Choose From; ★ You Choose The Flavours You Want
Tassimo L'OR Lovers Coffee Selection - Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato/ Latte Macchiato Caramel/Double...
Tassimo L'OR Lovers Coffee Selection - Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato/ Latte Macchiato Caramel/Double...
Compatible with Tassimo coffee machine; 6 Packs, 72 Servings in total

Some Tips Before Buying T-Discs Tassimo

In case you are new to these parts, or if you have just bought a machine of this brand and it is the first time you are going to buy capsules for Tassimo coffee machine, it is not superfluous to provide a series of necessary data and guidelines.

The capsules for Tassimo are called T-Discs (you can find them referenced in both ways, Tassimo capsules or Tassimo T-discs).

They have their format, which is not at all like the rest of the capsule systems on the market (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Lavazza, etc.). So, if for some strange reason this has crossed your mind, don’t even try: T-Discs Tassimo doesn’t work in other coffee machines, nor do other brands’ capsules work for your Tassimo.

The dimensions (width and height), the materials and even the technology are unique to Tassimo.

You should also know that Tassimo is one of the capsule companies that offer more variety: you can find not only coffees but drinks of all kinds. But be careful: some specialities require two capsules; usually, one capsule of coffee and another capsule with the powdered milk.

So, it is one thing to calculate the price of each capsule and quite another to calculate the cost of each drink.

For example, T-Discs Capuccino Classico packages contain 16 capsules: 8 of coffee and 8 of milk preparation. In other words, with the pack, you can prepare 8 Cappuccino drinks, not 16. In this video, you can see the production process with the capsules for Tassimo de Chocolate Oreo:

Where to Buy Tassimo Capsules

Fortunately, Tassimo coffee capsules are present in most supermarkets and department stores. There is not much to look for Tassimo capsules on the shelves of any city.

Still, as it often happens sometimes, they don’t have all the varieties (only the most popular ones), and if you are looking for very specific T-Discs, then it is best to resort to buying Tassimo capsules online. Buying Tassimo capsules online is a smart move if you know how to do it.

To buy just one box or one pack of T-Discs, it’s not worth it. But if you search through the offers, find a package at a lower price than usual, and buy many units, the savings can be huge.

It’s just a matter of checking the expiration date of the Tassimo capsules you choose (if you can’t see it, calculate that it can be several months) and estimate the number of capsules you will consume in that period. This way, you will be able to buy Tassimo capsules online in a massive way, taking advantage of the discounts and purchase supplies for most of the year.

To buy T-Discs online, we recommend two places: the official Tassimo website and Amazon.

In the first one, you are sure to find everything (even the most hidden variety of Tassimo capsules). At the same time, in Amazon, you are sure to find the best offers of Tassimo capsules if you manage to find the best resellers or the right wholesalers.

Cheap Tassimo Capsules: How, Where and Why

As a reference, please note that the price of Tassimo capsules is usually around 30 or 31 cents per unit (packages often contain 16 T-Discs and cost between 4,90 and 5 Pounds). If you are looking for cheap Tassimo capsules, you should set a limit of a maximum of 24 or 25 cents per capsule. Above that price, no offer can be considered.

We have already said that large online sales platforms, such as Amazon, where private resellers are active, are the best place to fish for the best deals on Tassimo capsules.

Why? Because they are people who buy vast quantities of the product from wholesalers and thus get incredible prices for each unit. A typical buyer could never do the same because you need a warehouse to store them and get them out quickly so they don’t expire.

These wholesalers then sell them on Amazon for less than the regular price but more than they have paid.

This way, all parties win the reseller, the final consumer, and Tassimo herself, who gets the dirty work of distribution in exchange for a small discount.

In the official store, you will not find any savings beyond the fact that they forgive you the shipping costs from a certain amount. Or they give you occasionally some gift (glasses and things like that, but they never reduce the price of the capsule) if you enter some discount code.

Why There Are No Tassimo Compatible Capsules

If you’ve come to this store, you’ll already know this, but just in case, we’re going to dedicate a few lines to clarify it for you. There are no compatible Tassimo capsules on the market. The reason is straightforward: Tassimo itself has taken care of blocking access to its capsules with a unique system (Intellibrew, as they call it).

It is a unique barcode on their T-Discs, which coffee makers must read and interpret intelligently before making coffee. This way, the coffee maker knows you’re about to make water, time to prepare if it’s cold or hot, and so on.

