Starbucks Capsules

The landing was a real success, but we finally have the long-awaited Starbucks compatible capsules for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. The presence of this prestigious company of coffees and catering establishments in the catalogue of Nestlé’s capsule brands is no coincidence.

STARBUCKS Variety Pack 8 Flavour by Nespresso Coffee Pods (Pack of 8, Total 80 Capsules)
  • STARBUCKS coffee capsules by NESPRESSO with a variety of different roasts and blends from the STARBUCKS family
  • The special variety of capsules has been selected to allow you to have the perfect coffee available for each special moment
  • Coffee capsules compatible with NESPRESSO coffee machines, excluding NESPRESSO Vertuo coffee machines
  • The product is compatible with Nespresso machines (not with Nespresso Vertuo). The fitment is identical to standard Nespresso capsules

It is the result of a monumental and costly agreement that is forged in May 2018, whereby Nestlé acquires the rights to the Starbucks brand worldwide in perpetuity.

The aim of this agreement is, to market all Starbucks products, from coffee beans to coffee capsules, in supermarkets, Amazon and Alibaba from 2019. And we’re going to talk about them in this review. With this collaboration, Nestlé forms a trio of luxury brands that seem difficult to compete against: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Starbucks.

For the moment, the agreement is materialized in the appearance of Starbucks capsules for Dolce Gusto and Nespresso coffee makers, with some of the successful varieties and blends we already know from the Starbucks coffee bean catalogue:

Starbucks capsules for Dolce Gusto – Prices

Starbucks coffee capsules for Dolce Gusto have three main varieties: Espresso, Cappuccino and Grande, which is the traditional American coffee (in some cases with the possibility of different blends or origins), but also has other flavours.

They are all sold in boxes of 12, and their unit price is slightly higher than that of the official Dolce Gusto capsules. The boxes you see in the supermarket will cost more or less the same, but don’t forget that they only contain 12 single doses, while those of other brands or Dolce Gusto’s own bring 16.

In this case, whoever wants to buy the Starbucks capsules for Dolce Gusto will not do it for the price but because they really like the proposal and the aroma of the American brand.

Starbucks capsules for Nespresso

In the Starbucks coffee capsule catalogue for Nespresso, we find much more variety than in those of Dolce Gusto. We can group them into two types: the specialities of origin (some fair trade), and the blends.

Among the Nespresso Starbucks capsules of origin we can find beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya.

In the blends, on the other hand, we have at our disposal a lungo espresso, and a traditional fair-trade espresso.

All these specialities are available in individual cases of 10 capsules, or packs of each type in a box for tasting. If you want to buy the Starbucks capsules at Amazon, these are the offers available today:

Starbucks Tassimo capsules

We’re very sorry if you’ve come all this way looking for Starbucks coffee capsules for Tassimo, but the answer is that they no longer exist. They left the catalogue many years ago (in 2011) because the agreement between Kraft and Starbucks was not renewed and the partnership between the two companies remained in place.

As we have already said in this review, the recent collaboration between Starbucks and Nestlé (just the direct competition of Tassimo, through its brands Nespresso and Dolce Gusto), together with the already existing commercial alliance between Starbucks and the Keurig capsule system in the United States, makes it seem that seeing Starbucks T-Discs for Tassimo in our stores again will simply be impossible.

What do Starbucks coffee capsules look like?

Starbucks capsules are aluminium, like all Nespresso capsules. So they have the same sustainability issues that are common to compatible capsules, regardless of the manufacturer.

To recycle Starbucks capsules, the company provides you with bags in which you can store your used pods instead of throwing them in the trash, and then deliver them to the store. It is exactly the same as the Nespresso recycling system (you can also put any other capsule that is compatible with the Nespresso system in the bags, even if it is not a Starbucks capsule).

If you opt for the Starbucks compatible Dolce Gusto pods, they are also exactly the same as the “official” brand. In this case, there is no centralized recycling programme, such as the one implemented by Nespresso.

In terms of aroma and taste, the quality of Starbucks coffee is one of the biggest assets of this agreement, as it is a company that already has a legion of millions of followers around the world. So the quality of Starbucks coffee capsules is guaranteed. In this respect, it can be said that Nestlé has made a safe bet.

For the same reason, don’t expect to find Starbucks capsules on sale or at insultingly low prices, as is the case with other compatible single-dose manufacturers. Starbucks’ trump card is not exactly affordable prices.

Where to buy Starbucks capsules?

At the time of writing this review of Starbucks coffee capsules, the partnership between the green mermaid company and Nestlé is still very new.

Currently, Starbucks coffee capsules for Nespresso can be found widely on Amazon and in any major physical store. Alibaba, as we said at the beginning, is also part of the Starbucks compatible capsule distributor roster.

On the other hand, Starbucks capsules for Dolce Gusto can be found from spring 2019 on the shelves of major food retailers.