Compatible coffee capsules have a growing market, mainly because users are looking to buy them as cheaply as possible.

Let’s not fool ourselves; that’s the main reason. Afterwards, everyone will look for the aroma, taste or varieties that best suit your tastes, but when we start buying compatible coffee capsules, it is because we want to save.

Today you can buy compatible coffee capsules for almost any format, except for Tassimo which is still a closed system. We won’t go into too much detail on each of them, as we have a page dedicated exclusively to each format. Here you can see the main ones:

We’ll talk about the compatible capsules in a general way. And there’s nothing better than a brief history of the compatible coffee capsules in each format. Where do they come from and why?

History of compatible capsules

The first compatible coffee capsules were those of the Nespresso system, with many brands, primarily encouraged by the enormous popularity of the coffee machines in this, undoubtedly, the most widely accepted method. They have been on the market since 2013, when their patent expired.

In theory, something similar happened with the Dolce Gusto machines, but the truth is that they arrived much later (in 2015). Why? Because the format also had the patent closed. It wasn’t until 2015 that the patent was released, and Dolce Gusto-compatible capsule brands began to appear everywhere.

There are two other more popular capsule formats, but they enjoy a very different situation in the area of compatibility.

In the case of Tassimo compatible capsules, there are no compatible capsules because it is a closed system, however, we can enjoy finally, the refillable Tassimo coffee pods.

At the same time, Senseo enjoys an unparalleled offer because it uses an open and standardized system: that of the soft single-dose or coffee pads.

This type of paper pods are used by various kinds of machines (including many portafilter coffee machines), so you can find them in any supermarket and many different brands. All of them are Senseo compatible.

Finally, Lavazza does not have as many users as the previous four. Still, they also have Lavazza compatible capsules to enjoy new varieties and save a few cents on each cup.

Organic Taster Pack: 100 Nespresso Compatible Pods from Real Coffee
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Organic Taster Pack: 100 Nespresso Compatible Pods from Real Coffee
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Cremesso compatible coffee capsules

We have already talked about this subject on other occasions. It is a promotion that became very popular and far-reaching at the time, thanks to which many users got a Cremesso coffee maker, which are mistakenly known as Aquaservice coffee makers.

The machine most promoted with this system was the Cremesso Una Automatic coffee machine; and no, there are no capsules compatible with Cremesso, because it is a closed system and different from any other.

If you have one of these at home, you will still have to buy the official Cremesso capsules, which by the way are of enormous quality.

Lidl compatible coffee capsules

Lidl’s compatible capsules are increasingly sought after and appreciated by consumers, but unfortunately they are only suitable for Nespresso coffee machines. There are no Lidl coffee capsules for Dolce Gusto, so we are closing the debate here.

The brand of compatible Lidl capsules is Bellarom, and we talked about it at length on the page we dedicated to it at the time (and which we’ve just linked to you in case you want to check it out).

Compatible coffee capsules from other Supermarkets

All supermarkets have capsules that are compatible with most coffee capsule systems such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Senseo or Lavazza. Visit your favourite supermarket online store to find out more.

Stracto compatible coffee capsules

Stracto capsules use the well-known Caffitaly system, compatible with various manufacturers and supposedly with the Fagor Stracto coffee machine. So if you have one at home, you can also buy Caffitaly compatible coffee capsules, which will serve you just as well.

It is a trendy format in Italy, so most brands of Stracto (or Caffitaly) compatible capsules come from there. Some of them are Il Caffe Italiano or Pop Caffé.

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Espresso Capsules Compatible with CAFFITALY, K-FEE System, by Italian Coffee (Taste Kit 4 Blends, 80...
  • Tasting pack: 80 pods of Espresso, 20 pods of each blend - compatible with the following systems: CBTL, Verismo, Caffitaly, K-fee
  • 20 Lungo Intenso: Blend of Arabicas, very balanced, pleasurable espresso you can enjoy up to 4.5 fl oz!
  • 20 Ristretto: Short, Stronger and bold espresso!
  • 20 Brazil: Arabicas mono origin selection, creamy and medium espresso
  • 20 Cremoso: Classic Italian espresso, creamy and full bodied!

Delta Q compatible coffee capsules

Currently there is only one brand of capsules compatible with Delta Q: Bicafe capsules.

With three varieties: decaffeinated, extra intense and extra creamy. There is not much to choose from, but at least it is an alternative to Delta Q capsules. Here they are: