Lactose-Free coffee capsules

Fortunately, over the years, the situation for people with food intolerances has been normalised (not 100%, but partly), so that they can now access a wide range of products that a decade or more ago was practically utopia.

In our industry, lactose-free coffee capsules have gradually been added to this list. Admittedly still very timidly, but the offer will undoubtedly grow.

At the time of writing, all lactose-free pods on the market are for Dolce Gusto systems. This is logical, given that mixed drinks with milk are one of the Nestlé company’s greatest commercial strengths.

For the same reason we will not find lactose-free Nespresso capsules: in the official Nespresso catalogue there are only varieties of black coffee, without milk. So lactose is not a problem in this case.

There are no lactose-free Tassimo pods available at the moment either, but… who knows? Everything will come and go, because the truth is that right now Dolce Gusto has a great competitive advantage in this consumer segment.

Let’s get down to brass tacks and find out about the main products and alternatives if you want to consume Dolce Gusto lactose-free capsules. Our search is currently limited to two brands: Cafe Royal and Ristora.

Cafe Royal lactose-free coffee capsules

We have already talked about the Cafe Royal brand of capsules on our website, a firm that has gained an important market share thanks to a couple of important details:

  • It is a highly reputed brand in the dairy sector, which has enjoyed the trust of consumers for many years.
  • It incorporates a number of very original and interesting proposals into its range, which are rarely found in other brands of pods compatible with Dolce Gusto.
Cafe Royal Vegan Cappuccino Coconut Based 48 Dolce Gusto (R)* Coffee Capsules - Lactose Free
Cafe Royal Vegan Cappuccino Coconut Based 48 Dolce Gusto (R)* Coffee Capsules - Lactose Free
coffee capsules are suitable for all standard dolce gusto (r) capsule machines; our coconut based cappuccino is an alternative, sustainable and vegan pleasure

Cafe Royal’s lactose-free capsules are made from 45% Coconut lactose-free drink powder or 29% Oat lactose-free powder. They come in packs of 48 units, just like any other variety in the Dolce Gusto system of big packs.

On Amazon you can buy several packs at once, which will reduce the cost per capsule somewhat, and you can also find them without difficulty in the most popular supermarkets and supermarket chains.

Ristora lactose-free coffee capsules

In addition to the above, lactose-intolerant Dolce Gusto consumers also have the option of Ristora lactose-free cappuccino pods. This is a decaffeinated cappuccino, which is not only lactose-free but also gluten-free. In other words, a variety specially designed for intolerant groups.

In this case, Ristora sells its capsules in boxes of 10 units (although on Amazon you can buy as many boxes as you want, up to 12 at a time).

They are more expensive than usual, because as we already know in Dolce Gusto, cappuccinos are made with two capsules: one for coffee and the other for powdered milk. So with each pack of 10 units, we can make 5 cappuccinos (5 pods of decaffeinated coffee and 5 of lactose-free milk).

In short, an alternative variety for your lactose-free, decaffeinated Dolce Gusto capsules.

How are lactose-free coffee capsules made?

When you go to a coffee shop, you can ask for lactose-free milk in your coffee without any problem, and most coffee shops will provide it. The coffee is exactly the same as any other coffee… only the container from which the milk is served is different.

Well, the same is true for lactose-free coffee capsules. The capsules of drinks that contain milk (lattes, cappuccinos…) are made with a kind of powdered milk, which is then “converted” into normal milk when it is filtered by pressurised water.

So in the lactose-free pods, the only thing we find different is that this part is made of lactose-free powdered milk. The rest of the capsule (including the coffee part) is exactly the same as in a normal single-dose capsule.

Are there any lactose-free milk capsules?

Not at the moment. As you have seen in our guide, there are single-serve preparations of coffee with lactose-free milk, but there are no pods that allow you to serve lactose-free milk on its own.

You can check our guide about milk capsules, a curious addition for those who prefer to make their coffee in a different way, or simply explore the capabilities of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine.