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When a Nespresso coffee machine falls into your hands, the first thing you think about is whether you always need to buy Nespresso coffee capsules or whether you can buy compatible capsules. Whether you already have a Nespresso coffee machine or are thinking of buying one, you will have noticed that there are many coffee brands that have developed their own version of Nespresso-compatible capsules, including leading brands such as Marcilla.

Marcilla 533164 - Powdered Coffee Intense 'Mix' 250g
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Marcilla 533164 - Powdered Coffee Intense "Mix" 250g
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Marcilla is one of those great brands that every coffee maker knows how to appreciate, which has been present in our lives since the beginning of the 20th century. Marcilla coffee is known for its pleasant taste and aroma that can only be achieved by roasting over a low heat. In 1907, Mr Julián Marcilla decided to share the secret of how to prepare the best coffee with his neighbours. To do so, he used a small drum. Once the coffee got the desired roasting, he sold it directly to his neighbours and potential customers.

It was not easy to compete with the large factories that already existed at the time, but Mr Marcilla knew that to be successful, he had to offer a different product and an extraordinary service. He did this by taking the coffee to his customers’ homes himself. Most customers appreciated this service, but what they valued most was the taste and aroma of Marcilla coffee.

Due to its great reception, in the 1920s, Marcilla consolidated itself as one of the largest companies in the coffee sector, which allowed it to expand its market to a national level. Soon Marcilla coffee was known everywhere.

Over time, the Marcilla brand has been consolidated as one of the most important coffee brands. In 1994 it began to be exported to several European countries, such as France, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and Poland, where it has been very well received by the end consumer.

With the launch of the Philips Senseo coffee maker, Marcilla begins to produce its first single-dose coffees specially designed for this coffee maker. Today, Marcilla has a wide selection of coffees, not only in terms of varieties and flavours, but also in formats, such as ground coffee, soluble coffee, speciality coffee for espresso machines and Nespresso-compatible Marcilla capsules for the home. Fortunately, we can also enjoy the unmistakable taste of Marcilla in cafés, bars and restaurants.

Leaving aside the other varieties of Marcilla coffee, let’s focus our attention on the Nespresso-compatible Marcilla capsules.

Marcilla capsules for Nespresso – Buy online

As we have previously mentioned, Marcilla has a very wide variety of coffees, with different flavours and aromas, but it is in the Nespresso firm where we find a greater variety of single-dose and formats.

Focusing only on the Marcilla capsules compatible with Nespresso, we will find four different varieties: intense coffee, ristretto, classic flavour and decaffeinated. Although we have to warn you that some of them are no longer sold and it is already difficult to find them.

To enjoy the unmistakable taste of Marcilla coffee in your Nespresso, you can buy Marcilla compatible capsules in supermarkets, hypermarkets or through an online store. It should be noted that the official Marcilla coffee website does not have an online shop as such, so if you are thinking of buying Marcilla capsules online, we recommend you do so through Amazon, where you will find plenty of offers on capsules compatible with Marcilla Nespresso.

What are Marcilla capsules like for Nespresso? Opinions

Now that you know a little more about Nespresso-compatible Marcilla coffee capsules, as well as their varieties and the price of the capsules. You may be wondering whether it is really worth buying Marcilla capsules for Nespresso or what Marcilla capsules for Nespresso are like?

Logically, taste is in the variety. Some users prefer to buy Marcilla Ristretto capsules looking for that taste that leaves no one indifferent, due to the union of different coffee beans with an intensity level 12. Some are satisfied with the strength and aroma of level 10 Marcilla Intense coffee.

Others, however, prefer to be faithful to the classic-flavoured Marcilla capsules. This coffee is composed of quality Arabica beans that make it a balanced coffee, with a pleasant sweet taste and an intensity of 7 points. And those coffee drinkers, who need to avoid caffeine, will opt to buy decaffeinated Marcilla capsules.

As you can see, Marcilla has a range of coffee for every taste, without forgetting that taste and aroma that made the Marcilla brand stand out from the rest.

And what are Marcilla aluminium capsules?

Most observers will have noticed the appearance of the Nespresso Marcilla aluminium capsules. It is a new product from this company, currently only available in the Nespresso format, and that’s just it: capsules made of aluminium when the normal ones are made of plastic.

According to the manufacturer, this produces much more intense and aromatic espressos than plastic single-dose capsules. We do not understand the technical basis of this statement, but it remains a curiosity. The fact is that Marcilla Nespresso aluminium capsules are on the market and are distributed quite widely.

Marcilla 950122 - Coffee Capsules 10 Units 'Expreso Extrafuerte'
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Marcilla 950122 - Coffee Capsules 10 Units "Expreso Extrafuerte"
  • Ref - 950122
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  • Category - General Services

Advantages of Nespresso Marcilla capsules

The main advantage of Marcilla capsules for Nespresso is the ease with which they can be found: they are available in virtually any supermarket, while official Nespresso capsules are only sold online (with the consequent shipping costs) or in Nespresso stores (there are not many). There are even many Nespresso users who, although they regularly buy and consume official Nespresso capsules, always have a box of Marcilla capsules on hand in case they run out or any similar emergency.

Another point in favour of these capsules is that they are backed by a highly prestigious and recognised coffee brand, such as Marcilla. It is not a precisely unknown brand.

Disadvantages of Nespresso Marcilla capsules

You know that, for some years, certain models of Nespresso machines did not accept compatible capsules. It could be the case, for example, with the Nespresso U or the Inissia at the time. So, if you own any of these models, you may not be able to use Marcilla capsules for your Nespresso coffee machine (nor any other compatible brand).

Also, some users (this depends a lot on their palate) claim that Marcilla capsules have slightly less intensity and aroma than the official Nespresso capsules. In other words, the coffee is somewhat less full-bodied.

This assessment, we insist, is very subjective, but in any case, we think that when someone buys Marcilla coffee in capsules or any other type of compatible capsules for Nespresso, they expect to find a coffee of similar quality at a lower price and it is assumed that the quality, will never be able to be equal or superior to that of the official capsules.

Finally, we are perhaps missing a greater variety of proposals, such as gluten-free or dairy-free Marcilla capsules, or perhaps some bolder processing using Marcilla coffee as a base.

Marcilla capsules for Senseo

If you like Marcilla’s coffee and you have a Senseo coffee maker at home, you’re in luck. You can also buy single doses or ESE capsules from Marcilla for this machine format.

You have up to four coffees of the Gran Aroma variety (strong, extra strong, natural and decaffeinated), which fit the taste of a wide profile of users.

Marcilla capsules for Senseo coffee machines are sold in packs of 16 and 28 units.

Marcilla capsules for Tassimo

Lovers of Marcilla coffee in capsules using Tassimo coffee machines can read between a range of up to 5 basic varieties: the classic espresso, the decaffeinated, the long one, the coffee with milk and the cut one. As you can see, the most common options to try to please as many users as possible. 

Marcilla capsules for Dolce Gusto

The owners of a Dolce Gusto, on the other hand, have a lot less to choose from, although let’s not forget that in this system we hardly find any third party brands that market their coffee under the format of the Nestlé house. There are only two varieties of Marcilla coffee for Dolce Gusto: an intense espresso and a normal single-dose latte.

Marcilla capsules: Guideline prices

Are the Marcilla capsules cheap? Well, it depends a lot on the format or coffee maker for which we are going to acquire them. What is clear is that they are cheaper than the official brand, although the savings are not the same in all cases.

If you are thinking of saving a little when buying Nespresso-compatible Marcilla capsules, it is important to look at the price of each variety, and we are not just referring to those of the Marcilla brand. There are many coffee brands that have Nespresso-compatible capsules. Whichever brand you choose, to find out whether or not you are interested in choosing each one, you should take the unit price as a reference.

As for the compatible Marcilla capsules, the price of the 10-capsule packs is £2.32, which is equivalent to £0.23 per Marcilla capsule. If you are looking for a lower price, we recommend you buy Marcilla capsules in sets of 4 packs of 10 capsules, the price per capsule is £0.21. Ideal for those who like to enjoy a good coffee at various times of the day.

Comparing the price of Marcilla capsules compatible with Nespresso we can see that, they are slightly cheaper than the coffee capsules offered by other brands. Of course, Marcilla coffee capsules for Nespresso are a good alternative to the original Nespresso capsules, economically speaking.

Marcilla capsules: where to buy them?

Buying compatible Marcilla capsules is not difficult. Due to the popularity of the brand, it is easy to find capsules compatible with Marcilla Nespresso. It may not be available in some supermarkets, but it is not difficult to find them in hypermarkets.

If there is no supermarket or hypermarket in your area where you can get them, the best option is to buy Marcilla capsules online, through Amazon or other online coffee shops. Don’t forget to take a look at the different offers and promotions you will find in Marcilla capsules at Amazon, which can save you a lot of money on your monthly supply.