Pompadour Capsules

Who said that Nespresso coffee machines could only make coffee? To prove that Nespresso machines are much more than just coffee machines, we present the compatible Pompadour capsules. Yes, you are right; these are tea capsules and infusions that you can use in your Nespresso to enjoy a delicious cup of tea, mint, rooibos or other infusions at any time of the day and without leaving home.

Pompadour is one of those brands that have been present in our lives for more than 50 years, always providing us with the best infusions. Everybody associates Pompadour with infusions, so it was clear that a firm of this relevance could not stay out of the capsule market business. Especially since most of the brands that own the systems (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso) have infusion capsules in their official catalogue.

Pompadour has been one of the pioneering companies in the production of infusions at a national level, which became very popular due to the invention of the double chamber bags where the best flavours are concentrated. Due to its great success, today we can see Pompadour infusions in any store or supermarket.

The Spanish company, Pompadour, has the largest production chain in the world of tea, herbs and infusions to cover the great market demand. It should be noted that Pompadour has not only reinvented itself over the years, offering even Pompadour capsules that are compatible with Nespresso but has also become one of the leading companies in the sector due to the high quality of its products, its continued growth and its investment in research, development and innovation.

The Pompadour compatible capsules brand has a social commitment to its suppliers in the growing areas. An environmental commitment, guaranteeing the quality of its products by using selected raw materials and by manufacturing bags for infusions made of cotton, made in a sustainable way. And of course, a commitment to its customers by offering the best products, infusions and high-quality tea.

In addition to the classic flavours in infusions, Pompadour offers a wide selection of what they call “multi fusion”, a combination of traditional infusions to which different herbs are added. Are exotic infusions your thing? Within the range of compatible Pompadour capsules, you will also find those exotic flavours to please your palate: green tea Moroccan style, tea with spices Indian style, black tea from Darjeeling, rooibos from South Africa, among other flavours that will end up conquering you.

Buy online Pompadour capsules

You may not have realised until now that your Nespresso coffee machine can also make delicious brews. And now that you know, you’re thinking about buying compatible Pompadour capsules to enjoy an exquisite infusion without leaving home and with all the convenience of not having to boil water.

The classic Pompadour herbal teas are available in virtually every supermarket and hypermarket you go to. But when it comes to compatible capsules, the search is limited to a few establishments.

You can buy Pompadour capsules online both on their official website (through their online store) and on Amazon. One of the advantages of buying Pompadour compatible capsules on Amazon is that the offer is much larger. We do not only refer to the number of products, but also to their price. At Amazon, you will find great offers on Pompadour-compatible capsules, such as the following:

Pompadour Spicy Chai Indian Tea 10 Capsules
Pompadour Spicy Chai Indian Tea 10 Capsules
Pompadour – Spicy Chai Indian Tea 10 capsules; Ship Very discrete; 24/48 hours in your home
Pompadour Supreme Rooibos Caramel 10 Capsules
Pompadour Supreme Rooibos Caramel 10 Capsules
Pompadour – Supreme Rooibos Caramel 10 capsules; Ship Very discrete; 24/48 hours in your home

Pompadour Capsules: Prices

The price of compatible Pompadour capsules is particularly attractive. The box of 10 Pompadour compatible capsules is usually around £2.82, which means that each Pompadour tea or infusion is priced at £0.29.

OK, other teas may be less expensive than Pompadour capsules, but convenience comes at a price. The best thing about buying Nespresso-compatible Pompadour capsules is that you don’t have to boil water, and they are made immediately.

Thanks to the Nespresso Pompadour compatible capsules, you can enjoy a cup of tea, rooibos or other infusions instantly. And if you are looking for something more economical, without giving up the benefits of this brand of tea and infusions, you can always buy packs of 20 Pompadour capsules at a price of £0.29 per capsule.

It is not an unusual saving compared to the official ones. Still, you have to bear in mind that the Pompadour infusion capsules are an innovative and different offer, which has no equivalent in the official Nespresso catalogue.

What are the Pompadour capsules for Nespresso like? Opinions

At this point, it is best to talk to you about each of the varieties of Pompadour tea and infusions compatible with Nespresso. Most users who have tried Pompadour-compatible capsules buy them again. Not only because of their wide variety of flavours, nor because of the price of their capsules, but mainly because they are the most convenient and fastest way to enjoy an excellent infusion.


Within the range of Pompadour compatible capsules, you will find green tea with mint Moroccan style, tea with spices Indian style, fine black tea and aromatic Darjeeling, South African rooibos with caramel. That’s for the exotic flavours.

As for the traditional flavours, there are capsules for Nespresso Pompadour that are compatible with Sleep Well with Passionflower, Digestive Plus capsules, vanilla infusions of berries and refreshing mint infusions. Which one will you start with?

Pompadour capsules: Where to buy?

As indicated above, buying Pompadour infusions is quite simple. Pompadour compatible tea and infusion capsules may not be available in all supermarkets, but at least in the vast majority. When buying Pompadour compatible capsules, you can go to

  • Local shops. From small neighbourhood shops, through all brands of supermarkets to hypermarkets and department stores. 
  • Official online store. Through the official Pompadour website, you can also place an order and buy Pompadour compatible capsules online.
  • Amazon. Amazon has practically all varieties of Pompadour infusions for Nespresso. Just choose the ones you like the most and click on the buy button to receive your order at home – it’s that easy!