MePiachi Capsules

Until recently, to enjoy an excellent coffee in a Dolce Gusto coffee maker you could only do so by buying original Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules, but fortunately, the patent has been lifted, and we can see how other coffee brands also venture to make their own capsules compatible for that coffee maker, as is the case with Oquendo Coffee.

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If you’re a coffee aficionado, you probably already know the Oquendo brand, but you didn’t know about its association with the MePiachi firm, did you?

The Oquendo Coffee brand offers a line of products known as MePiachi, composed of capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto. Oquendo Coffee is a Spanish company, based in the region of Asturias, with great coffee tradition, as it has over twenty years of experience in the sector.

If you look at the Oquendo Coffee website, you will see that this great coffee company has different types of coffee, both ground coffee for traditional coffee makers, as coffee beans, coffee in pods and coffee in capsules. As for their Dolce Gusto compatible capsules, the so-called MePiachi compatible capsules, you’ll find a wide variety of flavours and aromas.

It doesn’t matter if you like coffee with milk, black, espresso, long or decaffeinated, thanks to the variety of MePiachi compatible capsules you can enjoy each of its flavours at different times of the day. Coffee can be the perfect excuse to take a break during the working day, to socialize with friends or colleagues or to recharge your batteries after a long day. There is always a good time to drink coffee, and MePiachi compatible capsules make it even easier.

Oquendo Coffee produces quality coffee, only that coffee that stands out for its taste, aroma and creaminess. That’s why, when it comes to trusting compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto, we open the door for MePiachi.

Within the selection of MePiachi compatible capsules, you will find eight different varieties of coffee: coffee with milk, espresso, cappuccino, espresso, decaffeinated espresso, milk coffee, organic espresso and compatible chocolate capsules. If you don’t know which variety to choose, you can always check the information on the MePiachi compatible capsules box where, in addition to the intensity, it is shown which ingredients each variety is made of.

MePiachi capsules – Buy online

If you are thinking of saving extra money every time you drink a cup of coffee, Oquendo’s MePiachi coffee brand can be a great alternative compared to the original capsules.

If you are going to buy compatible MePiachi capsules online, we recommend you to do so on trusted websites such as the official Oquendo Coffee shop or through Amazon. At Amazon, besides finding all varieties of MePiachi coffee for Dolce Gusto, you will also find very attractive offers in large packages where more MePiachi compatible capsules are included.

These are some of the MePiachi compatible capsule offers you will find through Amazon:

MePiachi Capsules – Prices

When you buy MePiachi compatible capsules, you will find yourself with boxes of 16 coffee capsules or with boxes of 64 coffee capsules.

At the official MePiachi store you have both options. The boxes of 16 MePiachi compatible capsules sell for £3.93, which means that each cup of coffee is priced at £0.24, while the Dolce Gusto capsules are priced at £4.47 (the box of 16), each cup of coffee is priced at £0.29.

The savings may not seem very significant at first glance, but you have to think about how many cups of coffee you consume a day, to do the math, and you will see that after a week or a month the savings are more than evident.

However, if you choose to buy MePiachi compatible capsules in boxes of 64 units, you will see that the figure drops a little more. These boxes are sold at a price of £14.30. Therefore, each coffee capsule has a price of £0.22. Now if you get the figures, right?

What are the MePiachi capsules for Dolce Gusto like? Opinions

Knowing the price of MePiachi compatible capsules, the next question we ask ourselves is, if it is really worth investing in this brand of coffee. As we have stated before, coffee is a matter of taste, and for taste the MePiachi coffee varieties.

For those who like coffee with milk, nothing like MePiachi milk coffee capsules, cut coffee capsules or MePiachi cappuccino capsules. If you like to savour a cup of “coffee flavoured” coffee, MePiachi has the espresso and lungo coffee varieties.

If you don’t want anything to keep you awake, you can always choose the MePiachi decaffeinated coffee capsules or the chocolate capsules.

Are you looking for something more special? You can try the organic espresso variety. MePiachi’s organic espresso coffee is made from milk powder and soluble coffee. You only need one capsule to enjoy its taste. It is a full-bodied drink, where the coffee aroma mixes with notes of milk to create a delicious drink. What are you waiting for to try it?

Always remember that MePiachi is actually a brand belonging to the well-known coffee company Oquendo, which ventures into the nutritious capsule sector in this way. Experience and guarantees are not lacking.

MePiachi Capsules – Where to buy?

Due to the liberalization of the Dolce Gusto capsule patent, by the year 2015, it is increasingly common to find compatible capsules in any supermarket. You can find compatible MePiachi capsules in various stores:

  • Buy MePiachi compatible capsules in supermarkets and hypermarkets. You can buy MePiachi compatible capsules in hypermarkets and department stores, even if they are not food establishments, it is more and more frequent to find compatible capsule packs next to their coffee machines.
  • Buy MePiachi capsules online. If you are looking to buy MePiachi compatible capsules online, you have several options, for example, buy MePiachi compatible capsules through their official website, buy through various online coffee shops or buy MePiachi compatible capsules at Amazon where you will find great deals.