Senseo Capsules

One of the significant advantages of Philips Senseo coffee machines is the wide variety of flavours (not just coffee) that are in their single-serve or pods. For this reason, our coffee capsule store could not miss a section to buy Senseo capsules.

Senseo pods are characterized by their low price – compared to other coffee pod systems – and because they are also compatible with any other coffee machine that accepts pads or soft pods.

In short, advantages everywhere! If you are also from Senseo, you have in our store a reference point to acquire your capsules with the best offers on the market.

Hints for Buying Senseo Compatible Capsules

Sometimes, the main advantage of Senseo’s single-dose systems (their compatibility with a lot of systems and the wide variety of brands and compatible Senseo single-dose systems that exist) becomes a headache for the long-suffering consumer.

Where to buy Senseo capsules? Which are the original and which are the compatible Senseo capsules? Is it better to buy Senseo capsules online or in physical stores? Where to buy cheap Senseo capsules? Many doubts and questions assail us, and we will try to answer as clearly as possible in these lines.

Let’s start at the beginning: Senseo coffee machines use the system of pods or soft pods (as opposed to ESE or hard pods). It is a universal system, that is, not exclusive to Senseo.

It means that any other brand can market its coffee in pads perfectly valid for any Senseo coffee machine. Senseo compatible single-dose pads are cheaper than Philips Senseo capsules but also have some disadvantages.

The most important one is that some exclusive varieties (such as Milka’s Senseo pods, for example) are not among the compatible ones. It’s also the other way around, mind you: good examples are the Irish Senseo capsules or the Senseo Marcilla single-dose capsules.

Another aspect to consider when buying Senseo coffee capsules is the size of the packages. There are bags with 8 or 16 single-dose inside, but unlike other formats, it is not difficult to find larger bags of up to 36 or even 48 units.

We are not talking about a pack of 3 bags of 16, but a single dose package with 48 single-dose Senseo.

Where to buy Philips Senseo Capsules?

It depends. Buy Senseo single-dose online has its advantages, derived precisely from this peculiar size distribution.

If we find an exciting offer in the larger formats and buy enough to save shipping costs (in total, this can be several hundred capsules), the benefit over buying in a supermarket will be remarkable.

All this without taking into account that in supermarkets, we will not usually find all varieties of Senseo capsules, but only the most common.

In contrast, buying capsules for the Senseo coffee machine in the supermarket or our general store can be a more economical solution if we are going to buy small amounts (for example, to purchase loose packages).