Illy Capsules

Illy is well known as a brand of Italian coffee machines. A firm from the city of Trieste has enormous prestige not only for its line of high-quality coffee makers but also for its appreciated coffee.

Illy, together with Lavazza, is one of Italy’s – and therefore Europe’s – leading coffee bean marketers. With this reputation, it is not surprising that they want to expand their business lines. In this way, Illy not only produces good coffee beans for espresso machines but also has its single-dose capsule system: the Illy Iperespresso capsules.

The Illy Iperespresso coffee capsules are an exclusive system that only works for Illy coffee pod machines: it is not compatible with Dolce Gusto, Nespresso or any other. It is also not compatible with white labels or other marketers. There are no compatible Illy coffee pods or refillable capsules.

The technology of the Illy Iperespresso capsules consists of a two-step extraction of the coffee instead of the one-step mining practised by the rest of the coffee makers and capsule systems we know.

The result? Well, of course, a higher quality and purer coffee than we are used to drinking in any capsule. If we add to this the intrinsic quality of the raw material (the coffee roasted, ground and mixed by Illy), the result is nothing less than perhaps the best brand of coffee capsules in the world. Of course, the price you pay for each cup is another matter.

If you need to buy Illy coffee pods or you have just got one of their machines, a way to get into and know the universe of Illy coffee pods is this tasting pack of 100 units (one box of each type).

Illy 949845 - Coffee Capsules 100 Units Taste Toast Medium
Illy 949845 - Coffee Capsules 100 Units Taste Toast Medium
Ref - 949845; Brand Name - Illy; Category - General Services

In any case, we will get to know them much better throughout this guide. Let’s start by seeing what kind of coffees can be prepared with the Illy Iperespresso capsules.

Buy Illy capsules online: varieties

Illy coffee capsules are available in a range of four regular espresso coffees, as well as speciality coffees of origin (Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Idillyum). The four blended coffees are a dark roast, a medium roast, a decaf, and some lungo, or longer than usual, espresso capsules.

A specific colour identifies each of the varieties of Illy’s single-dose coffees, so it is easy to differentiate them at first sight. All of them can also be found in different formats and sizes. Here, we show you all of them:

Illy Capsules – Dark Roast

An intense, full-bodied coffee with cocoa aromas. Ideal for lovers of robust, round coffee. It can be identified in Illy’s catalogue with the colour black/dark grey.

Illy Capsules – Medium Roast

The classic roast, or medium roast, is softer than the previous one. It has notes of caramel and chocolate (this is not said by us, but by Illy herself). These are the packages with the red line.

Illy Capsules – Lungo Espresso

Illy’s lungo espresso capsules are identified by the colour blue and are perfect for those who like a slightly larger espresso than usual. The aroma and properties of Illy lungo espresso are equivalent to the regular medium roast espresso (the one in the red package) that we have seen before.

Illy Capsules – Decaffeinated

Green. An indispensable option in the catalogue of any coffee producer that prides itself on its quality. Illy’s decaffeinated coffee comes with less than 0.1% caffeine.

Illy coffee capsules – Specialties

We have grouped the Illy capsules of coffee of origin all under the same denomination, but in reality, they are five completely different coffees.

  • Illy Idillyum capsules: a surprising and different mixture from the others, with chocolate, caramel and fruit aromas. Do you dare to try it?
  • Brazil: intense, with a lot of flavour and aromas of dark chocolate.
  • Ethiopia: very delicate, with notes of jasmine in the aftertaste and a hint of citrus.
  • Colombia: aromatic and balanced, with distant notes of nuts.
  • Guatemala: a very complex, sweet coffee, with notes of chocolate, caramel and honey.

ESE Illy Single-Dose Capsules

Apart from the hard single-dose pods, exclusive to the Illy capsule system, the Italian manufacturer also puts all the prestige and quality of its coffee at the service of ESE pod users.

The Illy ESE pods come in cardboard boxes containing 18 units each, and the price per unit is like that of the hard capsule: just over 0.50 Pounds per coffee. They are significantly more expensive than other ESE pods on the market… but the quality must be paid for.

If you want to buy Illy single-dose ESE, here are some options available at Amazon:

Illy Decaffeinated ESE Pods (1 Pack of 18)
Illy Decaffeinated ESE Pods (1 Pack of 18)
Illy ESE Decaffeinated Paper Pods (1 Pack of 18)
Illy Decaffeinated ESE Pods (2 Packs of 18)
Illy Decaffeinated ESE Pods (2 Packs of 18)
Illy ESE Decaffeinated Paper Pods (2 Packs of 18)

How are Illy coffee capsules?

Each capsule is a different colour, depending on the variety we have chosen, and contains 7 grams of coffee. All types use 100% Arabica coffee for sustainable production.

Illy coffee capsules – Formats and presentations

Illy Iperespresso coffee capsules are usually sold in boxes or cans. Illy cans are metal and are hermetically sealed (they allow the capsule to be less exposed to the weather). Each Illy capsule can contain 21 units. On the other hand, boxes (or buckets, as Illy calls them) are standard cardboard packages with 18 single doses each.

The price per unit (what each capsule costs) is practically the same in both boxes and cans: around 50 cents per capsule.

You can also buy Illy capsules individually wrapped and sealed. In this case, the price of each capsule is higher.

Illy Capsules: Where to buy?

On the Internet, neither the Illy coffee machines nor their capsule systems are among the most known or famous. Their market share is still small in comparison to the big players in the capsule sector, and therefore their distribution is not too wide either.

It will not be easy to find Illy coffee capsules in physical stores unless you live near some big city in our country and you find out beforehand where they are distributed. For example, in some areas, it is possible to find Illy capsules in supermarkets or Illy capsules in Argos, but this is by no means the general rule in our country.

Therefore, in most cases, the fastest and most convenient option is to buy Illy capsules online: either at Amazon or their official website.