These pods need a bar code to pour coffee. And the barcode is unique to Tassimo, and no one has managed to decipher it, so Tassimo compatible capsules are still an illusion for the moment.

As with all capsule systems, this single-dose compatibility thing is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they hurt the brand, as is usual, because they sell fewer of their capsules.

But on the other hand, they facilitate access to the coffee machines since many users sometimes choose one brand or another depending on whether they can get compatible capsules for it or not (since official ones always seem very expensive to them).

Tassimo has decided to avoid this problem at its root, but other companies such as Nespresso or Dolce Gusto live with compatible ones without any significant problem. In the end, it is a marketing and business decision.

For now, as we have already said, Tassimo and compatible capsules are separate concepts. Hopefully, in the future, we will have to update these lines and announce that Tassimo compatible capsules are finally a reality. Of course, there are always alternatives. In this case, the recommendation is obvious: buy cheap Tassimo capsules (and the more, the better).

Tassimo Capsule Range

It is not possible to make a general rule about the tastes of the consumers, but here we are going to describe which of these products have more acceptance and therefore are the most sold.

Before that, it is also convenient to point out a couple of aspects, such as the acceptance of the beverages we usually consume the most (espresso and decaffeinated coffees, milk coffees). And also the influence of the price of each one of the varieties, being the most sold the cheapest ones logically.

We must also point out that, although Tassimo International already reaches about 50 varieties between coffees, chocolate drinks and teas. We can find them in pages of online sales at a higher price since they are products of import, but we cannot acquire these products in our supermarket or hyper of always.

Once these clarifications have been made, we will present which are, in our opinion, the most successful products for our Tassimo coffee machines here in the online panorama and why.

T-Discs Tassimo: non-imported products according to variety, quality, and price

  1. Saimaza Espresso and Saimaza Daily Breakfast. These are products that under the guarantee of the Saimaza brand are the most economical on the market, packaged in 16 T-Disc packs for as many drinks. Both only differ in the volume that we will obtain of coffee in our cup: short espresso or long espresso. Or an espresso of 60 ml (Espresso) or a longer coffee of 215 ml (Breakfast daily), although both can be acquired at the same price.
  2. The Saimaza Coffee Latte. The formula is straightforward: a product that in a single capsule combines coffee and powdered milk (16 drinks) and is acquired at an excellent price. We can almost say that it will replace in the short or medium-term the Saimaza Cortado (8 drinks, coffee and liquid milk separately).
  3. Carte Noire brand make coffee capsules for Tassimo. Well, in this case, the main thing is to say that the quality of this French brand is undoubted, but also this factor is reflected in the price. We are talking about the fact that it is approximately 1.5 Pounds more expensive each package of 16 T-Discs (that is to say, 0.10 pounds more per drink) than a normal one. Even so, its sales here on the Internet do not stop growing, and the most successful products are the Carte Noire Espresso Intenso and the Voluptuous Colombia.
  4. Decaffeinated coffees. Another star product for our Tassimo coffee machines is the Decaffeinated Carte Noire, which both in its Espresso and Long modality, have very high sales rates. It is a factor that in our opinion, is since they do not have a cheaper range, as it happens with the Saimaza.
  5. Milk and chocolate drinks. Here it is undoubtedly the Carte Noire Cappuccino that takes the lead. It is made with an intense coffee capsule and a liquid milk capsule, which means that the 16 T-Disc package allows us to prepare eight drinks. We can say that it has the same disadvantage that we mentioned before with the Saimaza Cortado. Also, in this section we must highlight the new 8 BIG T – DISC Milka which allows us to enjoy twice as much of our usual Milka in a single giant capsule that combines cocoa and powdered milk. The new Oreo completes this section as far as products that we can acquire here in Internet are concerned.
  6. Teas and infusions. The classic Earl Grey Tea has always been at the forefront as until not long ago it was the only one that was not imported, but the recent inclusion of Twinnings Green Tea as an imported “no” product will give much to talk about. Sales of this delicious tea have increased considerably due to its better retail price.

T-Discs Tassimo: imported products

There is no doubt that due to the high price at which we can acquire these containers (since they are imported from different European countries), these products are not widely consumed here on the Internet and are also challenging to find.

For this reason, we will briefly mention that the manufacturers are all top-quality brands, whether they are Jacobs, Kenco, Twinings, Cadbury or Carte Noire itself.

These imported products from Tassimo complete one of the broadest range of coffees and hot drinks on the market and, although we have already talked about their high price (about 6 Pounds per package). They are ideal products to complement an online order, for example, and thus give us a little treat.