Cremesso Capsules

The Swiss company Cremesso enjoys great prestige throughout Europe thanks to the quality of its coffee. However, on the Internet, it does not have as much market share as others, mainly because of one detail: it has its own closed capsule system, i.e. Cremesso coffee capsules are not compatible with Nespresso or Dolce Gusto capsules (the two most well-known). This closes many doors for you.

Today we are going to talk about them in order to do our bit in their diffusion. It’s no coincidence that the Cremesso machines do enjoy some popularity in our country, thanks above all to models such as the Cremesso Una.

The capsules for Cremesso can be divided into two groups: those of the brand itself and a not very extensive set of compatible ones that we will review later.

For the moment, if you don’t know which Cremesso capsules to buy, here is a selection of those available at Amazon:

Cremesso Cafe Ristretto, kapsulova kava
Cremesso Cafe Ristretto, kapsulova kava
Aluminium free capsules; Easy disposal of the caps on the household waste; UTZ Zertified
Cremesso Lungo Decaffeinato 16 Capsules
Cremesso Lungo Decaffeinato 16 Capsules
Full flavour, free from caffeine.

Cremesso capsules: Price and formats

The capsules for the Cremesso coffee machines are sold in packs of 16 single-dose, and their price is around 22-23 cents per capsule (cheaper than other brands).

As far as specialities are concerned, we would like to point out that the Cremesso coffee capsules are divided into various espresso blends and mixed specialities (with milk or milk foam). Here is a summary of the 17 varieties of Cremesso coffee capsules:

  • Italian Ristretto.
  • Italian Espresso.
  • Tanzania.
  • Indonesia.
  • Lungo Bio Cream.
  • Espresso Bio Classico.
  • Espresso for Macchiato.
  • Lungo Fortissimo.
  • Lungo Cream.
  • Lungo Caramello.
  • Lungo Decaffeinato.
  • Lungo Irish Coffee.
  • Lungo Vaniglia.
  • Lungo Leggero.
  • Espresso Alba.
  • Espresso Classico.
  • Ristretto Forte.

Each speciality is labelled in intensity level from 1 to 5, as well as a certain recommended cup length. In addition, all Cremesso capsules are aluminium-free, and UTZ certified.

Compatible Cremesso Capsules

There are also capsules that are compatible with Cremesso, although for now, they do not have as much variety as the original ones. Their price is not really different from the official capsules… and well, the main reason to buy these compatible Cremesso capsules is that you like their taste better.

The Cremesso compatible capsules, or private label Cremesso capsules, as many people know them, come from the Italian Coffee distribution company and are identified because each variety bears the name of an Italian city (Torino, Venezia, Roma, Milano…) They are also compatible with Delizio coffee machines.

The varieties of these compatible Cremesso are limited to the classic selection of standard blends: mild, strong, creamy or ristretto espresso.

cremesso coffee capsules

Where can I buy Cremesso capsules on the Internet?

Buying Cremesso capsules online is not easy, as it is not as popular as Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. The easiest way is to stock up on Cremesso capsules on Amazon: they have a more than sufficient variety, and their immediacy of delivery is always a plus.

For many consumers, it is usually easier than ordering them from the official website or looking for them in a physical store nearby.

For the moment, it is not easy to find Cremesso capsules at supermarkets or similar centres. Especially if you don’t live in a big city. By the way, the same goes for compatible Cremesso capsules.

What do the Cremesso capsules look like? Final opinions

The Cremesso coffee capsules (also tea capsules for tea lovers, although we have not dealt with those on the web) are distinguished by their quality and by offering a fairly wide range of options. For example, capsules such as those for an Irish coffee or the vanilla length are not at all common in the sector.

They also advocate for sustainable coffee production, and one of the regions where they work most is La Laguna (Honduras). All the coffee is roasted by them in their own facilities, thus ensuring that the final product meets their quality standards.

This commitment to quality in a sector – that of capsules – traditionally frowned upon by purists is Cremesso’s main commitment. And the Swiss company’s capsules more than meet this demand.