Happy Belly Coffee Pods

Many users may not know it, but the Happy Belly coffee capsule brand is owned by Amazon (private label). Through Happy Belly, Amazon also sells snacks, nuts and even coffee beans, although, in this post, we will focus mainly on coffee capsules.

As with all the private labels and products launched by Amazon, Happy Belly targets as many people as possible, in the case of coffee capsules, there are capsules for the major systems such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Keurig (Keurig K-Cup).

happy Belly compatible coffee pods

Happy Belly coffee capsules for Nespresso

Happy Belly has a wide range of Nespresso compatible capsules in boxes of 30 and 50 units. These coffee pods are compostable* in Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo Forte and decaffeinated versions. Each capsule costs £0.24 when buying a box of 30 (prices and availability may vary).

*The capsules are compostable but “compostable for industrial compost”, so check with your local authority to see if you can dispose of your used capsules in the compost bin. Although this is a great initiative, the compostable capsules come with individual plastic packaging, so we are polluting with this plastic. However, it helps the freshness and preservation of the coffee.

We can also find the same varieties in classic aluminium capsules, but the boxes are of 20 units. The cost per unit of these capsules is £0.24 if you buy a single package and £0.21 if you buy six boxes.

Happy Belly coffee capsules for Dolce Gusto

Happy Belly coffee capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto are sold in the same format as the official capsules: boxes of 16 capsules each.

Happy Belly adapts its catalogue to the users’ preferences of these versatile coffee machines, renouncing some of the beverages found for Nespresso. Here we can find classic Dolce Gusto milk drinks such as chocolate and cappuccino, among others:

Happy Belly coffee capsules for Keurig (For US)

The Happy Belly brand offers compatible capsules for both the K-Cup 1.0 and 2.0 systems. For the K-cup 2.0 system, we have Tea and coffee capsules as follows:

For the K-cup 1.0 system, we have coffee capsules as follows:

Happy Belly Ground Coffee

Although this is a section focused on capsule brands, we have decided to include ground coffee as a nod to espresso machine users.

Happy Belly ground coffee comes in two sizes: the large 500-gram pack and the small 250-gram pack. The varieties of Happy Belly coffee we can buy are divided into three origins (Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia) and five blends (mild, decaffeinated, strong, cream and intense). So you’ll have no excuse to find one you like.

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Ground Coffee 'Caffè Intenso' (4 x 250g)
Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Ground Coffee "Caffè Intenso" (4 x 250g)
Pack of 4 x 250 g. Roast Ground Coffee; Strong & aromatic; Strength: 4/5; A strong blend with an intense aroma, hints of dark chocolate, and oriental spices
Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Coffee Beans Caffè Intenso, 2 x 500g
Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Coffee Beans Caffè Intenso, 2 x 500g
Roasted coffee beans; Strong & aromatic; Strength: 4/5; A strong blend with an intense aroma, hints of dark chocolate, and oriental spices

Are Happy Belly compatible capsules cheap?

At first, you might think that Happy Belly coffee capsules, being compostable and involving a more laborious manufacturing process, might be more expensive than other compatible capsules. But this is not the case.

You know that prices vary a lot from day to day, but on Amazon, you can find packs of 3 boxes of Happy Belly capsules for Dolce Gusto (i.e. 3×16=48 capsules) for less than £10. The maths don’t lie; we get a price of 20p per capsule, which is not bad at all. In the case of Nespresso, the cost per unit is about the same.

So, if you decide to buy Happy Belly compatible capsules, you know that money is another plus.

Where to buy Happy Belly capsules?

As an Amazon private label brand, there is no physical distribution in shops, so you can only buy Happy Belly capsules on the brand’s website (through any of the links you’ll find on this post that you’re reading now).

What are Happy Belly capsules like? Opinions and conclusions

The truth is that these compatible Happy Belly capsules add little to an already saturated scenario (that of coffee capsules). Unfortunately, neither the Nespresso nor the Dolce Gusto options have anything to surprise us.

So what is the biggest advantage of Happy Belly capsules? Having tried all the Happy Belly varieties, we can’t single anything out when it comes to taste – they don’t taste spectacular, and they don’t taste horrible either. In this video we have recorded, you can see what they look like:

However, their price is one of the lowest on the market, so if you are a big coffee drinker and the quality of the coffee is not something that worries you too much, these could be the ideal capsules for you. Nor can we forget the compostable versions for Nespresso or Keurig, a breakthrough in the sector.