Delta Q Capsules

A machine like the Delta Q coffee machine bases its success mainly on the fame of its capsules and the quality of its coffee.

Delta Q capsules are very popular in Portugal and Brazil; however, they are not easily found in large supermarkets and supermarkets in other countries, but they can be found on the Internet.

For that reason, many users prefer to buy Delta Q coffee capsules online, and for all of them, we opened this space within our online coffee pods shop.

We have both the official and the compatible Delta Q pods. At the moment, not all of them are available, so if you miss any variety, do not hesitate to let us know, and we will replace it instantly. Which one is your favourite?

Delta Q DeQafeinatus Caffé in Capsule (10 Capsule)
Delta Q DeQafeinatus Caffé in Capsule (10 Capsule)
Neat mix of Asian Robustas and South American Arabicas; Rich in notes of caramel and roasted nuts
Delta Q DeltaQ Ground Roast Coffee 240 (24x10) Capsules Qalidus 24x10 = 240 X 5.5 Grs.
Delta Q DeltaQ Ground Roast Coffee 240 (24x10) Capsules Qalidus 24x10 = 240 X 5.5 Grs.
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Delta Q: High quality capsules from Portugal

More than the capsule system itself, which is different from the usual ones, but basically without any mystery, the quality of its coffee gives the prestige of DeltaQ capsules.

Many consumers are fond of this brand and are tremendously loyal, so they prefer to get a Delta capsule coffee maker and enjoy their favourite brand of coffee in their own home, with all the convenience of capsules.

Before buying Delta Q coffee capsules, you may be interested to know that the Portuguese firm Cafés Delta has had an exclusive and patented capsule system since 2009.

The ground coffee is packaged in a protective atmosphere so that the dose contained in each coffee pod (7 grams in each) retains all its organoleptic properties. We also have the guarantee that they will not vary from one capsule to another. As with any hard single-dose system, Delta Q pods do not open until the capsule is pierced inside the coffee maker.

Delta coffee capsules are grouped into different varieties of espresso and decaffeinated coffee, but always black coffee (there are no varieties with milk). There are also Delta infusion capsules.

Both the doses of DeltaQ capsules and the extraction in the coffee machines are focused on getting very intense espresso coffees, with a lot of flavour in a small dose of drink (something similar to Italian ristretto). That is to say, just the qualities that Portuguese consumers appreciate the most. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Delta system is so successful in Portugal.

Where to Buy Delta Coffee Capsules

You can buy cheap Delta Q capsules in any large store or supermarket.

Where to buy Delta Q capsules if you don’t have a physical store nearby? Under these circumstances, the most evident option is to buy Delta Q capsules online, either the original ones or the DeltaQ compatible ones, which we will also talk about later.

Cafés Delta, through its signature of DeltaQ pods, maintains a rigorous distribution policy with its single-dose capsules, so the most practical place to buy the original DeltaQ capsules is its official website.

Delta Q Compatible Capsules

The best known Delta Q compatible capsules are those of the Bicafé brand (which also markets Dolce Gusto compatible systems, for example).

These delta compatible capsules have practically the same variety and flavours as the original deltaQ coffee pods and are also manufactured in Portugal. They are very well accepted precisely because of their similarity to the official DeltaQ pods.

Another brand of coffee capsules compatible with Delta Q is Ducafé, which in this case offers a smaller variety (two types of espresso: one Arabica and one blend; and one decaffeinated).

And finally, a curiosity: do you want to know how Delta Q capsules are made? Then take a look at this new report from Portuguese television:

How to Refill Delta Q Capsules

Reusing coffee capsules is a widespread practice and valid in practically any system. In this case, if you want to know how to reuse the Delta Q capsules, please watch this video: