Stracto Capsules

The sale of Stracto coffee pods on the Internet has soared in recent years thanks to the alliance between Fagor (which manufacture the coffee machines) and Cafento (which is in charge of the coffee).

So we decided to include them on their own merits in our coffee store. In this section of the shop, you can buy Fagor Stracto capsules at the best price and what’s more: without moving from the armchair from which you are reading these lines right now.

Fagor’s Stracto capsules are sold in cases of 10 units, and each capsule includes an exact dose of 8 grams of coffee (which is considered ideal for an espresso).

When buying Fagor Stracto capsules, you should bear in mind that the varieties differ from each other only in taste. There are no speciality Stracto coffee capsules as there are with other brands (we are referring to chocolates, milk drinks, etc.). If you want to know where to buy Fagor’s Stracto capsules, read on.

corposso stracto, 10 Coffee Capsules
corposso stracto, 10 Coffee Capsules
corposso stracto, 10 coffee capsules; Ship Very discrete; 24/48 hours in your home

Where can I buy Stracto coffee capsules?

Let’s focus on where to buy Stracto coffee capsules, which are the subject of this article. We are not going to talk about the other Stracto capsules compatible with the Caffitaly system (such as Fortaleza, Chicco D’Oro or Eccafé), which have a different distribution and can be found (or not) in other types of stores. We will dedicate a section to them later, at the end of this page.

The variety is often limited, and you will usually have to make do with buying one or two types of Stracto coffee capsules. Whatever is available, and nothing else.

Although many people don’t know it, the Caffitaly system capsules were among the first patented and marketed capsule systems. Thanks to the quality of the coffee, they have a quite high consideration among the experts of the sector.

Stracto: Capsules and Varieties

These capsules for the Fagor coffee machine are sold in five varieties of black coffee (espresso), each with its characteristics.

We are going to review each one so that you can see the differences and know how to buy the Stracto capsules that best suit your palate. There is also a variety of Stracto lemon tea capsules, which are sold in the same format as the coffee capsules (cases of 10 units).

Espresso Capsules Compatible with CAFFITALY, K-FEE System, by Italian Coffee (Taste Kit 4 Blends, 80...
Espresso Capsules Compatible with CAFFITALY, K-FEE System, by Italian Coffee (Taste Kit 4 Blends, 80...
20 Ristretto: Short, Stronger and bold espresso!; 20 Brazil: Arabicas mono origin selection, creamy and medium espresso

Stracto Delicato capsules

The soft Colombian coffee. Eight grams of coffee in each dose, 100% Arabica beans from Colombia.

Stracto Intense Capsules

Combination of Arabicas from Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua. Each in its proportion to achieve a result of high intensity.

Stracto Classico capsules

The espresso of a lifetime. 100% Arabica coffee beans of mild-medium intensity. A great blend of American Arabicas, with an Arabica from Kenya. Unsurpassed.

Decaffeinated Stracto capsules

Arabica beans from Central and South America. The process of extracting the caffeine from the Stracto capsules is not at all aggressive and allows the nuances and aromas of the raw material to be preserved in full.

Stracto Corposso capsules

Full-bodied South American Arabica beans. A mixture of origins: Brazil and Colombia. Brazilian beans add character and sweetness to your coffee, while Colombian beans give it a special touch of acidity to round off a full-bodied drink.

Can you buy Stracto Compatible Capsules?

Yes, as mentioned above, Stracto Compatible capsules are available at various stores. They are from the well-known coffee capsule company Caffitaly, and look like the ones shown in the following video:

All Caffitaly system coffee capsules are compatible with Stracto (and therefore with Stracto coffee machines). Some of Fagor’s Stracto-compatible capsule brands have been mentioned in one of the previous sections: Ecaffé, Fortaleza, and some more.

The Caffitaly capsules, as we have already mentioned, are characterized by weighting 8 grams of coffee per dose and also incorporate a dual filter system that allows the extraction of coffee is much more effective.

This 8-gram dose is much higher than other popular capsule systems on the Internet, which do not exceed 5 or 6 grams per single dose.

If you want to buy Stracto-compatible Caffitaly capsules, you have a tasty variety of options at Amazon:

It must be made clear that Caffitaly is a format, a capsule system, and not a brand in itself. It means that we can buy Caffitaly capsules online, or compatible capsules, from many different manufacturers. PopCaffé, Ecaffé or Il Caffe Italiano are some of these names.

Here we have shown you just a small sample, but in our coffee capsule guide, you can find many more.