Musetti Capsules

There is no doubt that Italy, being the cradle of espresso, is also the cradle of compatible coffee capsule brands. It’s the country where most manufacturers come from. The payroll is expanded with Caffé Musetti, a brand that is not usually distributed in stores but which we can access online thanks to Amazon.

240 pcs kit; Nespresso compatible capsules; Evoluzione, Cremissimo, Mio Espresso and Decaffeinated

Musetti is a coffee roaster founded in 1934 (almost a century of history). Its owner was Luigi Musetti, who opened the first original Musetti coffee shop in the Italian city of Piacenza. Today, Musetti is present in over 60 countries on all five continents. Like many other Italian coffee brands, Musetti works mainly with coffee beans and its raw material is oriented towards the tasting of espresso, the typical drink of the region. 

In recent years the Musetti brand, in order not to remain outside the market, has decided to expand its business line with Musetti coffee capsules, which are the subject of this page. The careful selection of the beans and the proper roasting methods are its hallmarks.

In its commercial proposal, Musetti compatible coffee capsules are marketed in two formats: soft single-dose capsules (pads) and those compatible with Nespresso. At the moment, there are no Musetti capsules for Dolce Gusto, probably because this Nestlé system is much less popular in Italy, the firm’s country of origin. Musetti capsules compatible with Lavazza do exist.

Below, we will get to know each of the ranges a little better.

Musetti coffee capsules – Pods

The Musetti (soft) coffee pods are sold in very large packs of 100 or 150 pods. Each is individually packaged (to preserve its aroma and freshness), and the product is offered in a fairly generous cardboard box.

The Musetti single-dose pads are the most classic of the Italian company’s entire range of blends. Thus, we find, for example, the following ones:

  • Musetti Rossa capsules: the Rossa blend is the most classic and balanced of the entire brand. Intense body and great persistence of the aroma on the palate. Made from 60% Arabica beans and 40% Robusta beans.
  • Musetti Paradiso: 100% Arabica beans with fruity aromas, low in caffeine, refined and smooth.
  • Musetti Cremissimo: a special blend for lovers of very creamy coffee, with notes of cocoa and hazelnut.
  • Musetti Decaffeinated capsules: a decaffeinated variety could not be missing.
ESE pods; 15 pods box; Cremissimo blend; Intense, balanced flavor; Rich body, great creaminess and good persistence on the palate
MUSETTI - Coffee PODS Decaffeinated 150 PCS.
MUSETTI - Coffee PODS Decaffeinated 150 PCS.
ESE coffee pods; 150 pods box; Decaffeinated; Delicate pleasant aroma, full and persistent aftertaste
MUSETTI - Coffee PODS LA Rossa 150 PCS
MUSETTI - Coffee PODS LA Rossa 150 PCS
LA ROSSA - 150 pods box; 7 Gr in each pod; 44 mm; Taste: strong body, good persistence

Musetti capsules for Nespresso – Buy online

The Musetti capsules compatible with Nespresso have a greater variety of origins and specialities than the pads. In addition to the traditional Musetti blends (which we have already reviewed in the previous section on soft pods), for Nespresso, we also find coffee capsules of origin.

For example, we find Musetti’s Nespresso capsules from Kenya, Brazil, a Decaf, and even tasting packs (up to 240 capsules) to try them all. Here are some samples:

As you can see, in this case, the format is the usual one of any brand of compatible for the Nespresso system: boxes of 10 units.

Musetti coffee capsules – Prices

Its quality and purity distinguish Musetti coffee (even though the most ardent espresso lovers are often wary of the prestige of a bean roaster being reflected in the capsule format), its price is reasonable. It does not differ much from what we can find in the official Nespresso capsules.

You know that this varies greatly depending on the market, the time and the offers available, but at the time of writing, the box of 10 Musetti capsules for Nespresso is £3.50 (35 cents per capsule).

The soft single-dose pods, as is often the case, are somewhat cheaper but are still above the price of other lesser-known pods. The prestige of Italian espresso has to be paid for somehow.

How are the Musetti coffee capsules? Opinions


Our comments on the Musetti capsules are bound to be positive. They belong to that group of compatible capsules whose aim is not necessarily to offer a “cheaper” alternative to the official ones but to market a quality coffee with their own blends (the same ones they use for their coffee beans) that bring something different to the consumer.

The compatible Musetti capsules are logically focused on a consumer with a medium-high profile, with a certain level of demand, since in order to save money without taking too much into account the taste of the coffee, there are already other alternatives on the market.

We particularly like the variety of possibilities offered by Musetti: there are many proprietary blends that we can only find in this brand, coffees of many origins, decaffeinated ones, Arabica beans or combinations with robusta, a little bit of everything.

Musetti capsules – Where to buy?

We have already anticipated that the Musetti compatible capsules do not have direct distributors, so it will not be easy to find them in the large supermarkets or in the usual hypermarkets. The safest and quickest option is to buy the Musetti capsules from Amazon. You can also access practically all the blends and varieties of the format you choose (the pads or the Musetti compatible capsules with Nespresso).